2009 Archive

Dec 30 Another Neologism from Jon Udell
Dec 30 Cheaper Than Digging?
Dec 30 PyCon Dress Rehearsal on Feb 16
Dec 30 Holiday Reading
Dec 30 Osmosis is Just a Fancy Name for Failure
Dec 29 Another Introduction to Programming With Python
Dec 28 Five PyCon Talks I Want To See
Dec 28 A Seven Per Cent Problem
Dec 27 Dudley and Butte on Software Skills
Dec 27 Taking Notes
Dec 24 Browser-Based IDE
Dec 24 H-FOSS Symposium March 10
Dec 23 Polymorphism
Dec 23 Ottawa Is Only #3
Dec 22 Copenhagen Coverage
Dec 22 Fossil + NoSQL ?
Dec 21 11 Programming Languages Worth Checking Out
Dec 21 Top 50 Health Informatics Blogs
Dec 20 (How Well) Does Modeling Work?
Dec 20 What People Think About Global Climate Change
Dec 20 Two That Are Just Cool
Dec 20 Two On Science
Dec 19 NYT's Year in Ideas
Dec 18 Double Standards
Dec 17 Subtle Technologies Festival
Dec 16 Cross-Country Project Wrapup
Dec 15 The Next Fifty Years in Politics
Dec 13 Stymied
Dec 13 If You Look Closely, You'll Find Them Everywhere
Dec 11 Peter Watts Needs Your Help
Dec 11 Reflectus
Dec 11 Act Now - Change the Future
Dec 11 Why Opening Up (Probably) Wouldn't Help
Dec 11 Open the Hatch
Dec 11 A Database And...
Dec 9 Cartagena
Dec 7 Wrapping Up
Dec 6 Calling All Django and jQuery Developers
Dec 6 Miscellaneous
Dec 5 Twenty Years
Dec 5 A Sea Change
Dec 5 Want To Hire a CEO/CTO?
Dec 1 Minority Rule
Dec 1 Subverting Subtlety
Nov 30 Dear Synkronizer
Nov 29 Nothing to See Here, Folks---Move Along, Move Along
Nov 28 Thanks, Jamie
Nov 26 Feedback on the Python Book
Nov 26 Caesar's Wife
Nov 24 Writing About Reading
Nov 24 Amen
Nov 24 Greatest Hits
Nov 24 ICSE 2010 Co-Events
Nov 24 Tutorials Start This Week
Nov 23 Reverse Engineering a Bibliography
Nov 22 Serendipitous and Unexpected
Nov 18 Special Issue
Nov 18 Special Issue of Computing in Science and Engineering
Nov 18 What He Said
Nov 17 I'm Just Not Very Creative
Nov 17 Evolution in Action
Nov 16 Why Am I Not Surprised...
Nov 16 When I Said "The Last Twenty Years..."
Nov 16 Speaking at CUSEC 2010
Nov 16 Bend It 'Til It Breaks
Nov 15 Cloud Computing for Beginners
Nov 13 Two More Gov 2.0 Links
Nov 13 The Definition of "Exotic"
Nov 13 WWTD?
Nov 13 Packaging
Nov 11 Size and Activity
Nov 11 Following Up on the Toronto Innovation Showcase
Nov 11 Four Links
Nov 10 Cross-Country Projects In January
Nov 10 What Would It Take To Convince You?
Nov 9 Registration Problems with Google Groups
Nov 9 How Many Ways Can OneZone Fail?
Nov 8 Speaking at Queen's
Nov 8 Toronto DemoCamp #24: Dec 3
Nov 8 Green Web Hosting
Nov 6 Misa Sakamoto on DB2 Technology Explorer
Nov 6 Python in Science
Nov 5 The Greatest Failing of High School Science
Nov 5 Toronto Innovations Showcase
Nov 3 We're Going to PyCon
Nov 2 There's No Such Thing As KeepItGoingCamp
Nov 1 Never Mind the Concurrency, What About the Math?
Nov 1 Our Target Audience
Nov 1 No PDFs!
Oct 29 Ten Great Advances in Evolution
Oct 29 Organizing a Tech Event?
Oct 29 PLATEAU 2009
Oct 29 Four Days 'Til Showtime
Oct 25 Elsewhere
Oct 25 What Would You Ask?
