2010 Archive

Dec 31 Software Carpentry Bootcamp Jan 12-14 in Madison
Dec 30 In the Home Stretch
Dec 29 Instead of PowerPoint
Dec 29 More Musings on the Value of a PhD
Dec 29 Tagging and Debugging
Dec 28 Falk and Dierking's 95% Solution
Dec 27 You're Never Too Old for Space Camp
Dec 27 It's a Shame People Don't Get Credit
Dec 27 Open Research Computation
Dec 27 Elimination
Dec 26 Local Subversion Repositories
Dec 23 Extended Examples
Dec 22 So How'd I Do?
Dec 21 Compute Canada's 'Strategic' Plan Isn't
Dec 20 I Still Read
Dec 20 Executable Papers
Dec 15 Building a Recommendation Engine with NumPy
Dec 14 Presents for the Holidays
Dec 13 Blinkered, Not Graceful
Dec 10 Performance and Parallelism
Dec 9 Where Are My Keys?
Dec 8 Subtle Technologies 2011
Dec 8 How Do You Manage a Terabyte?
Dec 6 Pins, Balls, and Arbitrary Decisions
Dec 6 I Don't Understand TPL's Search Algorithm
Dec 3 Location Change for RHoK Toronto
Dec 2 Dr. Tae is Full of Crap
Dec 2 Chapters Are Coming In...
Dec 2 "Making Software" Webinar on December 16
Dec 2 Red-R
Dec 2 Student Talk on Erlang for Scientific Computing
Dec 2 Programmer Competency Matrix
Dec 2 Prerequisites (or, When to Say No)
Dec 2 Peer to Peer
Dec 2 Cast Your Votes
Nov 30 End of an Era
Nov 30 We're Number Six!
Nov 29 Winter 2011 Online Course Now Full
Nov 22 Michael Feathers on "Making Software"
Nov 21 Mark Guzdial is Speaking in Toronto
Nov 17 "Making Software" Screencast
Nov 16 Ratios and Rework
Nov 12 More Good Science
Nov 9 On My Way Home
Nov 5 Done In London
Oct 31 University Economics
Oct 31 I Wish I'd Thought Of This
Oct 30 Would You Prefer...
Oct 30 Need Something to Debug
Oct 30 Dubois on Maintaining Correctness
Oct 29 Random Hacks of Kindness
Oct 28 An Uncertain Thing
Oct 28 Feedback at UKMO
Oct 27 ComputerWorld Canada Educator of the Year
Oct 21 Making Sense
Oct 20 Unfortunately Rather Dry
Oct 20 Everything Old Is New Again
Oct 20 Give The Patrons What They Want
Oct 19 Peter Norvig on Python
Oct 18 They're All Small Devices Now
Oct 17 Ratings Revised
Oct 14 Nature Article on Scientific Programming
Oct 14 Five Rules for Computational Scientists
Oct 14 Dexy
Oct 14 Asynchronous ActionScript Now Sucks Less
Oct 8 Pretty Pictures
Oct 8 Yes, We *Can* Design Languages for Human Beings
Oct 8 "Making Software" Covers
Oct 5 How Long Is This MP4?
Oct 4 UCOSP: That's Me in the Middle
Oct 4 Total Donations
Oct 4 Aaaand We're Off!
Sep 30 Tracking Utility and Impact
Sep 30 Ten Short Papers Every Computational Scientist Should Read
Sep 27 Knitters Needed!
Sep 23 Software Carpentry at UCSF
Sep 22 Response Has Been Overwhelming
Sep 20 Your Favorite Running Examples?
Sep 18 The Stupid, It Still Burns
Sep 17 Today
Sep 16 Survey: Help Needed
Sep 15 Testing Scientific Software
Sep 14 Software Carpentry Offered Online in Fall 2010 (for Ontario students)
Sep 13 Will America's Universities Go The Way Of Its Car Companies?
Sep 12 It Shouldn't Hurt This Much
Sep 9 And For My Next Trick...
Sep 9 Says It All
Sep 5 Games I'll Never Make
Sep 4 The Evils of Email
Sep 4 "...more frequently begets confidence..."
Sep 4 Simple Strategies, Simply Explained
Sep 3 In Praise of PowerPoint (sort of)
Aug 26 Congratulations (and Thanks) to Allison Tew
Aug 26 Another Update on What You Want
Aug 25 Three Rules for Supervising Student Programming Projects
Aug 25 What I Install
Aug 23 What Don't You Understand That You'd Like To?
