2006 Archive

Dec 31 Ruby Blogging Contest
Dec 29 Eleven Weeks to Go
Dec 27 Experiences with OpenID?
Dec 26 The Crack of the Commissar's Pistol
Dec 26 More Sympathetic Magic
Dec 22 Reports from Fall Projects on the Web
Dec 22 Multi-Series Charts in Excel
Dec 21 Galcon for the Holidays
Dec 20 In Need of an Annotation Tool
Dec 19 Give a U of T Student a Design Project
Dec 18 Further Thoughts on Filing Bugs
Dec 16 Changes to DrProject's Ticketing System
Dec 13 Daddy, Where Do Tests Come From?
Dec 12 Every Step You Take
Dec 12 Google Research: Best Videos of 2006
Dec 11 Wirfs-Brock on Explaining Your Design
Dec 11 Address Book Recommendations?
Dec 11 More Books in the Review Queue
Dec 10 Simplification
Dec 8 Jon Udell and Microsoft
Dec 8 The Pending Queue
Dec 7 Writing a Book
Dec 6 Scrum and XP Experience Report
Dec 5 Show Me The Data
Dec 5 YouTube for Data
Dec 2 Online Code Reviews Are Hot
Nov 30 Not on the Shelves (Version 3)
Nov 30 Writing Blackboard Plugins
Nov 28 Software Carpentry article in CiSE
Nov 28 Presto and Responsibility
Nov 27 Psiphon in the News Again
Nov 26 NPR Industriosphere
Nov 25 DrProject Internals: Email
Nov 21 DemoCamp 11
Nov 20 CSC49X Projects for Winter 2007 (final)
Nov 19 Slow Growth is Still Growth
Nov 19 DrProject Internals: Testing
Nov 16 DrProject Internals: Subversion
Nov 13 TUCOWS on spam on CBC: on tonight
Nov 11 Requirements as Tickets (or, Hierarchy to the Rescue)
Nov 11 Expressing Temporal "Type" Information in Programs
Nov 10 Setting Up Yet Again
Nov 10 CONWISE 2007
Nov 9 Can't Get (Directly) There From Here
Nov 9 UML Debugging Moves to SourceForge
Nov 8 CSC49X Projects Winter 2007
Nov 6 DrProject Internals: I Wasn't Quite Done With Tickets
Nov 5 Small Scale Real-World Requirements
Nov 5 DrProject Internals: Tickets Again
Nov 3 Two New Tools
Nov 2 Software Carpentry continues to grow
Nov 1 Usability Camp: Nov 14
Nov 1 She's a Girl!
Nov 1 DrProject Internals: Tickets
Nov 1 Available in April
Oct 31 Computational Result Retracted
Oct 30 Jim Waldo: "On System Design"
Oct 30 Build a Better Voting Machine
Oct 30 DrProject Internals: Parting Notes on the Wiki
Oct 28 DrProject Internals: Security Part 2
Oct 28 Adam Goucher's "QA 101"
Oct 27 DrProject Internals: Security Part 1
Oct 26 MonkeyBean
Oct 26 Award Winners Redux
Oct 26 German Version of "Bottleneck"
Oct 24 DemoCamp 10: Congratulations
Oct 23 DrProject Internals: Setting the Stage
Oct 22 And I Thought *I* Worried a Lot...
Oct 20 Michelle Levesque on "Getting Hired at Google"
Oct 20 The Baby Just Kicked!
Oct 20 Award Winners
Oct 18 Why Software Projects Are Always In Crisis
Oct 17 The Last of September's Reading
Oct 16 CSER, Privacy, Agility, and Games
Oct 13 Barry Warsaw on debugging Python's memory usage
Oct 13 Cem Kaner speaking in Toronto Oct 17
Oct 13 Reviews of Two Books on Computational Science
Oct 12 Adam is Hiring
Oct 10 Are You Hiring?
Oct 9 Future of Enterprise Software
Oct 6 DrProject 1.1 Release Candidate 1
Oct 5 You Are Not Expected to Understand This
Oct 4 It's Spreading
Oct 2 Web 2.0 Tools for School
Oct 2 Feynman Videos
Oct 2 Linus, Bill, or Alien?
