August 18, 2018: Ten Simple Rules for Creating an Effective Lesson

I’m preparing a couple of talks based on Teaching Tech Together, and this seems like a useful topic to cover. Updated notes are below; I’d be grateful for feedback by email. (I’ve disabled comments on this site until the trolls find someone else to pester.)


A Little Bit of Theory

1. Write Learner Personas to Define Your Audience

2. Write Summative Assessments to Set Concrete Goals

3. Write Formative Assessments for Pacing, Design, Preparation, and Reinforcement

4. Be Inclusive

5. Eliminate Incentives for Cheating

6. Use Concreteness Fading

7. Design for Peer Instruction

8. Design Around Worked Examples

9. Show How to Detect, Diagnose, and Correct Common Mistakes

10. Foster Collaboration with Other Instructors

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