2007 Archive

Dec 31Grassroots Extensibility
Dec 31To Do
Dec 28Losing the War Redux
Dec 27Cover for "A Bottle of Light"
Dec 24Goodbye Oscar
Dec 22How Do You Distribute?
Dec 21Champions
Dec 21Crayon Physics
Dec 20Walking Spree
Dec 20"Beautiful Code" Nominated for Jolt Award
Dec 18Show Me
Dec 17Will It Fly?
Dec 17Reputation Management
Dec 17Summer Is Almost Over
Dec 16Count 'Em
Dec 16IEEE Computer Society Needs Beta Testers
Dec 16CAST'08 in Toronto
Dec 15Prepping for Next Term
Dec 15A Meme I'd Like To Crush
Dec 14ICSE Workshop List
Dec 13How Many Do You Know?
Dec 13Welcome Caden to the World
Dec 13Good News About DrProject
Dec 13The Other Kind of "Cycles"
Dec 12The Downward Spiral
Dec 11Agile 2008
Dec 11First, Fifth, or Twelfth
Dec 10NSERC USRA for 2008
Dec 10Robert Kahn Speaking at U of T Tomorrow (Tue Dec 11)
Dec 9Now It's Lou Reed...
Dec 9Switching to Zep
Dec 9Python Supercomputing Statistics
Dec 8Online Social Networking Demos at U of T
Dec 7Pre-Calloused Thumbs
Dec 6Teaching The Last Ten Yards
Dec 6Velocity Conference
Dec 5Catching Up
Dec 4Things I Should Be Doing
Dec 4DemoCamp 16: two w00ts
Dec 4Idee and Digg
Dec 2Knitting a Home
Dec 2Planet CS?
Nov 30Praise for UTest Demo
Nov 29Falling Further Behind
Nov 28Great Balls Of...Yarn
Nov 28Google Highly Open Participation Contest
Nov 27Rich, Famous, and Popular
Nov 23Really Scary
Nov 23I Don't See the Point of Transparency...
Nov 22On Being Bumped Up
Nov 22We Buy It For The Interviews, Honest
Nov 22StreetKnit in the Star
Nov 20...But With A Whimper
Nov 20Shows You What the Web Knows
Nov 16Casting Off the Cold
Nov 16DemoCamp 16 Signup
Nov 16Sometimes I Don't Like Our Species Very Much
Nov 16Reinventing Square Wheels
Nov 16Victor Has All the Fun
Nov 16Facebook Weekend
Nov 15New Meme
Nov 13Cluster Challenge 07: Hard Crash and the Understudy Position
Nov 12Link Soup Redux
Nov 10Why It's Worthwhile
Nov 10We're Number Ten!
Nov 8File Under "Still Not Getting It"
Nov 8Exaggerating the Truth
Nov 6Measurement
Nov 6Placing a Student in a Developing Country
Nov 6Software Engineering Degrees
Nov 4Projects Projects Projects
Nov 4Link Soup
Nov 3MailCo Is Hiring
Nov 2Eclipse DemoCamp
Nov 2DemoCamp 16: Dec 3 at Toronto Board of Trade
Nov 2I Want Your (Comments On Your) Code
Oct 31Business Idea
Oct 31Late to the Party
Oct 30Encouraging Collaboration
Oct 30It's All a Matter of Perspective
Oct 26The Burning Man of HPC
Oct 25Today Was More Fun
Oct 25The Meme Spreads
Oct 24Explain Why This Wouldn't Work
Oct 24Wrong Again
Oct 24Another Thing I Should Be Doing
Oct 22Biggerer and Biggerer
Oct 22Ben's Panel
Oct 22Go 77 Go!
Oct 22But Not For Me
Oct 22Unfortunate Timing
Oct 19Requirements Conference Prize
Oct 19A List Apart's Web Design Survey
Oct 18Apologies for the Viagra Ads
Oct 17More Fun Than Code
Oct 17DemoCamp 15 Lineup
Oct 17Country Codes of the World
Oct 17Beautiful Code Sales
Oct 16Asustek Launches the Eee
Oct 16Real-Time Graphical Log Tailing
Oct 12A Useful Quotation
Oct 12Gini Coefficients as a Measure of Team Effort
Oct 12Off and Away
Oct 11"Securing" RSS in DrProject
Oct 11Identity, Privacy, and Security Lectures at U of T
Oct 10Citizen Lab Guide to Bypassing Censorship
Oct 10DrProject Funding Proposal Rejected
Oct 9PyGTA Tuesday Oct 16 2007
Oct 9Toronto Girl Geek Dinner: Oct 17 (sponsored spots for students)
Oct 9Amazon Gets an SLA (But I Still Can't Use It)
Oct 9If You Want To Demo at DemoCamp...
