2004 Archive

Dec 30 Python Software Foundation Grant
Dec 30 Why I Teach
Dec 28 Earthquake Relief
Dec 16 How Much to Charge For Software
Dec 15 On Being a Small Independent Software Vendor
Dec 14 Google Gets Better Again
Dec 14 Two Essays from Paul Graham
Dec 14 What Trac Says About Python
Dec 13 Schneier on Personal Online Security
Dec 12 Unicode in Action
Dec 10 Google Just Keeps Getting Better
Dec 10 Where Are They Now?
Dec 10 Greg's Best of 2004
Dec 9 Build Your Own Weather Channel
Dec 8 Freeware List
Dec 8 Java != Python
Dec 8 Programming Language Popularity
Dec 5 For Those of You Who Like Games (and Build Systems)
Nov 29 Joel in Action
Nov 29 Google, Search, and Security
Nov 26 Useful Meta-Feed
Nov 25 Is Code Optimization Relevant?
Nov 25 Lightweight Languages
Nov 23 Languages vs. Tools
Nov 22 Spolsky on Calendars?
Nov 22 I Need a Word...
Nov 19 Writer's Block
Nov 16 CUSEC'05
Nov 16 Zero Bug Bounce
Nov 15 Review of Komodo (Pat Smith)
Nov 12 .NET Studio add-ins
Nov 2 Microsoft Monad: it's hot, it's (almost) here
Oct 20 IBM, Python, and the Blues
Oct 14 Bayesian Filtering for Newsgroups?
Oct 14 Virtual Internet Appliances
Oct 13 Apt and Extensible Programming
Oct 13 E4X and Configuration
Oct 12 Blogging vs. Venting
Oct 8 Oh, You Mean You Wanted It to *Work*...
Oct 8 Open Source, Cold Shoulder
Oct 8 Ant + Hibernate: There's More Than One Way to Fix It
Oct 8 Ant + Eclipse = More Pain
Oct 7 Ant + Hibernate = Confusion and Pain
Oct 6 Ten Big Ones
Sep 29 Version Numbers
Sep 26 Spot the Difference
Sep 20 Essential Equipment
Sep 16 The Art of Cutting Corners
Sep 16 Knowing What You Know
Sep 14 All work and no play makes a dull team
Sep 14 Accidental Horizons
Sep 13 Guards! Guards!
Sep 13 My Development Environment
Sep 13 Subversion Grief and Usability Testing
Sep 11 Solitude Is More Productive
Sep 11 Is Groovy Dead?
Sep 9 Doveryay, no proveryay
Sep 7 Better is Harder than New
Sep 6 They're All Eighth Bolts
Sep 2 Book Review: Decompiling Java
Sep 2 Book Review: Foundations of Python Network Programming
Sep 2 Book Review: How Tomcat Works
Sep 2 Book Review: Joel on Software
Sep 2 Book Review: Better, Faster, Lighter Java
Sep 2 A Few Simple Rules
Sep 1 Tasks for the Fall
Aug 30 Issue Tracking Systems
Aug 28 The Joel Test
Aug 25 A Summer's Worth of Links
Aug 18 Filters, Performance, and Priorities
Aug 10 Configuration files and dynamic languages
Aug 6 Real-time Scheduling
Aug 4 Poor Cousins
Jul 26 The right tool for the job
Jul 23 Preparing for the Next Round
Jul 21 Dependencies
Jul 21 Up and to the Right
Jul 16 A Sense of Adventure
Jul 10 Microsoft Wins Because They Deserve To
Jul 4 Smart Views vs Model Facades
Jul 1 Command-Line Power Tools
Jun 30 Dancing, Dancing
Jun 27 Review: Effective Software Test Automation
Jun 27 Review: Coder to Developer
Jun 27 Review: Java Open Source Programming
Jun 27 Scripting Interface
Jun 26 Code Reviews
Jun 26 Bottom up and top down meet
Jun 25 Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and...
Jun 25 Getting Balls Rolling in the Real World
Jun 22 Whiteboard Simplicity
Jun 22 The New Standard Model
Jun 21 Welcome to the Helium Blog