A new edition of this book is now available at http://teachtogether.tech, and printed copies can be purchased at http://www.lulu.com/shop/greg-wilson/teaching-tech-together/paperback/product-23720755.html.

Over the past few months, I’ve been running a one-day introduction to teaching based on the Carpentries’ instructor training course for grassroots get-into-coding organizations in Toronto focused on a variety of under-represented groups. Some of the people involved have asked for a printed copy of the material, so I have cut down the training materials as they were in January to make a short booklet. It is now available at cost from the link above (or rather as close to “at cost” as Lulu will allow–it insists that I make a profit of $0.02 per copy, which I will use to buy stickers every once in a while). If you find it useful, please give me a shout: I’d welcome a chance to compare notes.

How to Teach Programmming (cover)