Oct 5DemoCamp: Biggerer!
Oct 4Three Angles on Security
Oct 3Distinguished Lectures at U of T
Oct 2Doomed to Repeat It
Oct 2On Spec Again
Oct 1Podcasts from Pearson
Sep 28Haven't They *Seen* "Terminator"? (Part 2)
Sep 27Catspaw on Change
Sep 27Reading Lists
Sep 26The Best Part of My Job
Sep 25Another Sighting of Software Carpentry
Sep 25Bugs in DrProject
Sep 24OLPC: Give One, Get One
Sep 24DemoCamp 15 Signup
Sep 23Two and a Half Books
Sep 20Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
Sep 20Interview With Selenium's Jason Huggins
Sep 18What I Read
Sep 18DrProject's First Review
Sep 18DemoCamp 14: Best Yet
Sep 17XP Toronto Kicks Off Its Fall Season
Sep 17Tweaking
Sep 14Cafe Scientifique
Sep 13Google Summer of Code Wrap-Up
Sep 13A Good Reason to Go Back to School
Sep 13The Best Electoral Offer Yet
Sep 13Ontario Votes on Voting
Sep 12Win Stuff at Idee's Visual Search Lab
Sep 12Jon Udell has the Best Job in the World
Sep 10Russian and Korean
Sep 10"Ferocious Beauty" Coming to Toronto
Sep 10Randy Pausch
Sep 9Winter Is Coming...
Sep 6Free Food!
Sep 5Openness and (the promise of) XML
Sep 4O'Reilly "Women of Tech" Series
Sep 2Managing, Reviewing, and RESTing
Sep 1Short Stories Are a Form of Their Own
Aug 31Kleinberg on the Structure of Information Networks
Aug 31Python 3.0 alpha 1 now out
Aug 31Summer 2007 Post Mortem
Aug 31Random Survey about HPC
Aug 31Back Yard Beautiful
Aug 29DemoCamp 14 Update
Aug 29The Friends of the Merril
Aug 29Seven Right, One Very Wrong
Aug 29The Sunlight Foundation and Hosted Lifebits
Aug 29Diagram of Relationships Between Programming Paradigms
Aug 29Martha Stewart and Charles Simonyi???
Aug 29How and Why We Draw Code
Aug 29More "Beautiful Code" News
Aug 29Another Summer...
Aug 2949X Projects in the Wild
Aug 10Distributing Python Applications
Aug 9Facebook Developers' Camp
Aug 9Late Night Thoughts on Re-Reading Terry Pratchett
Aug 9Interview Slashdotted
Aug 9Help Help --- My Soil Is Dry and I Can't Germinate
Aug 9Schneier on Assurance
Aug 9Ian Darwin on Reflection
Aug 9Tamarin (Again)
Aug 8Four, Side by Each
Aug 8Practice and Experience
Aug 7A Review and an Explanation
Aug 7How I'm Doing
Aug 7None Are Open to the Public
Aug 6Tattoo You?
Aug 5What Do You Read?
Aug 4Open Positions at the University Health Network
Aug 3Michael Feathers on Subtext
Aug 3Binary Search on the TTC
Aug 2Why I Supervise
Aug 2Toronto Girl Geeks Dinner #2
Aug 1Be Afraid... Be Webby Afraid
Aug 1Our 15 Minutes of Fame
Aug 1oUTreach 2008
Aug 1JBoss vs. Django and What IronRuby Really Means
Aug 1Daaaahling
Jul 31I'm Behind the Curve Again
Jul 31JavaScript and Tamarin
Jul 31How Not to Collaborate
Jul 30Udell on Beautiful Code (and "narrating the work")
Jul 30YSlow and the Browser as IDE
Jul 30Facebook Developer Camp in Toronto
Jul 29A Course I'd Like to Teach Some Day
Jul 28To Do for Fall 2007
Jul 28Let Me See...Is It Control-Shift-J?
