Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Head of Instructor Training at DataCamp

Co-founder of Software Carpentry

Editor of Beautiful Code, Making Software, and
The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Occasional children's author

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Parent, spouse, and proud Canadian

Oct 16, 2017 - What Kinds of Exercises Do You Use to Teach Programming?

Every mechanic has her favorite screwdrivers, and every good teacher has different kinds of exercises to check that her students are actually learning, let them practice their new skills, and keep them engaged. Some types of exercise are well known, but others aren’t as widely used as they should be. DataCamp (my current employer) supports some of each type, and I’m keen to find both new things to try, and new ways to use what we already have.

Oct 8, 2017 - Discovery: Three and Out

We were really looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery. Finally: a Star Trek series we could watch together for the first time as a family. But that dream died halfway through the third episode, bludgeoned to death by one poorly-lit shot after another of eviscerated corpses. Torn flesh, protruding ribs—this isn’t what I want my 10-year-old to see right before bedtime.

Sep 30, 2017 - The Big Picture Revisited

It’s been seven years since I first tried to draw this diagram; I’m not sure I’ve made much progress, but the act is its own reward. Please click on the images to bring up a full-sized version; if you can think of a more comprehensible way to organize this kind of information, please let me nkow.

Sep 30, 2017 - Git, Graphs, and Software Engineering

A couple of years ago, I complained that distributed version control still hadn’t had its structured revolution. After yet another discussion about how useful it is versus how hard it is to learn, I have a proposal:

Sep 24, 2017 - I'm Tired of Killing Aliens

I’ve been waiting over a year for Iron Marines to come out. My whole family loved Ironhide Games’ Kingom Rush trilogy, and I hoped that a cartoon RTS would combine the challenge of Homeworld with the quick fun of the Microgames I played as a teenager.