2008 Archive

Dec 31 Mocked by a Bar Chart
Dec 31 Ontario Energy Savings: Fail
Dec 31 Time to Freshen It Up
Dec 29 jsMath: Yay!
Dec 29 Jumping Genes
Dec 29 Profs on Facebook
Dec 26 Things I'd Like To Finish In the Next 489 Days
Dec 26 How Do You Determine the Health of a Software Development Project?
Dec 24 Who's the Best 21st Century Teacher in Toronto?
Dec 24 A Healthy Dose of Scepticism
Dec 24 Course on High Performance Web Sites
Dec 24 Diagnosing Home Network Misconfigurations Using Shared Knowledge
Dec 24 40 Years Ago
Dec 23 Ironic, Isn't It?
Dec 23 Post-Mortem on This Term's Work
Dec 21 Jolt Finalists Announced
Dec 19 The National Academy Would Like to Hear From You
Dec 19 Google Pulls the Plug on Scientific Data Sharing Project
Dec 19 Wikipedia or Perish
Dec 18 My Greatest Hits
Dec 18 But What Goes Wrong?
Dec 18 What Can Software Engineering Do to Help Climate Change?
Dec 18 Beautiful Testing
Dec 18 Martin Fowler on Academic Rotation
Dec 18 Hacking the Rainforest
Dec 18 Carl Zimmer, Faces, and Letter Writing Campaigns
Dec 18 We Got Boinged!
Dec 18 Oslo
Dec 18 uTest's Bug Battle
Dec 18 Science Lessons for Movie Makers
Dec 18 Leslie Hawthorn Writes About Summer of Code
Dec 18 Scott Leslie on "Just Share Already"
Dec 18 Segaran on the Excluded Middle
Dec 18 How Far We Got
Dec 18 Entry-Level Code Review Procedures?
Dec 10 Three Reasons to Distrust Microarray Results
Dec 10 Random Library Entries
Dec 8 Monkeys, Bananas, and a Fire Hose
Dec 8 Adam's review of "Clean Code"
Dec 7 How Scientists Manage Code
Dec 7 Sold Another Story
Dec 5 Next Term's Technical Reading
Dec 4 Python 3.0 is Out (But We're Not Using It Yet)
Dec 3 I Had To Figure It Out Anyway
Dec 3 Thanks, Blake
Dec 3 Today Was a Good Day
Dec 3 Advertising for "Bottle of Light"
Dec 1 Game-Changing Results
Nov 30 Igor, Connect the Electrodes!
Nov 29 Software Craftsmanship 2009
Nov 28 VeloCity Project Exhibition
Nov 27 My Via Experience
Nov 24 StreetKnit is Back!
Nov 21 SECSE'09 Call for Papers
Nov 20 Getting the Science Right---Or At Least, Less Wrong
Nov 20 Happy 25th Birthday, TurboPascal
Nov 20 A Rails Question
Nov 19 If a Computer Has Touched You Inappropriately...
Nov 19 Watch This Space
Nov 18 Need Some Help?
Nov 17 Maybe If I Write About Them, They'll Go Away
Nov 17 StartupEmpire: Wish I Had Been
Nov 17 Science Lessons for MPs
Nov 16 What Sciences Are There?
Nov 15 The Family Has Landed
Nov 12 Sorry to Be So Rushed...
Nov 10 At a Glance
Nov 5 I Honestly Didn't Think I'd Live to See the Day
Nov 4 I Normally Wouldn't Shill for Amazon...
Nov 4 How Come I Didn't Know About FLOSSmole?