Sep 29 September's Reading (Part 1)
Sep 28 Open Source Immigration
Sep 27 An Unrepresentative DemoCamp
Sep 27 Wednesday Morning Procrastination
Sep 26 Golden Rules for Bad User Interface Design
Sep 25 Where the Puck's Going To Be
Sep 23 Turnitin and Translucency
Sep 22 Python Testing Tools
Sep 20 I Agree: It's Not Worth Arguing
Sep 19 The Stradivarius of Coding
Sep 19 Dreaming in Browser Swamp
Sep 18 Taking Intellisense to the Next Level
Sep 18 A Social Networking Company with a Believable Business Model
Sep 15 PyGTA Meeting Sept 19
Sep 15 Audio Reminder App Demo & Discussion
Sep 14 CASCON Workshops
Sep 14 Not an Oxymoron
Sep 14 Step N: Deliverables
Sep 7 Step 4: Respect
Sep 7 Superficially Plausible Business Plan #31
Sep 7 Upcoming DemoCamps
Sep 4 Step 3: Your Daily Routine
Sep 4 Gregorio on Web Frameworks
Sep 1 Tokyo Never Sleeps
Aug 31 Step 2: Analysis & Estimation
Aug 30 CSC49X: Figuring Out Where the Goalposts Are
Aug 30 Maps Redux
Aug 30 Screencasts
Aug 29 Visualization Once Again
Aug 28 Cavemen Post-Mortem
Aug 28 No Fluff, Just Stuff Coming to Toronto
Aug 28 I Hate My Mac
Aug 28 CUSEC'07
Aug 25 The Emperor *Still* Has No Brain
Aug 25 Why Real-World Programming Is Difficult
Aug 24 More Academic Reading
Aug 24 EC2: Commoditized Computing
Aug 24 Schneier and Siddiqui
Aug 23 Trac Spam
Aug 23 Udell on Debugging
Aug 23 Social Spiders
Aug 23 Python Web Frameworks (Yet Again)
Aug 23 Google, Maps, and Python
Aug 22 Industry Showcase at U of T
Aug 22 Chris Lenz on Django
Aug 20 Revised List of Project Students
Aug 20 Rome In Its Later Days
Aug 18 BarCamp Earth in Toronto
Aug 18 When I Rule the World #173: Google's Summer of Code
Aug 17 Oh My God It's Django!
Aug 17 SciPy'06: First Morning
Aug 16 Ambient Tech Talks
Aug 16 The Trouble With Normal
Aug 16 SciPy and Software Carpentry
Aug 16 Buildix
Aug 16 Meyers on C++ Non-Books
Aug 15 CSC49X Participants to Date
Aug 15 Google Code Jam
Aug 14 DrProject 1.1 Screencast
Aug 14 ITiCSE'06 Readings
Aug 11 More Presentation Tips
Aug 11 Brian Hayes on Social Networking
Aug 8 Visual Mashup Builder
Aug 7 Seven Deadly Sins of Programming
Aug 7 Presentation Skills
Aug 7 Naive SQL(ite) Question
Aug 7 Geek Humor
Aug 4 HPCWire Interview on Software Carpentry
Aug 4 It Isn't Progress Until You Can Debug It
Aug 4 An Explosion of Diversity
Aug 3 Five Books on Architecture and Engineering
Aug 3 Measuring the Success of a Web App
Aug 2 Steve Yegge on Nouns
Aug 1 You Are What You're Infected With
Aug 1 What Is a Consultant?
Aug 1 Whacking Your Computer
Jul 31 Building Expert Systems
Jul 31 Is It Right vs. Does It Work?
Jul 31 More Legislative Idiocy
Jul 30 Design Patterns in Scientific Software
Jul 30 Update on Extensible Programming
Jul 29 The Meme is Spreading
Jul 28 Google Project Hosting
Jul 28 Ethernet and Your Brain
Jul 28 What's the World Coding?
Jul 26 DemoCamp 8
Jul 26 An Editor for Editors
Jul 26 Book Review: Time Management for System Administrators
Jul 25 It's Hard to Pick Winners When Anyone Can Play
Jul 24 Worms for Fishes
Jul 24 Games Are Drugs
Jul 21 Iron Science Teacher
Jul 20 The Neanderthal Genome
Jul 20 DemoCamp8 is Tuesday, July 25
Jul 20 The Parallel Tools Platform
Jul 20 IT Conversations: Derek Powazek
Jul 19 A Devil's Dozen
Jul 19 Don't You Just Love the Emperor's Outfit?
Jul 19 Books I Want Someone to Write #23
Jul 19 Evidence-Based Software Engineering
Jul 18 The Worst Company URLs
Jul 18 The Camel's Humps Are Very Popular
Jul 18 How Are Developers Using Eclipse?
Jul 17 Possible CSC49X Projects for Fall 2006
Jul 17 DrProject 1.0 Final now available
Jul 15 Are We Going to Keep Pretending...
