2005 Archive

Dec 30My File System
Dec 29External Programming Interfaces
Dec 28$67 million a year
Dec 27New Year's Schedule for Software Carpentry
Dec 26Visual Studio vs. Eclipse
Dec 24Review: Why Programs Fail
Dec 23Procrastination: One of the Few Things in Life Nicer Than Toast
Dec 22Insanity vs. Stateful Programming
Dec 22Documents vs. Conversations
Dec 21Choosing Sides
Dec 20Intelligence 1, Intelligent Design 0
Dec 19It's Just Unevenly Distributed
Dec 16I'd Vote for Her
Dec 14Sean Dawson to join DrProject team in January
Dec 11Maintaining Correctness
Dec 11Evidence
Dec 9American Scientist article on Software Carpentry
Dec 8Four More Books
Dec 8Laurie and Jorge's book reviews in DDJ
Dec 8Summer of Code Part Deux
Dec 8Executive Version of Software Carpentry Course
Dec 8Ruby Book Sales Surpass Python
Dec 7Teaching Computer Science in 2006
Dec 7Perforce to Support DrProject Development
Dec 7Science is Beautiful
Dec 5Guidance on Running Undergraduate Software Projects
Dec 5Reversing and Podcasting
Dec 5One Useful Book, and One Less So
Dec 2How Do You Want to See Source Code?
Nov 2810 Rules for Startups
Nov 24A Typical Developer's Typical Day (not humor)
Nov 24Guide to Google Services
Nov 24William Gibson Has a Lot to Answer For
Nov 24Disclaimers and Apologies
Nov 24Breaking and Bulletproofing
Nov 24Fogel's "Producing Open Source Software"
Nov 24Covering *All* Your Bases
Nov 22Is 5/75 a Passing Grade?
Nov 17First four Summer of Code articles are live
Nov 11Two Books on Security
Nov 11Two Books on Project Management
Nov 10Matt Doar on Development Environments, and Two Others
Nov 10Two Books on Performance Modeling
Nov 6If Your Software Was On a Date...
Nov 4One in Forty Five Isn't Good Enough
Nov 4More Future Christmas Toys
Nov 4Workshop at AAAS '06
Oct 28Toffler's Law Strikes Again
Oct 27Why Bad Software Exists
Oct 27You Need a Debugger to Change the World
Oct 27Which book to read next
Oct 26Greetings from Taldykorgan
Oct 25Who Will Clean Out My Inbox After I'm Dead?
Oct 25Summer of Code Geography
Oct 25Subtext
Oct 25OOPSLA Scrapheap Challenge
Oct 20Heather Mayer / graphic design
Oct 18Next Steps
Oct 2Buckley's and Jalapenos: Just Say No
Sep 21Software Carpentry at the AAAS
Sep 20TurboGears - Worth a look
Sep 20Day 9
Sep 14Software Carpentry: First Meeting
Sep 9Summer of Code and DDJ
Sep 9Focus on Java interview
Sep 1Distinguished Lecture Series, Fall 2005
Aug 25CSS Guru Wanted
Aug 25Hot Links
Aug 25The Journal of Young Investigators
Aug 25Fifty... Million... Calls
Aug 24It's Been a Busy Summer
Aug 24The Way the Future Was
Aug 22Slow Imports
Aug 22Software Carpentry at Indiana University
Aug 22Dawson and Kerr in DDJ
Aug 18Mugged by Bots
Aug 8Under the Ice
Aug 7PyWebOff Revived
Aug 6Wanted: Up and Coming Graphic Designer in Toronto, Willing to Work Cheap for Change at Big Break
Jul 29Software Carpentry course in Nature
Jul 15MSR2005 Presentation in St. Louis
Jul 15PDF Generation Revisited
Jul 14When You Have a Hammer...
Jul 8Software Carpentry notes are up
Jul 1125 Questions
Jun 29True North strong, free, and equal
Jun 23Jon Udell likes Data Crunching
Jun 22Underhanded C Contest
Jun 20Another DDJ Editorial
Jun 20Data Crunching Has Finally Been Slashdotted
Jun 15TouchGraph
Jun 13Selling Open Source
Jun 13Padlock the Ice Cream!
Jun 10Data Crunching Article on O'Reilly Network
Jun 8Cracking WEP: the Remix
Jun 6Made the Front Page!
Jun 1Google's Summer of Code
May 30Powers of 10
May 15Navigating Source
May 15MySQL, LiveJournal, and Real-World Web Sites
May 14Schedule Games
May 12Recommended Reading
May 6Dr Requirements
May 5Crash This Party... Tomorow
May 4Misdirection and Javascript
Apr 29You and Your Research
Apr 26Time Travel
Apr 25Data Crunching
Apr 25I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together...
Apr 24Book Sales as Tech Trend Indicator
Apr 17We're Not Just Shaping the Future...
Apr 15New Favorite Web Site
Apr 14Perceived Usefulness
Apr 13Mapping Human History
Apr 3Agile Commenting
Apr 1Joel's Road
Mar 30There's No Such Things as One Application
Mar 30Wanted: Web-Based Screen Saver
Mar 25Fasten Your Seatbelts
Mar 24Sorry, Make That _Two_ Rails Books
Mar 23What I'd Say If I Were At PyCon
Mar 22State of the Scripting Universe
Mar 18Thirteen Things That Do Not Make Sense
Mar 17Jolt Awards 2005
Mar 17What Would Google Do?
Mar 15Pythoneers at SIGSCSE
Mar 14Interview with Donald Knuth
Mar 13Reading the Fine Print
Mar 12The Long Tail
Mar 11Code reviews
Feb 27100 Best Gadgets of All Time
Feb 27AJAX: Asynchronous Javascript + XML
Feb 27RIP Peter Benenson
Feb 25Possible vs. Feasible vs. Trivial
Feb 25Evolution and Language
Feb 25News Roundup
Feb 20Technical Writing Decisions
Feb 18On the Size of Programming Teams
Feb 17Paging Dr. House...
Feb 14Real Development Life Cycles
Feb 14Public Health and Future Email
Feb 12Unlocking the Clubhouse Colloquium
Feb 11More Depressing News
Feb 9Google Maps in XML
Feb 9Good Writing vs. Bad Writing
Feb 8Trusting Your Customers
Feb 5On-line Shopping Just Got Cooler
Feb 5Blaise Pascal's Shorter Letter
Feb 2So You Want to be a Consultant?
Feb 1Computer Security
Feb 1Toffler's Law
Jan 31Puppy-Driven Computing
Jan 29How to Win a Technical Argument
Jan 27PyWebOff at Pycon / Extensible Programming Mailing List
Jan 26Contributing to Open Source
Jan 26Why I Think XP Works
Jan 19Gunderloy on User Choice
Jan 19Interviewing at Google
Jan 18Extensible Programming Slashdotted (Unfortunately)
Jan 17Next-Generation Communication and Software Engineering
Jan 16Python, Typing, and the Scientific Spirit
Jan 16Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference
Jan 12Two Kinds of People...
Jan 10Testing Web Interfaces
Jan 8Managing Student Projects Using Blogging: First Impressions
Jan 7Why Testing Matters
Jan 6The Big Questions
Jan 5SQL Injection Attacks
Jan 5Why Python?
Jan 4What the Rest of the World is Doing
Jan 2Knowing Where You're Going
Jan 2Quantifying the Learning Curve