Nov 4 Quote Game Changing End Quote
Nov 4 One Good Survey Deserves Another
Nov 3 Unpatched Tuesdays
Nov 2 1731
Nov 1 Research Highlight of the Week
Oct 31 It's Not You, It's Me
Oct 30 A Closer Look at a Distributed Single Point of Failure
Oct 29 Cluster Challenge Teams
Oct 28 CfP: Web 2.0 Tools for Research Scientists
Oct 27 Finding and Re-using Open Scientific Resources
Oct 27 Gunderloy on Contributing to Rails
Oct 27 Complete with an Egg Catapult Contest
Oct 26 Spinellis and "Zero Defect" Code
Oct 21 The Thesis Hat
Oct 19 Two Others
Oct 16 And Search Returns...?
Oct 15 Surveying Scientists' Use of Computers
Oct 10 So Far Behind
Oct 5 Another Check for Amnesty International
Oct 5 Second Season of Usability Wraps Up
Oct 5 No, It Isn't Photoshopped
Sep 25 Win a Trip to Boulder (and Get a Job)
Sep 24 Change the Rules, Change the Outcome
Sep 19 Another Use for Extensible Programming
Sep 18 If It's on the Web...
Sep 18 Risk Budget
Sep 18 Startup Nation November 13-14
Sep 16 I Used To Make Jokes...
Sep 16 Comments in JSON?
Sep 16 Life? Don't Talk to Me About Life...
Sep 15 REST APIs for Batch Operations
Sep 15 IEEE Top 10
Sep 15 How do I enlarge a fizzbar without overwriting the user's snibbit?
Sep 15 Mozilla Developer Days in Toronto
Sep 14 Another Milestone
Sep 11 Science in the 21st Century
Sep 10 Student Projects This Term
Sep 8 Start of Another Academic Year
Sep 6 What's Your Favorite Online Survey Engine?
Sep 4 Science 2.0: the Future of Online Tools for Scientists
Sep 1 Rails Reviewer Wanted
Aug 31 Mozilla Developer Days in Toronto Sept 15-16 2008
Aug 26 Community-Authored Books
Aug 26 Summer's End
Aug 26 A Pile o' Links
Aug 22 Bil Lewis Works With Biologists...
Aug 22 Married
Aug 13 Data Provenance Challenge
Aug 12 Winter Grad Course Evaluation
Aug 12 Wrapping Up
Aug 11 SciFoo, eGY, and Splitting
Aug 7 Managing Meetings
Aug 7 Putting a Face to a Name
Aug 6 Tony, Dan, LanSchool, and Doing the Right Thing
Aug 2 I'd Really Like To Draw A Picture...
Aug 2 Where Design Fits In
Aug 1 They're Breeding Like Rabbits
Aug 1 Good News For a Change
Jul 30 Please Pay For Your Copy of "Beautiful Code"...
Jul 28 Next Lecture?
Jul 28 Home Stretch for Students
Jul 28 This Week in Greg
Jul 25 Name This Book!
Jul 24 Fall Courses
Jul 23 Customer (Non)Support with Yahoo!
Jul 23 Badge of Reproducibility
Jul 23 What My Students Have Learned This Summer
Jul 23 "The Computer Was Threatening to Explode"
Jul 23 Quick Quiz to Measure What Scientists Know
Jul 22 Reviving the Software Carpentry Mailing List
Jul 22 Belated Barbecue Photos
Jul 22 Summer 2008 Logo
Jul 22 Link Soup
Jul 21 Mail Traffic Over Time
Jul 21 It Wasn't *Meant* To Be Funny, But...
Jul 20 DrProject Status Update
Jul 19 Badge of Honor?
Jul 19 Just Another Saturday
Jul 18 A Distributed Single Point of Failure
Jul 17 Nick's Last Day
Jul 17 Up On Stage
Jul 17 Nerd Girls on TV
Jul 16 We Should Have Built This For Them
Jul 16 A Little Warm...
Jul 15 Staying On Top vs. Getting to the Bottom
Jul 14 Paraphrase
Jul 13 If You Were a Professional Musician...
Jul 11 Kosta Needs Your Input
Jul 10 DemoCamp 18: The Schedule Is Up
Jul 9 Portrait of the Author
Jul 9 Yes, Our Students Are Still Busy
Jul 7 Eva's Mid-Term Screencast
Jul 7 Consulting Course Fall 2008 Needs You!