Jul 15 Screenshots of DrProject 1.0
Jul 15 Another Database Design Question
Jul 14 Software Carpentry 2.0
Jul 9 Dharmesh Shah on "Why Students Make Great Entrepreneurs"
Jul 9 Reorganizing Our Software Engineering Courses
Jul 9 Someday
Jul 7 Routing Around Damage
Jul 7 Bitten by WGA
Jul 7 Link Soup
Jul 6 What I Know About Playing the Bass
Jul 6 Canada's Privacy Commissioner
Jul 5 DemoCamp7 (and 8, and 9)
Jul 3 Watching Static and Dynamic Analysis Go Mainstream
Jul 3 The Museum of Modern Betas
Jun 29 DrProject 1.0 Release Candidate 1
Jun 29 Mother Tongues and the Vietnam of Programming
Jun 28 The Overnight Link Roundup
Jun 27 Next... Design by Contract? (Please)
Jun 27 Why DrProject Is Slow
Jun 27 Pop vs. Soda?
Jun 26 DrProject 1.0: 98% and climbing
Jun 25 MDA vs. RonR: top-down vs. bottom-up?
Jun 25 Software Carpentry's new home
Jun 23 Perforce: For beginners only...
Jun 23 The ACM's Top 25
Jun 22 Congratulations to this year's grads
Jun 22 Donors Choose
Jun 21 Spring is Here
Jun 21 Reviews: Refactoring Databases and Information Dashboard Design
Jun 20 As We Near 1.0...
Jun 19 Agility and Romanticism
Jun 19 TUCOWS job fair this Saturday
Jun 19 DemoCamp 7 will be on Tuesday, July 4
Jun 16 The Semi-Colon Wars
Jun 7 I Am So Far Behind The Times
Jun 7 Animator vs. Animation
Jun 5 Let the Mocking Begin
Jun 3 PowerShell for Linux?
Jun 2 Summer of Code on One Page
May 31 DemoCamp 6 redux
May 29 Web Sites as Graphs
May 28 Thin Clients vs. Thick Clients
May 27 Eric Sink on Shipping Bugs
May 24 ProgrammableWeb's Best New Mashups
May 24 ICT Discussion
May 19 Mike Gunderloy is a Better Blogger than I Am
May 17 DemoCamp 6
May 14 Blog Upgrades
May 12 A New Machine...
May 12 DDJ and Google Summer of Code
May 12 CSS Guru Wanted
May 12 Todd's Coming Home!
May 10 Puzzled by Make
May 5 Revised Lecture on Teamware
May 5 Book Review: Code Quality
May 5 Book Review: Software Security and Cryptography in the Database
May 5 Book Review: Micro-ISV and the Business of Software
May 4 Declare Victory and Move On
May 3 Software Carpentry 1111
May 1 Summer of Code Signup
May 1 DemoCamp6 Signup
Apr 28 Corrections Done
Apr 26 Because Of Course, They're All Guys
Apr 26 98052 Search Trends
Apr 26 DemoCamp5 Redux
Apr 24 Entry-Level Modeling Tools Revisited
Apr 21 It's Hard to Argue...
Apr 21 Five Truths About Code Optimization
Apr 20 What the World Needs Now Is Diffs, Diffs, Diffs
Apr 20 Information and Technology Cluster Launch
Apr 20 Computer Books and Tech Trends
Apr 19 Web 2.1 Has Arrived!
Apr 19 Making Money from Better Software
Apr 17 Zipf's Law of Feedback
Apr 17 Summer of Code 2006
Apr 16 DrProject Screencast
Apr 16 Bobet on Tushingham
Apr 15 Brian Hayes is Blogging
Apr 14 2006 Int'l Collegiate Programming Contest Results
Apr 14 StickyMinds Part Deux
Apr 14 Python 3000: What To Leave Out?
Apr 13 Who Did You Save Today?
Apr 13 Great Programmers?
Apr 13 Online Marking Grant
Apr 13 Strong Typing, Unit Testing, and Science
Apr 12 BIND Patents
Apr 11 The Ruby Is Always Greener...
Apr 10 A Sign of a Good Book
Apr 10 A Language for Games
Apr 9 341 Words
Apr 9 Mesh: Good News and Bad
Apr 8 10 Ways to Lose Your Best People
Apr 8 Post-Mortem on This Term's Projects
Apr 7 Blogging and Authentication: We're Not Alone
Apr 7 DemoCamp 5 at U of T
Apr 5 Perfection Is Achieved Only on the Point of Collapse
Apr 5 Streaming Eagles
Apr 5 New Security Lecture Up
Apr 4 Integration and XML Lectures
Apr 4 Please Explain Time To Me
Apr 4 Movie-Plot Threat Contest
Mar 31 Where Next for DrProject?