Oct 24 Slides From DevDays Talk in Toronto Oct 23
Oct 23 Pictures in Pages
Oct 23 Cryptography Isn't Security
Oct 22 Distinguished Lecture Webcasts
Oct 21 "The World Wide Web wasn't publishable"
Oct 21 Should Modeling Be Part of This Course?
Oct 21 Creating New Niches
Oct 21 Sometimes You Can't Even Manage What You *Can* Measure
Oct 19 Would Somebody Please Let Me Sell Out?
Oct 18 Udell and Debow
Oct 17 My Lack of Artistic Ability is a Real Handicap
Oct 17 Lunchbox Games
Oct 17 Take Pity On Your Poor Boss
Oct 17 Meanwhile...
Oct 16 Links and Presentations
Oct 16 Revised Plan
Oct 13 A Less Frequent World
Oct 9 Two More From Mark Guzdial
Oct 9 Licensure
Oct 7 The Courage to Be Reasonable
Oct 6 Pie Charts!
Oct 6 Comments on Course Reorganization
Oct 6 Asking Yourself Hard Questions
Oct 6 A Solution to My Diagrammaphobia?
Oct 6 Government 2.0 Project Selection
Oct 5 Portals Paper Online
Oct 5 Please Go Ahead and Mock Me...
Oct 5 More Government 2.0 Links
Oct 5 Link Stew
Oct 5 The Hacker Within
Oct 4 Pure Genius
Oct 1 What Do Developers and Customers Lie About?
Sep 30 Net-Generation Instructors
Sep 29 To Read Is To Learn
Sep 29 Good Day, Knitters
Sep 29 A Strange Obsession
Sep 26 Reversible Debugging in GDB 7
Sep 26 How Far Can You Be From Timmies?
Sep 26 Counting Down to a New Thunderbird
Sep 26 Why Don't Students Like School?
Sep 26 Bakka Is Moving (soon)
Sep 24 Google Public Sector
Sep 24 Top Up vs. Bottom Down
Sep 24 Great Computer Science Educators
Sep 24 T Minus 17 Hours
Sep 24 Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
Sep 23 Applications and Data Sets
Sep 22 Grant Proposal
Sep 21 More Readings for Gov 2.0 Students
Sep 21 Another Reason to Care About Provenance
Sep 21 Health Dashboards
Sep 21 Want to Go to MIT?
Sep 21 Habit Forming
Sep 18 Newer Outline for Software Carpentry
Sep 18 Updated Outline for Revised Course
Sep 17 Government 2.0 Treasure Hunt
Sep 16 Teaching Computational Thinking on the Web in Just Two Hours
Sep 15 First Gov 2.0 Class
Sep 15 Help Wanted: New Version of Software Carpentry Course
Sep 15 Partial Outline of New Version of Course
Sep 14 Videos from Gov 2.0 Summit
Sep 13 You Can Tell It's the Start of Term...
Sep 11 Two Links
Sep 11 A Few More Links on Gov 2.0
Sep 11 Job Opening: MITACS Scientific Coordinator
Sep 10 New Book Project
Sep 8 Why I Teach (Part 3)
Sep 7 Upgrading Their Plots
Sep 6 My Other Identities
Sep 4 Jealousy
Sep 2 The Core Literary Technologies of the 21st Century
Sep 2 *Please* Tell Me They Do a T-Shirt
Sep 1 Fall Reading List
Sep 1 My Mac Knows That My Thoughts Are Straying
Aug 31 Being Human Is Good For Sales
Aug 31 The Big and the Small
Aug 31 Adam on Agile
Aug 31 Different Weights, Different Answers
Aug 31 Thinking About Grad School?
Aug 30 Congratulations to the MarkUs Team
Aug 30 Discussing the Balance
Aug 30 Win! Win! Er... Fail
Aug 30 Is The Future Waving At You?
Aug 28 The Hill We Need to Climb
Aug 28 elmcity and WordPress
Aug 28 Can I Use the Wrench, Daddy?
Aug 28 More Links for Toronto Projects
Aug 25 My Other Identities
Aug 25 Announcing Basie Version 0.5
Aug 25 What Processes Do Small Software Teams Use?