Jul 6 Traceability in Agile Projects
Jul 6 A Guide to Distributed Version Control Systems
Jul 6 What Code Are You Proud Of?
Jul 5 Y Combinator Now Accepting Applications for Its Next Season
Jul 5 Why We're Not Switching to Git
Jul 3 But Dad...
Jul 3 DJ Recommendations?
Jul 3 Another Good Lunch
Jul 2 Current Projects
Jul 2 Who Did They Invade Again?
Jul 2 Why So Many Women Leave Tech After 35
Jul 1 Midsummer Resolution
Jul 1 Interesting Tools
Jul 1 Adam Reviews "Automated Defect Prevention"
Jul 1 Kevin's Been Busy
Jun 27 As We Head Into the Holiday Weekend...
Jun 25 This Is What I'd Like To Be Doing...
Jun 25 Another DrProject Design Question
Jun 24 I Don't Know If I'd Call It "Incredible"...
Jun 24 First Anniversary of Toronto Geek Girls Dinner
Jun 24 Every Problem in Computer Science...
Jun 24 Fell at the First Hurdle
Jun 23 Navigating IRC Logs, Nested Forms, Et Cetera
Jun 23 A Different Kind of Game
Jun 23 Tracking Down Changes
Jun 20 Recent Research Reading
Jun 20 Take the Survey, Win Prizes!
Jun 18 More Links
Jun 18 Where My Grad Students Are
Jun 17 New Pics
Jun 17 Writing a Technical Book
Jun 16 Why I Go To DemoCamp
Jun 16 Link Soup
Jun 15 And One That Failed
Jun 15 Another Sample Proposal
Jun 14 CBC Podcasts
Jun 14 The Britney Spears Problem
Jun 13 What a Proposal Looks Like
Jun 13 Faster!
Jun 13 Another Week of Progress
Jun 13 Thunderbird and IMAP Folders
Jun 12 DemoCamp: July 15 at the Supermarket
Jun 12 Wordle
Jun 12 Where the Time Goes
Jun 11 Feedback Time
Jun 10 Determining When You Should Stop Adding Features to a Version is Hard
Jun 10 Deleting Roles
Jun 9 Directions
Jun 6 Liz on the Web
Jun 6 Faking Results
Jun 5 StartupCamp Waterloo 3
Jun 4 A Surprisingly Small Piece of Paper
Jun 4 Six Word Methods
Jun 3 Three Weeks and Change
Jun 1 Q&A&Z
Jun 1 Three Weeks In
Jun 1 Summer of Code Podcasts
May 30 Programming and Scientific Education on Slashdot
May 30 Damian Conway Speaking on July 16
May 29 Still Wrestling With Google's Web Toolkit
May 29 More About Integrating IRC into DrProject
May 27 Another Cool Conference I Probably Won't Go To
May 27 Episode IV: A New Beginning
May 27 Reminded of the Difference Once Again
May 27 Some Questions Have Formed
May 25 Interviewed by Jon Udell
May 23 For Each, Replace
May 21 Open Source Community Choice Awards
May 21 Computational Biology Student Symposium
May 21 Why Don't We Do This?
May 20 CAST Registration Open
May 18 UbiGraph Is Out
May 18 Surviving Poisonous People
May 16 File Under "Really Not Getting It"
May 16 I Will Buy You Lunch...
May 16 But I Was Gone Less than 48 Hours!
May 15 Student Blogs
May 15 SE-CSE Workshop
May 15 Another DrProject Design Question
May 14 On My Way to Texas
May 14 What I'm Reading These Days
May 14 David Ascher Has Nice Things To Say...
May 14 A Different Perspective
May 12 Aaaand They're Off!
May 9 Where Are They Now?
May 8 Lucky 13
May 8 We're Number Seven!