Aug 16 Seven Non-Myths
Aug 16 43% Independent
Aug 16 Students and Code Review
Aug 16 "Still" in On Spec
Aug 12 Interview with Cameron Neylon
Aug 8 Participants Needed for a Study of Code Review
Aug 6 Congratulations to Jorge Aranda
Aug 5 It Only *Looks* Like Magic
Aug 5 Python in CS1 is Growing Fast
Aug 5 UCOSP Goes to OSCON
Aug 5 Adam Goucher on Python Page Objects
Aug 5 David Scannell on Elastic Build
Aug 5 Jeff Balogh at DjangoCon
Aug 5 How Do Researchers Use Blogs?
Aug 5 15 to Follow
Aug 5 Two From Jon Udell
Aug 5 Our New Home
Aug 5 Software Carpentry for Audio and Music Researchers
Aug 5 An Answer That Most Students Won't Understand
Aug 4 I'm Still Sort of a Professor
Aug 3 Open Source, Open Science in 1999
Aug 3 A Question About Nose
Aug 2 Interview with Sergey Fomel
Jul 31 Interview with Davor Cubranic
Jul 30 It's Less Funny When It's Your Life
Jul 30 I Could Use Your Help With Javascript
Jul 30 XKCD on University Web Sites
Jul 29 Survey Update
Jul 28 Mark Guzdial on Software Carpentry
Jul 24 Interview with David Wallace
Jul 22 An Idea Whose Time Is Long Overdue
Jul 22 Apparently We're Less Creative
Jul 21 Popular, Fast, or Usable: Pick One
Jul 20 Interview with The Hackers Within
Jul 20 Interview with STSci's Perry Greenfield
Jul 20 A Note on Tools
Jul 20 Closed Feels Weirder Every Day
Jul 19 BP Buying Up Scientists
Jul 18 The Strengths of the Small
Jul 18 City of Toronto Releases New Data Sets
Jul 18 Jon's Notes on G20
Jul 18 The Molecular Workbench and When a Book Becomes an App
Jul 18 An Interview with Hans Petter Langtangen
Jul 18 A Gentle Introduction
Jul 16 "Making Software" Now Available on Rough Cuts
Jul 16 An Interesting Comment on Academic Life
Jul 16 Toronto PyCamp August 20 - Sept 3, 2010
Jul 16 This Week in Software Carpentry
Jul 15 Survey Results
Jul 13 Interview: Andrew Lumsdaine of Indiana University
Jul 11 Interview with Michigan State's Titus Brown
Jul 10 HPC and Programmability
Jul 8 Three Weeks of Software Carpentry
Jul 8 Interview: SciNet's Daniel Gruner
Jul 7 It's Gone to Production
Jul 7 Using Science to Design This Course
Jul 6 That's, Uh, Pretty Ambitious
Jul 6 Hubs, Spokes, and Gonzo Programming Skills
Jul 5 Toronto Live Interviews
Jun 29 The Violas of Programming
Jun 28 Rich, Famous, and Popular
Jun 27 Conflict Minerals and Blood Tech
Jun 24 SIAM News Article About Software Carpentry
Jun 24 Eric Lander on Genomics
Jun 24 Another Example of small-p Patterns
Jun 24 And the Winner Is...
Jun 24 Chas Has Code!
Jun 24 Another Quote from Mark Guzdial
Jun 24 A Quote from Marian Petre
Jun 23 Software Developer: Audio and Digital Music
Jun 22 The Jolts Are Back
Jun 22 Cross-Country Undergrad Projects This Fall
Jun 21 Interview with Microsoft's David Rich
Jun 20 A Damn Good Book
Jun 19 More Software Carpentry Updates
Jun 18 People You Don't Want On Your Team
Jun 18 For World Cup Fans (and Everyone Else)
Jun 17 George Orwell is Blogging
Jun 16 Is Live Coding Worth It?
Jun 16 A Voice from the Back of the Room
Jun 15 Next-Gen Sequencing Course at MSU: It Went Well
Jun 14 Interview: Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary University of London
Jun 12 The Cowichan Problems
Jun 11 Thought for the Day
Jun 11 Interview: David Jackson at the UK Met Office
Jun 11 Interview: SHARCNET's Hugh Couchman
Jun 11 Counting Things
Jun 11 Words to Live By
Jun 10 The Big Picture (version 3)
Jun 10 Interview: Jim Graham of Scimatic
Jun 7 A Concept Map for Software Carpentry
Jun 7 The Big Picture (version 2)
Jun 4 Open Source at Seneca: W00t!
Jun 4 Learn a (Human) Language In Your Browser
Jun 4 Nine Episodes
Jun 4 Concept Map
Jun 1 Who Reports On The Other 97 Per Cent?