Aug 25 Climate Change (Literally) on Trial
Aug 25 Our Experiences Switching to Python
Aug 25 Java Coders Needed
Aug 24 Splitting Scheme
Aug 24 Wrapping Up the Summer
Aug 24 What Would You Like to See at PowerShift Canada?
Aug 24 EveryBlock and Toronto
Aug 24 Who Owns Your Data?
Aug 24 Science and JoVE
Aug 24 Playing Safe
Aug 24 Bad News and Good News
Aug 24 Shop Class as Soulcraft
Aug 23 The Delight Is In The Details, Too
Aug 21 Tools for Teams
Aug 21 The Big Picture
Aug 21 City Data Projects
Aug 20 30 and Counting
Aug 15 Editing Video
Aug 15 Anonymizing Student Data
Aug 15 You Can Do a Lot Without Programming
Aug 15 It's Like Not Wearing Your Cleats in the House
Aug 15 Search-Based Software Engineering
Aug 15 Evaluating the Usability of Programming Languages
Aug 14 U of T Computer Science Events
Aug 7 All I Want for Christmas...
Aug 6 New Blog: Cross-Country Open Source Student Projects
Aug 6 American Scientist Article on How Scientists Use Computers
Aug 6 Speaking at Stack Overflow DevDays in Toronto Oct 23
Aug 6 Counting Combinations in Excel
Aug 3 It's the Forwards, Stupid
Aug 3 What *Is* Open Science?
Aug 3 Rails Freelancing Handbook
Aug 3 Slides from Science 2.0
Aug 2 Next Steps
Aug 1 Post-Mortem
Jul 31 Fall Projects Redux
Jul 31 Microsoft TechDays 2009 Schedule
Jul 31 Day[-2]
Jul 31 A Good Afternoon
Jul 30 Another Good Day
Jul 29 Every Day Is a Big Day...
Jul 29 DemoCamp 21
Jul 28 Day 11 and Day 12
Jul 27 Listmania: What's Missing?
Jul 27 A Challenge for Modellers
Jul 26 We're Not Even Listed
Jul 26 Self-Review on the Web
Jul 26 Do Iterations Work by Partitioning Choices?
Jul 26 Martin Fenner on SciBarCamp
Jul 24 Day 9
Jul 24 Day 10 Done - and With It, Week 2
Jul 22 Day 8: Getting It Right
Jul 22 Day 7: Lots More Objects
Jul 21 DemoCamp 21 Lineup
Jul 21 Elsevier's Future, Version 0.1
Jul 21 Day 6: Theory and Practice
Jul 20 Damian Conway in Toronto July 27
Jul 19 Quantum to Cosmos: October 15-25 in Waterloo
Jul 19 Day 5
Jul 17 Beautiful Testing
Jul 17 Student Demos at U of T
Jul 17 ASCII Art in Reverse
Jul 17 50 for Medicine
Jul 17 Day 4
Jul 16 Data Collaboration
Jul 16 We're *Supposed* to Be a Little Old Fashioned
Jul 16 Day 3
Jul 15 Science 2.0 talks in Toronto July 29
Jul 15 Day 2
Jul 14 Yay Amazon, Boo Canada Post
Jul 13 Aaaand They're Off!
Jul 12 Why I Miss Command-Line Programming
Jul 12 Software Carpentry Starts Tomorrow
Jul 9 Goodbye, Pages
Jul 6 Leigh Honeywell on Vulnerability Disclosure in Open Source Projects
Jul 4 Registration for July 29 Talks is Now Open
Jun 30 Cross-Canada Undergrad Projects
Jun 30 Where Is Your (Country's) Money Going?
Jun 29 Firefox 3.5
Jun 29 Who's Getting My Business
Jun 29 The Environmental e-Science Revolution
Jun 29 The War Child Night Shift
Jun 29 Dru Lavigne on Women in Open Source
Jun 29 Environmental eScience
Jun 29 Quality Control and Traceability
Jun 29 Four Crowdsourcing Lessons
Jun 29 Your Brain Thinks Tools Are Part of Your Body
Jun 25 Mondays This Fall
Jun 24 At Least It's Not Exponential
Jun 24 Buckaroo Banzai vs. Search & Replace
Jun 22 DemoCamp 21: July 28 at One Mount Pleasant
Jun 22 Thanks, Ryan
Jun 22 Off We Go...