May 7 Blowing Through the Complexity Budget
May 6 TorCamp West
May 6 Science Rendezvous
May 5 Those Who Will Not Learn From History...
May 5 Yep, More Books
May 4 Summer Indulgences
May 4 Programming for Historians
May 4 StreetKnit in the News
May 3 At the Merrill
May 3 We're Big In Japan
May 3 "...But Nobody To Know What It Is"
May 3 Stats on Founders
May 2 A Question for the Class
May 2 I Want a Platypus Too
May 2 Code Review Coincidences
May 1 MathWorks Visit
May 1 Joel Is Feeling Grumpy Today
Apr 29 Jeremy Is Seeking Information
Apr 29 An Interview with Donald Knuth
Apr 28 "I Would Never Have Believed..."
Apr 26 Adam on "Schools"
Apr 25 DrProject 3.0 Schema
Apr 25 Software Engineering Links
Apr 25 Design Never Ends
Apr 24 Catch-22 / The First Three Minutes
Apr 22 Student Tickets for Mesh
Apr 21 Crowded House
Apr 21 OK, What Would *You* Draw?
Apr 21 Someone's a Fan
Apr 20 Google Mentoring Videos
Apr 20 Student Impressions of haXe
Apr 18 Zis Is Cursed, Zat Is Cursed
Apr 18 Consulting Course Videos
Apr 17 Introducing Stack Overflow
Apr 15 Pogy Travel Crib
Apr 15 Integration Irony
Apr 14 SPOC
Apr 12 A Rare Triple
Apr 11 Feature List
Apr 11 Alternatives to DrProject
Apr 10 It Went Well
Apr 10 Three Studies (Maybe Four)
Apr 10 Cross-Platform PowerShell
Apr 9 Global Intelligence
Apr 9 Morning Routine
Apr 8 Our Own Little DemoCamplet
Apr 8 Summer of Code Applications Are In
Apr 7 global awareness (with a small but useful 'g')
Apr 7 More DemoCamps
Apr 7 Schneier's Review of "Access Denied"
Apr 7 Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned
Apr 4 Italian, Latin lit, French lit, and Computer Science
Apr 4 If a Programming Language Was a Boat...
Apr 4 What We've Been Up To (Revisited)
Apr 3 Real World Data Causes Perl
Apr 3 Score One For Our Side
Apr 2 Summer Plans for Software Carpentry
Apr 2 The Retractions Just Keep Coming In
Mar 31 Evil Evil Evil...
Mar 31 Meet the New Flaw
Mar 31 Honor Where Honor's Due
Mar 30 Old Dogs Are Suspicious of New Tricks
Mar 29 SciBarCamp in the News (or at least the National Post)
Mar 28 An Unexpected Result
Mar 27 SoC Minus 4 Days
Mar 27 Beautiful Code Panel
Mar 27 Rising Stars of Research
Mar 27 Reality Tree
Mar 26 DemoCamp in the News
Mar 26 Nice Quote
Mar 26 Titus Introduces Summer of Code
Mar 24 First Steps
Mar 21 For The Record
Mar 21 SciBarCamp
Mar 19 Vote for weMap!
