August 07, 2018: Three Terms

After DataCamp fired me in June, I spent a month getting Teaching Tech Together over the finish line. With that out of the way, I started thinking once again about what a full-semester or full-year version of Software Carpentry would cover. My first outline was far too ambitious: after re-reading Data Carpentry for Biologists and talking to half a dozen people, I’ve realized that it would take at least three terms to cover the material I had listed.

My revised breakdown is given below; in broad strokes, the first course is what every grad student analyzing data ought to know (basically, what the Carpentries cover), the second is for the minority of researchers working on larger projects, and the third is for the even smaller group of people who find themselves running those larger projects.

The outlines for these three courses are now hosted in the Merely Useful organization on GitHub. As always, I’d be very grateful for feedback—you can reach me at

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