Jun 21 A Going-Away Present
Jun 21 Cathedrals and Limits
Jun 18 Convocation 2009
Jun 17 Subsistence Farmers With Cellphones
Jun 17 It's Probably Safe...
Jun 16 Open Source at Seneca
Jun 16 Evidence for All
Jun 16 As the Mind is Bent...
Jun 15 What Community Actually Means (Part 2)
Jun 15 Anthropologists += Many, Please
Jun 15 Competing on Real Stuff
Jun 15 FSOSS 2009
Jun 15 Software Architecture Challenges
Jun 15 Crunch Mode and Burnout
Jun 15 Sightings
Jun 15 Neylon's Head in the Clouds
Jun 8 Maybe AJAX Can Actually *Solve* a Problem
Jun 7 Visual Programming Environments for Kids
Jun 5 Open Source Bridge
Jun 5 Social Media Stack
Jun 5 A Cautionary Tale About Empirical Studies
Jun 5 100 Student Mozilla Projects
Jun 5 QuickBooks for Mac Settlement
Jun 4 What (Some Of) My Students Are Up To
Jun 4 DemoCamp Toronto #21: July 28, 2009
Jun 4 Brains Are Weird
Jun 4 Speed vs. Size
Jun 4 David Humphrey on Getting Involved
Jun 4 TopCoder of TopCoder of...
Jun 4 Cooler than Bing
Jun 4 Courses on CS Education (Revisited)
Jun 4 Schneier on Cloud Computing
Jun 3 Recently Read
Jun 1 What Will Be PHP for Mobile Devices?
Jun 1 Leapfrogged Again
Jun 1 SECSE Workshop
Jun 1 Big Code vs. Science 2.0
Jun 1 Video Abstracts
Jun 1 Moz Labs Design Challenge
Jun 1 Microsoft Vine and Toronto's Data
Jun 1 Snake Wrangling for Kids
Jun 1 Guido van Rossum reviews "Practical Programming"
May 23 I Haven't Been Blogging at ICSE...
May 22 Programmer Accountability
May 15 It's Vancouver's Turn
May 14 OCR for Line Drawings?
May 13 More Python for Scientists in Toronto
May 13 A Package Just Arrived
May 12 Suitable for High School Students
May 12 Beautiful Testing
May 12 Error Handling
May 11 DemoCamp in Mississauga and Guelph
May 11 Links for Summer Interns
May 11 Mother of the Year
May 9 Making Is Thinking
May 9 How Scientists Use Computers: Survey Part 2
May 7 Someone Should Be Sued
May 7 Can the Web Save Us?
May 7 How to Behave at a Conference
May 7 A Fresh Crop of Summer Interns
May 6 Instructor Review Copies
May 6 A TED for Toronto
May 6 Spot the Code Sprint
May 6 Project Totem Pole
May 5 "Practical Programming" Is Available
May 5 Opening Up Toronto's Data
May 4 RailsBridge
May 3 Courses on CS Education?
May 3 Science Rendezvous in Toronto May 9, 2009
May 1 Canada's Response
May 1 The Week in Review
May 1 Congratulations to Zuzel Vera Pacheco
May 1 What If Scientists Didn't Compete?
May 1 Something I Don't Know How to Fix
May 1 Quack Remedies Spread Faster *Because* They Don't Work
Apr 30 A Selection of Thoughts and a Checklist
Apr 29 Applications Open for 2009 Season of Usability
Apr 29 Without the Hot Air
Apr 29 Toronto Urban Fellows Program
Apr 29 OCE Discovery 2009
Apr 28 The Courage of His Convictions
Apr 28 NSERC Should Just Give the Money Away
Apr 28 Eclipse DemoCamp May 21
Apr 28 Talk on Empirical Software Engineering and Scientific Computing
Apr 27 Evidence of Success
Apr 27 Firming Up Software Carpentry Goals
Apr 23 The Penalty For Dishonesty Is Often Borne By Others
Apr 23 What We Mean When We Say "Community"
Apr 23 Doubt Is Good
Apr 23 PubFeed Early Release
Apr 23 What Supervisors Need To Know
Apr 23 We Don't Import Punch Cards Any More
Apr 23 New Software Carpentry Post: What Supervisors Need to Know
Apr 20 GSoC Winners 2009
Apr 20 Ah, If Only...