May 29 Jonathan Edwards' "Mea Culpa"
May 29 Say Hello to Chas
May 29 Jim Graham on Reproducibility
May 27 Origins Unknown
May 27 Badges and Stars
May 27 A Few Things You May Not Have Known About Andrew Wakefield
May 27 I'm Not a Lawyer...
May 27 Some Deliberately Bad Code
May 25 Archiving Experiments to Raise Scientific Standards
May 23 Word Is Spreading
May 22 The Practice of Software Development
May 21 The World's Smallest Open Source Violin
May 20 The Architecture of Open Source Applications
May 19 Evaluating Methods and Protocols
May 19 Software Carpentry Progress
May 18 We'll Know We've Succeeded If...
May 17 Day 11: Slides
May 14 Why Most Scientists Don't Like Computers
May 14 Day 10: Closed Captioning
May 13 Day 9: Programming
May 12 Glad We Could Help
May 11 It's Complicated
May 10 Not Entirely Helpful
May 10 How Do You Like Your Screencasts?
May 10 Why We're Self-Hosting
May 10 Day 6: Screencast With Point-Form Notes
May 9 Microsoft
May 7 World Record Knitting Attempt Saturday June 12
May 7 Day 5: A Different Kind of Screencast
May 6 Articles of Faith
May 6 Is It a Web App?
May 6 Day 4: First Preliminary Alpha Test Etc. Screencast
May 5 What Kinds of Docs Do You Use?
May 4 Can You Read and Write Python? Then We Need You!
May 4 Day 2: More Sticky Notes
May 4 Day 1: Shuffling Sticky Notes Around
May 3 Do You Speak Database? Then We Need You!
May 3 Peter Watts' Ordeal Is Over (Kind Of)
May 3 Thanks For All the Pitches, Too
May 3 Setting Up a New Windows Machine
May 2 T Minus One
May 2 Missing Mesh
Apr 29 Top 10 Videos About Women in Tech
Apr 29 Amazon Doesn't *Really* Know Me
Apr 26 GSoC 2010
Apr 25 ...And Thanks For All The Fish
Apr 22 Measure and Manage
Apr 22 Trends in Computing May 19-20 in Toronto
Apr 22 New Home for Software Carpentry Blog
Apr 22 Congratulations to Jason and Jon
Apr 21 Ill-Informed Commentary Considered Harmful
Apr 16 File Sharing for Scientists
Apr 15 Scimatic Sponsorship
Apr 13 Recovering From Functional Programming
Apr 12 The Chilling Effect of the GPL
Apr 12 Sigma Xi Lecture in Toronto: Managing Without Growth
Apr 12 On the Failure of Inquiry-Based Teaching
Apr 12 Professors *Can* Teach Open Source
Apr 12 Perpetuating Imbalance?
Apr 12 Teaching Open Source
Apr 12 More on Instructional Design
Apr 11 Measuring Science
Apr 11 Another Software Carpentry Update
Apr 9 PSF Membership
Apr 8 Software Carpentry for Economists in Mannheim This Autumn
Apr 8 Platforms
Apr 8 Summer School on Mining Software Repositories
Apr 7 How Do You See Maps?
Apr 6 Communication Matters Most
Apr 4 Feedback and Boundaries
Apr 3 Can You Name the Programming Language?
Apr 1 Simon Singh Wins (and So Does Science)
Apr 1 Models To Imitate
Mar 31 This is History? This is Science?
Mar 31 Happy Birthday, Madeleine
Mar 31 Periodic Table of Science Bloggers
Mar 30 Why Do Students Cheat?
Mar 30 For Those With Only a Passing Interest in Software Carpentry...
Mar 30 DemoCamp 26
Mar 30 Formats
Mar 29 What's Not on the Reading List
Mar 28 Apple Makes The Government Look Good
Mar 28 Recommended Reading
Mar 27 Another Online Government Fail
Mar 26 Online Delivery
Mar 26 Instructional Design
Mar 26 Productively Lost
Mar 25 Software Carpentry Version 4 is a Go!
Mar 25 Summer Course: Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Mar 24 Summer Course on Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Mar 24 Ada Lovelace Day
Mar 22 Did I Pass?
Mar 22 Robin Milner: 1934-2010
Mar 18 GSoC 2010 Organizations Announced
Mar 18 What Do You See?
Mar 18 Testing With Random Data
Mar 18 Wise Daughters and Winter's End
Mar 17 YUI 3 Gallery Contest
Mar 17 Two Minutes Twenty Six Seconds
Mar 17 You Never Want to Be on the Other Side of the Table From This Guy
Mar 17 Adaptation in Action
Mar 17 Natural Language Wins (Kind Of)
Mar 15 80% Reducation In Carbon? No, In Media Coverage
Mar 15 A Broad Definition
Mar 15 Currently Juggling
Mar 15 Master of Science in Applied Computing
Mar 14 What's Wrong With This Plan?