Mar 30 Sea Code
Mar 30 Head Rush Black Belt Secret Hacks of the [buzzword] Zen Masters!
Mar 30 The Next Phase New Wave Tool Craze
Mar 29 PNG Transparency and Printing Grief
Mar 29 Showstopper: Hanging Processes
Mar 27 The Real Convergence
Mar 27 I'll See Your Quote...
Mar 27 Life Created Continents...Then Got Stupid
Mar 26 2020 Hype
Mar 24 Link Soup
Mar 14 DrProject: Transitioning to Kid
Mar 8 Performance Anti-Patterns
Mar 8 New Look for python.org
Mar 6 Why Features Don't Matter Any More
Mar 6 Web Server Programming Lecture Is Up
Mar 6 Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0
Mar 5 Game Play Notation
Mar 5 Monad and Greasemonkey
Mar 5 Javascript Time Series Charts?
Mar 4 A Ball Peen Hammer and a Tub of Beeswax
Mar 3 Client-Side Web Programming Lecture
Mar 2 Last Two Lectures Are Up
Mar 1 Wikipedia on an iPod
Mar 1 Usability of Programming Systems
Mar 1 Wrestling With Mail in Python
Mar 1 Book Reviews: Designing Systems, Designing Games
Feb 28 Continuous Builds on a Dollar a Day (plus the chicken's fee)
Feb 28 Guitar Phones
Feb 27 First Lecture on Software Development Process Is Up
Feb 27 What It Takes to Get Eclipse Out the Door
Feb 26 StickyMinds article on Data Crunching
Feb 23 Database Lecture is Up
Feb 22 Second Lecture on Testing Now Online
Feb 22 Python, JavaScript, and Boost
Feb 21 State of DrProject
Feb 21 What Else for Software Carpentry?
Feb 21 Second Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming
Feb 21 DemoCamp: Googling for People
Feb 20 DrProject: Switching to Kid
Feb 20 AAAS Annual Meeting 2006
Feb 16 Reminder: DemoCamp3 in Toronto
Feb 15 Two Links via the Accordion Guy
Feb 15 Entry-Level Requirements Engineering Revisited
Feb 14 Data Lineage
Feb 14 Lecture on Binary Data
Feb 13 Reminder: Toronto DemoCamp 3 is Next Monday
Feb 13 Psiphon in the News
Feb 13 Mapping the Programmable Web
Feb 12 Regular Expressions Lecture is Up
Feb 11 Of DocFests, Marketing Hype, and DrProject
Feb 10 Software Carpentry Design Lecture
Feb 9 A Dating Service for Perl Modules
Feb 8 Please Don't Ship with UPS
Feb 6 First Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming Is Up
Feb 5 Four O'Reilly Books
Feb 5 SubEthaFridgeMagnetPoetry
Feb 4 Project Assets
Feb 4 One World
Feb 2 Please Tell Me Python Logging *Isn't* Supposed to Work This Way
Feb 2 Debugging Lecture
Jan 29 Fourth Python Lecture for Software Carpentry
Jan 26 Programmers from A to Z
Jan 25 Imagine Your Organization as the Spanish Armada
Jan 24 Quality Assurance Lecture Now Available
Jan 23 Programming Style Lecture Has Been Revised
Jan 23 Third Software Carpentry Python Lecture on the Web
Jan 23 They're Getting Smarter
Jan 19 Five Books in Five Paragraphs
Jan 19 Two Books on Software Project Management
Jan 19 Two Books on Virtual Machines
Jan 18 Second Python Lecture Now on the Web
Jan 17 George Cukor, Hugo Weaving, and Gene Kelly
Jan 17 Things You (Don't Have To) Learn the Hard Way #1782937
Jan 16 .NET Debugging Visualizers
Jan 15 Dream, Code, Submit, Win
Jan 15 Intro Python Lecture Available
Jan 13 Eating Our Own Burritos
Jan 11 Build Lecture Is Up
Jan 10 Intelligent Laundry Solutions
Jan 9 Two More Revised Software Carpentry Lectures
Jan 4 First Shell Lecture for Software Carpentry is Up
Jan 4 Retrievr
Jan 4 Runaway consumerism explains the Fermi Paradox
Jan 3 DrProject kickoff
Jan 3 Petzold's Rules for Writing a Technical Book
Jan 2 Software Carpentry Introduction revised and on the web