Apr 20 Jordi Cabot's Modeling Languages Site is Up
Apr 19 Children's Stories for Software Testing
Apr 17 Zero for Six
Apr 16 Sheepish
Apr 16 Next Toronto DemoCamp is May 25
Apr 16 Current Reading Queue
Apr 15 Getting Ready to Wag the Dog
Apr 15 Database of Empirical Software Engineering Publications
Apr 15 End-of-Term Showcase Went Well
Apr 14 SciBarCamp Toronto #2: May 8-9, 2009
Apr 14 Open Source Panel Event April 23
Apr 14 Jon Udell on Computational Thinking
Apr 12 Wanted: Toronto-Area Illustrator for Children's Picture Book
Apr 9 Sigma Xi AGM Lecture: Science, Technology, and Innovation in the 21st Century
Apr 9 Gender Gap in Startups Worse in IT than Biotech
Apr 9 SwarmScreen, Spam, and Junk DNA
Apr 9 GSoC Stats: The Last 10% Is The Hardest
Apr 8 Student Project Showcase: April 14 at the Graduate Student Union
Apr 8 Software Carpentry in Alberta
Apr 4 It's Kind of Ironic
Apr 3 What I Talk About
Apr 3 Cameron Neylon on the Three Opens
Apr 1 Software Carpentry: July 13-31 in Toronto
Apr 1 Software Carpentry in Toronto July 13-31 2009
Mar 31 Reassurance Cuddles for CEOs
Mar 30 User Stories
Mar 29 End-of-Term Demos on Tuesday April 14
Mar 29 New Home for Software Carpentry-Related Posts
Mar 29 Season of Usabilitiy: Call for Projects and Participants
Mar 28 Code Canvas
Mar 28 OCE Discovery Student Video Competition
Mar 27 Google Summer of Code Info Session in Toronto March 31
Mar 25 Inference for R
Mar 25 A Short History of Software Engineering
Mar 25 Umm... Remind Me How We Do This?
Mar 25 Seven Signs of Bogus Science
Mar 25 Open Notebook Science Badges
Mar 25 Recent Reading
Mar 25 Zimmer's Visions
Mar 23 GSoC 2009 Now Accepting Student Applications
Mar 22 What I'd Like To Do Next
Mar 22 Why I Read Less Science Fiction Than I Used To
Mar 19 Survey: Theory vs. Practice
Mar 19 Actual Meanings of Common Java Exceptions
Mar 19 Keywords Speak Louder Than Words
Mar 19 Magic Hardware Is Live
Mar 18 Maciej Cegłowski on Meltdowns
Mar 18 The Chosen Hundred
Mar 17 CS Enrolment Up (a bit, finally)
Mar 17 Legal Frameworks for Reproducible Research
Mar 16 Jason's Thinking About Learning Architecture
Mar 15 Research in Action Showcase on March 24, 2009
Mar 15 Russian Version of "Beautiful Code"
Mar 15 POSSE: Teaching Profs About Open Source
Mar 15 Counting Down to 0.2
Mar 14 Playing With Lasers
Mar 14 Commercialization of Innovative Research
Mar 11 Barbara Liskov Wins Turing Award
Mar 10 Things I'd Like to Accomplish (Version 2)
Mar 10 Academic Hacker News
Mar 10 Jason Cohen on Productivity
Mar 10 Readability
Mar 8 Leigh Honeywell on Getting a Career in Security
Mar 8 I Wish I'd Thought of That
Mar 8 Steve Joins the 21st Century
Mar 6 Iceberg B-15J Mother 1
Mar 6 Good Talk by Charles Petzold
Mar 4 Reminder: Charles Petzold Talking @ U of T Thursday March 5
Mar 3 DemoCamp 19: Layers of Veggies and a Massive Slice of Ham
Mar 2 Open Science and Autism's False Prophets
Mar 1 DemoCamp 19: Who Do You Know?