Jul 27Tech Map of Toronto, DemoCamp, and the Board of Trade)
Jul 27Madeleine, Sadie, and Greg
Jul 25British Columbia
Jul 25Open Source Awards 2007
Jul 25Schema Changes
Jul 25Link Soup
Jul 24You Can Never Start Recruiting Too Early
Jul 24Beautiful Code Now Has Its Own Web Site
Jul 24Jane Goodall Speaking in Toronto
Jul 18Number One in Programming
Jul 18Because You Can
Jul 18More Academic Reading
Jul 18Computational Education for Scientists
Jul 18A Couple of Upcoming Events
Jul 17Library Trends
Jul 17I Bet the Acronym Came First
Jul 16Attacked by Hippos
Jul 14ITiCSE'07
Jul 14Phantom Fiber is Hiring
Jul 13Beautiful Code has a Blog
Jul 12Conferences on a Budget
Jul 12User Interface Jam Session
Jul 12Beautiful Code is Up on Safari
Jul 11So, Does Anyone Know Any Police Officers in Toronto?
Jul 11Matt Doar Likes Beautiful Code
Jul 11All Things Are Possible
Jul 11Bryan Cantrill on Recursion
Jul 9Still Number Three
Jul 9Worldwide Buzz
Jul 7Software Carpentry Sprint at SciPy'07
Jul 7"Beautiful Code" Is Number 3
Jul 6Environmental Technology Research Funding
Jul 5Jeff's Going to Vancouver
Jul 5Win a Trip to Reno!
Jul 4Mocking
Jul 4Another Sighting of Software Carpentry
Jul 2Data Finds Data
Jul 1Simon's Laws
Jul 1Computer Science Capstone Course 2007-08
Jul 1Student Contest in Software Engineering
Jun 29ACM Student Research Competition
Jun 29Why This Site Is Sometimes Slow
Jun 29Girl Scouts Survey
Jun 28Richard Stallman Speaking at University of Toronto (Mississauga) on July 5
Jun 28Today
Jun 28Quinn's argument: a swing and a mis
Jun 28No OLPC for Cuba (or Syria, or...)
Jun 28What Tools Do We Use?
Jun 28Interchangeable Parts
Jun 27Two Studies of ASCI (and no, that's not a typo)
Jun 27Sign o' the Times
Jun 26First Sightings
Jun 26Kaner Summarizes "Principles of the Law of Software Contracts"
Jun 26Toronto Girl Geek Dinner on Wed Jun 27
Jun 26Ed Yourdon on the Peopleware Panel
Jun 26MySpace, Facebook, and Social Class
Jun 26The Danger of Danger
Jun 26A Thumb on the Scales
Jun 26Software Carpentry at LLNL
Jun 26Faculty Programming Contests?
Jun 23Where Are They Now?
Jun 22If You're Not In the Pub on Thursday...
Jun 22Six Weeks and Counting
Jun 21A Distributed Single Point of Failure
Jun 21Local Entrepreneurs
Jun 20Where Are People Clicking?
Jun 20Electronic Books
Jun 20Catching Up on My Reading
Jun 20Software Carpentry Screencasts by Chris Lasher
Jun 20Inspirational Videos
Jun 19The Software Project Coloring Book
Jun 18EnergizeIT
Jun 18Nature Precedings
Jun 18Three Years Old
Jun 18Beatrice Worsley
Jun 18Jeannette Wing on Computational Thinking
Jun 18People Lie
Jun 18Lack of Female Authors in "Beautiful Code"
Jun 18Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet
Jun 18Buying Books by the Chapter
Jun 17Two Books of a Different Kind
Jun 16IM Groups
Jun 16Mass Customization
Jun 16Thanks, Jay
Jun 15Let's All Get Past...
Jun 13OLM Makes the News
Jun 13Agile Product Development
Jun 13Does the Future Belong to Javascript?