Mar 13 Something That Won't Be On The Final Exam
Mar 13 DemoCamp Toronto #26 is March 29
Mar 13 SIGCSE 2010 Wrap-Up
Mar 13 Bottom-Up, Top-Down, and Back to the Future
Mar 13 An Army of Interns
Mar 11 The Past Is Still Here Too, and It Too Is Unevenly Distributed
Mar 11 Graphing Ass Pain in the Third Dimension
Mar 11 Choosing The Change We Want To Be
Mar 11 Stephen Walli on Book Publishing
Mar 11 Is That All There Is?
Mar 11 What Would You Do For Five Dollars?
Mar 11 Don't Ask, Don't Tell --- Really
Mar 11 March 24 is Ada Lovelace Day
Mar 11 How Much Of This Should Scientists Understand?
Mar 11 Code Review Walkthrough
Mar 9 Thacker FTW!
Mar 8 Offer, Then Ask
Mar 4 This Is How I Want My Daughter To Think
Mar 4 The Tool I Want
Mar 3 More on Computational Thinking
Mar 3 Canpages Contest
Mar 2 What We've Learned
Mar 1 Universe of Stone
Feb 28 Winter!
Feb 28 Women in Startups
Feb 28 Humanitarian Free & Open Source Symposium
Feb 28 Panton Principles
Feb 24 Summer of Code 2010
Feb 24 How Do Canadian Universities Stack Up?
Feb 24 Times Nine in a Year
Feb 24 I Will Buy You Dinner...
Feb 24 Kafka and American Airlines
Feb 24 Twitter Makes Rhinos Of Us All
Feb 22 BEACON Funded!
Feb 21 PyCon 2010
Feb 19 At PyCon
Feb 17 Rory Tulk on Software Testing
Feb 16 Basie 0.6 Has Been Released
Feb 15 So What Should I Say At PyCon?
Feb 12 Two Views
Feb 9 Not All Review Is Broken
Feb 9 Scimatic and GridCentric Have News
Feb 9 TestDrive
Feb 9 Signs of the Times
Feb 8 Page Variations
Feb 7 A More Accurate Name
Feb 5 I Apologize For Standing You Up...
Feb 3 Dumber Is Productiver
Feb 3 This Morning's Conversation With My Cable Service Provider
Feb 3 GSoC 2010
Feb 2 Pre-Commit Continuous Integration
Feb 2 Engineering Thinking
Feb 2 Before We Get Too Excited About Online Education...
Feb 2 Upcoming Talks
Feb 1 Half Measures
Feb 1 VeloCity Entrepreneur Bootcamp
Feb 1 Two Steps Up, One Step Back
Jan 31 I Don't Care Until I Can Check
Jan 29 Cameron Neylon Says Nice Things
Jan 28 About Time
Jan 25 A Student-Run DemoCamp at U of T
Jan 25 CUSEC 2010
Jan 24 Brazilian Government's Experience with Open Source
Jan 24 It Seems That Everyone Cares
Jan 22 CUSEC
Jan 21 More on Mining
Jan 20 Two More Thumbs Up
Jan 20 We Can Only Interview the Survivors
Jan 20 Someone Leaves School, Someone Comes to School
Jan 20 Punctuate! Punctuate! Punctuate!
Jan 20 Big Science == Big Skills Gap
Jan 19 How Are The Mighty Fallen
Jan 18 The Secrets of Evolution Are Time and Death
Jan 18 Was Designed To, But Didn't
Jan 18 Unreadable Through Bloglines
Jan 15 We're Apparently Still Not a Science
Jan 14 MyTTC Trip Planner
Jan 13 We Made A Thing!
Jan 13 Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?
Jan 13 Podcast with Jon Udell
Jan 12 Interviewed by Jon Udell
Jan 12 Vote!
Jan 12 Quiet Time
Jan 12 Google and China
Jan 11 Two Thumbs Up, One Thumb Down
Jan 10 More Public Embarrassment About Workflows
Jan 10 Code vs. Messages
Jan 10 How We Got Here, and Where We Are
Jan 7 Projects This Term
Jan 7 A Broken Pledge
Jan 7 New Challenges
Jan 7 Aranda on SEMAT
Jan 7 Changing Gears
Jan 7 The Design of Fossil
Jan 7 DemoCamp 25 is Jan 27
Jan 7 More Data
Jan 6 Help With Video
Jan 5 Web Workflows and Public Embarrassment