2011 Archive

Dec 31The Fire Last Time
Dec 31Some Responses to Some Comments
Dec 30Rethinking Software Carpentry
Dec 30Fork, Merge, and Share
Dec 26To Be Assimilated in French...
Dec 24What Success Looks Like Five Years Out
Dec 24Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning
Dec 21Well, *I* Think the Gray Makes Me Look Distinguished
Dec 20What I've Learned So Far
Dec 20It Just Keeps On Hurting
Dec 20What I've Learned So Far About Online Teaching
Dec 19Na Shledanou
Dec 18Looking for Grassroots Teaching Groups
Dec 16PowerPoint + Visio, but in Javascript?
Dec 13Research In Progress: How Mozilla Builds Software
Dec 10A decade of research and development on program animation: The Jeliot experience
Dec 7How to Teach Webcraft and Programming to Free-Range Students
Dec 6Lest We Forget
Dec 5Empirical Software Engineering's Greatest Hits
Dec 4Online vs. Face-to-Face Pedagogical Code Reviews: An Empirical Comparison
Dec 3Remember When...
Dec 2Iron Triangles Are Great --- Everyone Should Have One
Dec 2The FCS1: A Language Independent Assessment of CS1 Knowledge
Dec 2And Then... A Preview
Dec 1Direct Reports and Self-Directed Learning
Nov 30Where's My Shell?
Nov 30Good News and Bad News
Nov 30The Greatest Story Never Told
Nov 29Rewind
Nov 29Three Short Thoughts
Nov 27Day 27 of Movember 2011
Nov 18Accessible to All?
Nov 18Show Me the Data
Nov 18Quantifying Installation Costs
Nov 14Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back?
Nov 14Here's What I've Learned So Far
Nov 14Surviving the Tsunami
Nov 14Clearing Up Code
Nov 10Vulgarity Isn't Honesty (or, Who's Welcome Here?)
Nov 8Happy Birthday
Nov 8The Ladder of Abstraction and the Future of Online Teaching
Nov 8The Best vs. the Good
Nov 2The 1970s Called...
Nov 1Well That Certainly Got Some Attention
Oct 31D is for Digital
Oct 29Just Say No
Oct 24Looking for a Writing Space in Toronto
Oct 24Demand Fair Play for Fauja Singh
Oct 24An Empirical Comparison of the Accuracy Rates of Novices using the Quorum, Perl, and Randomo Programming Languages
Oct 22Research Without Walls
Oct 22Three Empirical Studies From ESEC/FSE'11
Oct 22Three Results, Many Definitions
Oct 21Evidence? We Don't Care About No Stinking Evidence
Oct 21What I Like Doing
Oct 20My Aspect Ratio Seems to Have Changed
Oct 19At the Risk of Repeating Myself...
Oct 19American Scientist Article on Empirical Studies of Software Engineering
Oct 14The Science Code Manifesto's Five C's
Oct 11Running Partners
Oct 7Hiring
Oct 6Insufficient Purity Considered Harmful
Oct 5D Is For Digital
Oct 5Revamping This Site
Sep 27A Buddhist For Three Weeks
Sep 22And Then...
Sep 22We Will Soon Have News
Sep 22Slightly Narcisissistic
Sep 22Variability and Reproducibility in Software Engineering: A Study of Four Companies that Developed the Same System
Sep 22Plus Ca Change...
Sep 20If Only This Thing Had An Engine!
Sep 20I'm Not Normally Lost for Words
Sep 19Past and Future
Sep 18So, What Did You Do Today?
Sep 17The Simplest Web That Could Possibly Work
Sep 16Extensible Programming: A New Hope
Sep 13Progress Of A Sort
Sep 9Lovecraft and the Tea Party
Sep 8What Happens When You Install Something?
Sep 7Ladies Learning Code #2: HTML and CSS on Sept 24
Sep 5Don't Touch My Code!
Sep 5Where is the Puck Going to Be?
Sep 2Teaching Security to Scientists
Sep 1Renting Cycles Has Never Been Easier (For Some Definition of 'Easier')
Aug 31Comparing the Defect Reduction Benefits of Code Inspection and Test-Driven Development
Aug 25AOSA Volume 2 Roster
Aug 25Three Paradigms (or, Why LLC Should Teach Javascript)
Aug 24And We'll Change The World
Aug 24What Michael Feathers Thinks You Should Read
Aug 24Is Transactional Programming Actually Easier?
Aug 23Jack Layton: 1950-2011
Aug 22Code Coverage in Lernanta
Aug 21First Draft
Aug 21Indivica is Hiring
Aug 21Today Was a Good Day
Aug 19You're Going to Show This to People When I'm Grown Up, Aren't You?
Aug 19As Excited as a Bumble Bee in a Squash Patch
Aug 18Spelling, Fairness, and JavaScript
Aug 17Demos Reinforce Errors, and Confusion is Good
Aug 17Three Empirical Evaluations of UML
Aug 9An Empirical Study of Build Maintenance Effort
Aug 8Introducing Programming a Different Way
Aug 6Muriel (Jo) Campbell: 1930-2011
Aug 6Learning Lernanta: We're Live!
Aug 4Computing in Physics 101: What We're Doing Wrong
Jul 31Added to Wish List
Jul 29Team!
Jul 29Cheese!
Jul 26Usability Implications of Requiring Parameters in Objects' Constructors
Jul 24My OSCON'11 Hall of Fame
Jul 22Software Carpentry in HPCWire
Jul 20The Case of Abinit
Jul 20Material from Newcastle Workshop Now Available
Jul 20How Much Do You Need?
Jul 20And Speaking of Titus Brown...
Jul 20Wait, Not That Bit!