Mar 1 Papers Every Programmer Should Read
Mar 1 Google Summer of Code Timeline
Feb 28 Software Carpentry Viewership Down Again
Feb 27 A Good Week for Weird Fish
Feb 26 The Hacklab is Having a Job Fair
Feb 25 DemoCamp 19 Schedule
Feb 24 Transparent Head, Tubular Eyes
Feb 24 Charles Petzold Talking at U of T on March 5
Feb 24 David H. on Starting Small
Feb 23 Das Kapital, Computational Thinking, and Productivity
Feb 23 Fallacies of Prediction
Feb 22 "...And Thousands of Their Closest Friends"
Feb 22 Bugs Everywhere
Feb 21 Code Sprint Wrap-Up
Feb 20 Fastware Sources
Feb 20 DemoCamp: Good News and Bad News
Feb 19 Many-to-Many in REST?
Feb 19 Michelle Levesque Explains Engineering
Feb 19 Reading Week Code Sprint
Feb 18 Papers
Feb 18 Computer Supported Collaborative Science
Feb 18 Open Science Panel at Columbia
Feb 16 CUTC'09 Moved to March 12-13
Feb 16 Enough Players to Hand Out Medals
Feb 15 Reading Update
Feb 14 More Thanks
Feb 13 GSoC Videos
Feb 13 Bespin
Feb 12 Maybe Some People Can't Afford Free
Feb 12 Security Humor
Feb 12 PyCon 2009 Schedule Posted
Feb 12 How Dare They Hold Us Accountable?
Feb 12 Fluid Kickoff
Feb 12 Brian Hayes Thinks Aloud
Feb 12 Jason Cohen Thinks Aloud
Feb 11 History Is Written By The Victors
Feb 11 CodeCon 2009
Feb 11 Science in the Open
Feb 11 Thanks, Guys
Feb 11 MTEST
Feb 11 Carl Zimmer's Readers' Reading List
Feb 11 Python Textbooks for Biotech
Feb 11 I Was OK Until the Corn Dog Pizza
Feb 10 GSoC 2009
Feb 6 Please May I Have a Lawyer?
Feb 6 Shared Departmental Blogs
Feb 6 Sharing Data Isn't That Easy
Feb 5 Sound Advice
Feb 5 A Story's Not Really Over...
Feb 4 Cameron Neylon Says Interesting Things
Feb 2 Grabbing Everything From Flickr?
Feb 2 Theory vs. Practice: Shall E'er the Twain Meet?
Feb 1 Once More Unto the REST
Jan 30 "Communicate First, Standardize Second"
Jan 30 Virtual Instruments in Virtual Worlds
Jan 30 Visualizing the Flow of Information in Science
Jan 29 Calling All High School Science Teachers (Preferably in Toronto)
Jan 28 Congratulations to Samira, Jeremy, and Carolyn
Jan 28 Some Recent Papers I've Liked
Jan 27 Web Native Lab Notebooks
Jan 27 What Else Would You Like to See?
Jan 27 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me
Jan 26 CUSEC 2009
Jan 26 Talented User Experience Designer Seeking Work in Seattle
Jan 26 Virtualization vs. Web Services
Jan 26 Where My Time Is Going
Jan 23 Wireframes
Jan 23 A New Kind of Big Science
Jan 23 Yay --- We Beat Chemistry!
Jan 22 The 21/3 Rule
Jan 22 Safe Server Side Build and Test
Jan 21 ActionRails
Jan 21 How Do People Familiarize Themselves With Software?
Jan 21 2008 Smiley Award
Jan 21 Intellectual Infidelity
Jan 21 Text Is Still King
Jan 17 Graduate Students
Jan 15 When the New Shows Start
Jan 15 I Know It's Just In My Head...
Jan 15 Update on This Term's Projects
Jan 14 Beautiful Architecture
Jan 14 Making Up Grading Schemes
Jan 13 Any Moodle Experts in Toronto?
Jan 13 When Is A Book Finished?
Jan 11 Where My Time Goes
Jan 10 Michael Nielsen on Peer Review
Jan 10 Things That (Can) Go Wrong With Agile
Jan 10 Advice for Jon on Querying Climate Change Data?
Jan 10 I *Want* To Be A Number
Jan 10 Diagnosing Faults Using Shared Knowledge
Jan 10 If You Missed WASDeTT '08...
Jan 10 Nature Network Pub Night Jan 26
Jan 9 Four New Countries
Jan 6 Doctor Dobb's
Jan 5 Project/Client Needed for Talented Student Interested in Programming Languages
Jan 3 Graduating in a Recession
Jan 2 This Term's Projects