Mar 19 StreetKnit in the Press Again
Mar 19 Our Wee David's All Growed Up
Mar 17 Summer of Code Is Up And Running
Mar 17 The Struggles of New Graduates
Mar 17 Dr Dobbs Code Talk
Mar 15 Streetknit + Spins & Needles
Mar 15 SIGCSE Day 3
Mar 14 SIGCSE Day 2
Mar 13 SIGCSE Day 1
Mar 13 What My Students Have Been Up To (Part 1)
Mar 12 The Seven Dirtiest Jobs in IT
Mar 12 On My Way To SIGCSE'08
Mar 11 StartupCamp 2 in Toronto
Mar 10 New Sins
Mar 10 15 Year Old Error in Core Biotech Code
Mar 10 Making Web Sites Faster
Mar 8 Why Developers Don't Do Code Reviews
Mar 8 Graduating 2007 CS Class Smallest This Decade
Mar 7 Survey: Silent Errors in Scientific Code
Mar 7 Controlled Release
Mar 6 Avenir vs. Ryerson
Mar 6 A Student-Oriented Software Development Process
Mar 6 2008 Research In Action Showcase
Mar 6 LearnHub Launches with Software Carpentry Front and Center
Mar 6 Journal of Visualized Experiments
Mar 6 Conservation of Happiness
Mar 6 Beautiful Code Wins Jolt Award
Mar 5 DrProject 3.0 alpha
Mar 4 Bummer
Mar 4 Writing Is a Drug
Mar 4 Beautiful Code Panel at SD West
Mar 1 SciBarCamp is Coming Up
Feb 27 DemoCamp News
Feb 27 Making the World a Better Place
Feb 26 Ten Times Faster
Feb 26 Scientific Groupware Revisited
Feb 25 Google Summer of Code 2008
Feb 23 VeloCity at Waterloo
Feb 23 How Good Are Your Bezier Curves?
Feb 22 DemoCamp 17: Monday, Feb 25
Feb 21 Teaching Python at the NRC
Feb 20 O'Reilly Creating a Web Version of Mathematica
Feb 20 McGrath on Paradigms
Feb 20 Where The Puck Is Going To Be (Part 91)
Feb 20 Today's Politicians Lead Boring Lives
Feb 20 The Dog's Not Barking Again
Feb 19 Six Books for a Canadian Winter
Feb 19 Spolsky on Office File Formats
Feb 19 February Code Sprint: Day 1
Feb 19 Mozilla Messaging
Feb 17 You're In Charge --- Now Do It My Way
Feb 17 Graduate Directions
Feb 15 Building Filters
Feb 15 Rationalizing the Admin Interface
Feb 14 Grumpy Minds Think Alike
Feb 12 Google HOP Wraps Up
Feb 12 Hotwire Shell
Feb 11 Reviewing Markdown
Feb 11 Rebooting Environmentalism
Feb 7 Yet More Weight Behind OpenID
Feb 6 The First Check
Feb 6 Another Reminder
Feb 6 Congratulations to David Crow
Feb 6 DemoCamp 17
Feb 5 Girl Geek Dinners: Wed Feb 20
Feb 4 You're Not Allowed To Use What You Learn In This Book
Feb 4 The Art of the Demo
Feb 2 Generating Elegance
Feb 2 SciBarCamp in Toronto March 15-16
Jan 31 "Beautiful Code" at Google
Jan 31 ANTLR (?)
Jan 30 Other People Have Already Said It Better
Jan 28 First Figure Out What You Want to Change
Jan 28 The Wheel Turns
Jan 25 Recycled Words: knismesis
Jan 23 A New Home
Jan 21 I Wasn't At CUSEC This Year...
Jan 20 Posted from my New XO
Jan 18 Firefly
Jan 18 Yahoo to Support OpenID
Jan 17 We Get Requests
Jan 17 Where My Life Goes
Jan 15 Structural Programming and Rational Metaprogramming
Jan 15 A Delicious Harvest
Jan 14 Why Dreamhost Isn't Getting My Business
Jan 12 And Speaking of Community...
Jan 12 What "Community" Actually Means
Jan 9 I've Been Amazoned
Jan 8 Where the Puck Is, Part 5
Jan 8 Apparently We're Doing Well
Jan 6 Code Sprint Day 3
Jan 5 Code Sprint Day 2
Jan 4 Hippo Sightings
Jan 4 Code Sprint Day 1
Jan 3 Data Portability
Jan 3 The Year in Canadian Tech Law
Jan 3 Social Objects
Jan 3 Portals on Gears?
Jan 2 One, Two, Three
Jan 1 Bubbles
Jan 1 Best of 2007
Jan 1 The World Question 2008