Jun 12Go On, Convince Me
Jun 12One Of Those Days
Jun 12England: the Three of Us, and Four Generations
Jun 12If You Need AI, You Need a Simpler System
Jun 12Elixir and Foreign Keys
Jun 12Software Games
Jun 11Best Paper So Far
Jun 11Praising the Good
Jun 11Google Developer Day Videos on One Page
Jun 10Tony's SQL Woes
Jun 10O'Reilly Short Cuts: Reviews
Jun 10Apparently I Live in Texas
Jun 10Then You Wake Up And Realize You've Innovated
Jun 9Home Stretch for Beautiful Code
Jun 9Tony Yiu on OLM
Jun 7Polymorphic Inheritance in a Relational Database
Jun 7Would an LCD Panel Not Be Simpler?
Jun 6Thank Goodness for Sticky Rice
Jun 6Java Ecosystems for Python Programmers
Jun 5Asimov's Other Law
Jun 4First Summer Student Post: Debugging
May 26Iatrogenesis
May 22Teaching Software Architecture
May 22Useful Links
May 21Theory Prize
May 19RailsConf: Plus Ca Change...
May 17Arrrgghh *whimper* (or, PySqlite, Matplotlib, and paths)
May 16Humor (Ruby On Rails ads)
May 12Update to Summer Roster
May 12Half Empty, Half Full
May 12Holding Steady
May 5New Software Engineering Courses: What Would You Like to See?
May 5Computational Scientists Still Don't Get It
May 3Send Us the Code, We'll Send You the Tests
May 2Summer of Code has a logo
May 2Chronicle-Recorder and Debugging
May 1Oh No...
Apr 29Wrapping Up 49X for the Term
Apr 29Integrating IM into DrProject
Apr 27Google TechTalk on OLPC
Apr 27Empirical Study of Test-Driven Development
Apr 25Joel Spolsky on Recruiting
Apr 25Code Review Tools
Apr 24Tenure, Fertility, and Misinformation
Apr 24Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
Apr 23Guidance on Undergraduate Software Projects
Apr 20Friday Humor
Apr 19DemoCamp 13
Apr 19Schneier and Lemons
Apr 18Dynamic Languages Symposium in Montreal this October
Apr 17Summer of DrProject
Apr 16Three Other SoCs at U of T
Apr 15Jorge Aranda on OLPC
Apr 13Streetknit and the Scott Mission
Apr 12One Laptop Per Child
Apr 12Why Open Source Fails on Windows
Apr 12RIP Kurt Vonnegut
Apr 12Summer of Code 2007
Apr 12The Summer Team
Apr 7It Finally Happened
Apr 6More Pictures of Madeleine
Apr 5Always Working So You Don't Have To
Apr 5The 50 Most Important White People in IT
Apr 2Titus Brown Teaching Software Carpentry
Apr 2Measuring the Value of Modeling
Apr 2Top 10 Findings in Computer Games Research
Apr 1Knowing Where You Are
Mar 31Madeleine Erica Wilson
Mar 28Pictures from the Competition
Mar 27Beautiful Code: Chapter by Chapter
Mar 26Alex Martelli on Python Design Patterns
Mar 26Google Summer of Code: Participating Organizations
Mar 26Engineering Strategies & Practice Team Wins Award
Mar 26API Explorer
Mar 25New Software Engineering Courses at U of T
Mar 25Toronto Area Security Klatch (TASK) Lightning Talks March 27
Mar 22Maybe We Deserve to Go Under
Mar 21OLPC at PyGTA
Mar 20In memoriam: John Backus
Mar 19Sign Error => Five Papers Retracted
Mar 182007 ACM Programming Contest Results
Mar 18Books, Blogs, and a Write-In Candidate
Mar 152007 Google Summer of Code Project Ideas
Mar 14Extensible Programming Has Arrived
Mar 14PyGTA Tuesday March 20 to talk about One Laptop Per Child
Mar 13Doing the Science
Mar 12What I Missed Most by Not Going to SIGCSE
Mar 11Internet Self-Publishing as a Mirror for our Species
Mar 11Gibson's Law and Software Engineering
Mar 11Finding Python Security Holes for GalCon
Mar 11SciPy'07 Dates Announced
Mar 11How to Be a Good Summer of Code Mentor
Mar 10Reproducibility of Computational Results
Mar 10Beautiful Code
Mar 9We Also Need a Small Plastic Snake...