Jul 19Ladies Learning Code: JavaScript (Toronto, August 6)
Jul 18Debugging in the (Very) Large
Jul 15Learning Lernanta: August 6
Jul 15The Finger Is Not The Test
Jul 13Learning Lernanta
Jul 12Grown-Up Languages
Jul 11Architecture of Open Source Applications Webinars July 13 and 20
Jul 10Stanford Course Went Well
Jul 9Cross-Country Student Projects This Fall
Jul 9Home Again
Jul 7The Confounding Effect of Class Size on the Validity of Object-Oriented Metrics
Jul 6Reproducible Computational Geophysics
Jul 1Mentioned in Nature Methods
Jun 30Specification and Verification: The Spec# Experience
Jun 30Let's Go to the Whiteboard
Jun 29It Will Never Work in Theory
Jun 26Architecture Stats
Jun 22Michael Nielsen Talks About Open Science in San Francisco on June 29
Jun 20Doing the Math
Jun 18Health Informatics Resources
Jun 15Mostly Pleased, But...
Jun 14A New Look
Jun 13It Shouldn't Still Hurt This Much
Jun 12"Daddy, What's Wrong?"
Jun 12If You're Going to Teach an Undergrad Intro to Software Engineering...
Jun 11Now Available on Kindle
Jun 10Hermes FTW
Jun 9Summary of ICSE Panel
Jun 7Blueprints Are Not Architecture
Jun 7Practical Computing for Everyone (not just biologists)
Jun 4Thanks, Google!
Jun 4Programming for Scientists at Newcastle University: June 20, 2011
Jun 3Refactoring Yahoo! Pipes
Jun 2T Plus 10 Days
Jun 1Tagging (Again)
Jun 1Blue Pencil for Hire
Jun 1Workshop at CEF'11
May 3185K
May 29My New Job
May 29Coming Up Next (We Hope)
May 28You Doesn't Exist
May 28So What's It Like Publishing a Book Yourself?
May 28What's There Instead
May 27It's Not Theory vs. Practice, It's Two Solitudes
May 26How We Got Here, and Where We're Going
May 23"The Architecture of Open Source Applications" is Now Available
May 21Why Does Flask Lose My Post Data When It Redirects?
May 20How Do Actual Software Engineers Perceive Software Engineering Research?
May 19Beta Book
May 18Catalog Models Like Views and Controllers
May 16Greg's New Gig
May 14More Interested in the Asides
May 13End of an Era
May 13Damn the Torpedoes (but I could use some help navigating)
May 6AOSA Is At The Printer's
May 6The Architecture of Open Source Applications
Apr 28Just a Couple of Weeks Away
Apr 26Competence
Apr 25Sunday
Apr 22In Praise of Street Fighting
Apr 18Holding Up a Mirror
Apr 12Random Hacks of Kindness June 4-5 2011
Apr 11Prototyping
Apr 9By The Numbers
Apr 8Table of Contents
Apr 6It's Complicated
Apr 5PyCamp Toronto June 27-30 2011
Apr 3An Ounce vs. A Pound
Mar 31Harder Than It Should Be
Mar 30Practical Computing for Scientists at Stanford
Mar 26And I'm on a Horse
Mar 24A Better Way to Teach Programming to Scientists
Mar 22You'll Need a Large Screen
Mar 22I'd Settle for 0.1%
Mar 21Videos of Autumn School Lectures
Mar 20The Kind of Job I Want
Mar 1812 Days Ago
Mar 18On a Personal Note...
Mar 17Questions and Answers
Mar 16More Changes
Mar 16Graph Layout, Models vs. Views, and Computational Thinking
Mar 15A Season of Changes
Mar 15Twenty Questions (Minus Two)
Mar 12Dying Breeds
Mar 12What To Demand
Mar 11Musing About Reorganization
Mar 9Who's Cribbing Who?
Mar 9Usability of Programming Languages
Mar 9University of Toronto Venture Competition
Mar 9High Tech That Looks Low Tech
Mar 7Literate Programming
Mar 1Tuple Spaces (or, Good Ideas Don't Always Win)
Feb 25We Got a Mention in Comm. ACM
Feb 24An Easy Place to Start: Systems Programming
Feb 22What Better Looks Like
Feb 20Sweaters
Feb 18Giving Ourselves Permission
Feb 18Scientific Computing Podcast
Feb 17Reddit on Scientific Programming
Feb 16I Want Their Software
Feb 16How to Contribute
Feb 15Top Ten Why Nots
Feb 11If I Was 19...
Feb 11Ground Up, in No Particular Order
Feb 9DemoCamp 28 on Feb 22
Feb 9Let's Talk
Feb 8What Computational Science Means to Me
Jan 28StreetKnit on Canada AM
Jan 27Research Study: How Do You Test Your MATLAB?
Jan 27Bootcamp
Jan 26Thinking Like the Web
Jan 26The Case Against Peer Review
Jan 26Software Carpentry Sprint in July
Jan 23A Week of Public Accountability
Jan 21Scientists Aren't Stupid: Software Is
Jan 20AOSA Update
Jan 20MIT Rethinking OpenCourseWare
Jan 20How to Cite Software Carpentry
Jan 19Making System Administrators' Lives Easier
Jan 17Demographics (part two)
Jan 16Demographics (part one)
Jan 14The Hacker Within
Jan 14Our Funding Pitch
Jan 13Jon Udell in Toronto Jan 18 2011
Jan 11NoSQL Lectures
Jan 10McConnell Responds to Bossavit
Jan 10Software Carpentry in One Picture and Five Words
Jan 9Funding (A Plea for Contacts)
Jan 6Gibson's Law in the Small
Jan 6What I Learned From Software Carpentry
Jan 5Cognitive Dissonance
Jan 5We Are the Frogs