Mar 9Our Sean Is Famous
Mar 9Café Scientifique
Mar 8Things DrProject Has To Pay Attention To
Mar 8Strawman Proposal for a New Ticketing System
Mar 7Two Pictures Say It All
Mar 6Us vs. Spam
Mar 5SPA Conference
Mar 4Fran Allen Wins Turing Award
Mar 4Economics of Information Security lecture at U of T
Mar 2Two Signs o' the Times
Mar 2Mac/Thunderbird Puzzlement
Mar 2SIGGRAPH Volunteers and Passport Numbers
Mar 1Anne 2.0 on Making Your Blog Popular
Mar 1What I Missed Most by Not Going to PyCon
Feb 27A Review of a Book That Should Be Read Much More Widely Than It Will Be
Feb 24Next: Cylons
Feb 23Hiring the Wrong Person
Feb 22OpenID Screencast
Feb 21Four-Parter on Building in Quality
Feb 21Would You Like a Little Music, Dave?
Feb 20Database Schema to Support Customizable/Extensible Application
Feb 19Bitten Again
Feb 16Titus Brown's "Not in the Syllabus"
Feb 16Summer of Code 2007
Feb 16Toronto Technology Week May 28 - June 1
Feb 15Acing a Job Fair
Feb 14BitFrost
Feb 14U of T Hiring Two Blackboard Developers
Feb 11Problems with Google Calendar
Feb 10How You Can Tell You've Gone Too Far
Feb 10DrProject Architecture
Feb 10Random Links
Feb 10Computing with Railroads
Feb 10EclipseCon: March 5-8 in Santa Clara
Feb 10Tomorrow is Evolution Sunday
Feb 10Michael Bolton on Design for Testability
Feb 9Survey Paper on the Economics of Information Security
Feb 8Joanna Berzowska speaking in Toronto Feb 23
Feb 8Second Annual Canadian Student Conference on Biomedical Computing
Feb 8Anyone Familiar with Open Source CRM Systems?
Feb 8How to Not Get Your Book Reviewed in DDJ
Feb 8Yahoo Pipes (or, What Took You So Long?)
Feb 7What I Learned Today
Feb 7Web 2.0 in one video
Feb 7Research in Action: W00t!
Feb 7Software Carpentry Screencasts
Feb 6DrProject 1.2 Now Available
Feb 6Workshop on Teaching Software Testing
Feb 3More Mac (and now Norton) Grief
Feb 1Blackboard's Patent Pledge
Jan 31Why Johnny Can't Calendar
Jan 31Why Ethics Matter
Jan 31Hiring Season
Jan 26Geoff Hinton Lectures on Neural Networks
Jan 26The Trouble with Tech Transfer
Jan 26Testing on the Toilet
Jan 25DemoCamp 12 is Feb 5
Jan 25Yammering About Linux
Jan 25Research Showcases
Jan 24Cem Kaner on Testing
Jan 22CS Games 2007
Jan 22Jeremy Miller on the Anti-Team
Jan 22Links for Breakfast
Jan 21Many Ways to Break
Jan 21Jolt Finalists
Jan 21Debugging Trick
Jan 21Threading Maturity Model
Jan 21Udell on use experience vs. user experience
Jan 19Adam Goucher's QA101
Jan 19Four Reviews
Jan 19Managing Kids in the Home Office
Jan 19StreetKnit
Jan 18Structured Online Laboratory Notebooks
Jan 18Software Carpentry Usage in December
Jan 18Creating Tables in DrProject
Jan 18Schneier Explains How to Fix Insecure Software
Jan 16The Open Laboratory
Jan 14No Such Thing As One Program
Jan 13Pervasive Computing, Horror, and the Double Chin Effect
Jan 13Never Mind the Web --- Ruby is Winning the Book Wars
Jan 12Abstraction, Compression, and Errors
Jan 10Working for Brad on Web 3.0
Jan 9Jon Udell on Future Tailors
Jan 9Eventually, They All Become Programming Languages
Jan 7DrProject 1.2 RC 1
Jan 5Yahoo! on Optimization
Jan 5Computer Science Research Round-up Blogs?
Jan 3Groovy 1.0
Jan 3Job Posting: Flash, Flex, RIA, 3D Modeling, and a Chance to Win Big
Jan 2Conference for Undergraduate Women in Computer Science
Jan 2Scott Rosenberg's "Code Reads"