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Dec 30 Why We Need Evidence
Dec 29 What Will Programming Look Like in 2020?
Dec 26 Why I Didn't Like "The Dark Knight Rises"
Dec 23 Computer Science Curricula 2013
Dec 21 Sample Data Management Plans
Dec 21 Code of Conduct
Dec 19 Internet Humor from my Mum
Dec 19 Minutes from 2012-12-19 09:00:00 All-Hands Meeting
Dec 16 You've Shown Me the C, Now Where's the Python?
Dec 15 Lorena Barba's Reproducibility PI Manifesto
Dec 14 Would You Like Your Programming Language to Have a Million Users?
Dec 12 Empirical Evidence for the Value of Version Control?
Dec 12 IPython Funding: Hurray!
Dec 11 Some of the Things We've Learned About Teaching Git
Dec 9 What To Work On In 2013
Dec 8 ElmCity Reaches Toronto
Dec 6 Two Solitudes Illustrated
Dec 5 Why Be an Instructor
Dec 5 Who Can Run a Software Carpentry Workshop?
Dec 5 Sustainability
Dec 5 Six Years Later
Dec 5 Our First Hackathon
Dec 5 Moving Up and Moving Down
Nov 30 Good News About Software Carpentry (and More)
Nov 27 Alpha Testing Ideas for the IPython Notebook
Nov 25 Titus Brown on the Scripps Institute Bootcamp
Nov 19 If Udacity is Napster, Who Will Be iTunes?
Nov 19 Who Wants To Build a Faded Example Tool for the IPython Notebook?
Nov 19 The Tool (I Think) We Need To Do Peer Instruction Online
Nov 17 Updating Our Reading List
Nov 16 Who Wants To Write a Little Code?
Nov 16 Matt Davis's Great Californian Adventure
Nov 15 This Is What We Do
Nov 14 FOSDEM 2013
Nov 13 Web 4 Science
Nov 13 Pre-Assessment
Nov 7 UCOSP Has Grown
Nov 6 More Tips
Nov 5 Who Decides?
Nov 3 How to Help at a Bootcamp
Nov 2 I'd Like an Argument, Please
Nov 1 Oxford Wrap-Up (with charts!)
Nov 1 Charging and Being Charged
Oct 31 Princess Darth Vader
Oct 30 Minutes from 2012-10-29 All-Hands Meeting
Oct 28 Usability Testing and Instructional Design
Oct 27 Why This Is Hard (Part Deux)
Oct 26 Two Self-Assessments
Oct 26 Counting to Five (or, A Plan for Online Tutorials and What's Wrong With It)
Oct 25 Prime Numbers, Biologists, and Data Visualization
Oct 24 An Apology to the OSC (was: Calling All [Male] Junior Aerospace Engineers)
Oct 23 Twenty Percent
Oct 23 Key Points
Oct 23 25 Questions
Oct 22 Getting Credit
Oct 22 Excel Isn't Intrinsically Evil
Oct 21 Why Teaching People to Program Is Hard
Oct 20 True in Software, True in Life
Oct 17 I Screwed Up (or, Why Automation Isn't Always a Good Thing)
Oct 16 Offline Rendering of WordPress Blog Posts?
Oct 12 Rebuilding Redux
Oct 10 Two Views
Oct 10 Dark Matter, Public Health, and Scientific Computing
Oct 5 Convergent Evolution
Oct 4 USV's "Research" on Online Education: Well, That's Depressing
Oct 4 Wanted: An Entry-Level Provenance Library
Oct 3 Best Practices for Scientific Computing
Oct 1 What Would You Like in an Instructor's Guide?
Sep 30 The Real Hard Work
Sep 30 Oslo and Columbia
Sep 26 Computational Thinking and Ice Floating in Bathtubs
Sep 23 Dear GitHub (please help us spread this meme)
Sep 20 Why This Stuff Is Hard To Teach
Sep 18 What's In Your Stack?
Sep 16 Does Your Software Look Like This?
Sep 16 Systematic Curriculum Design
Sep 12 Patterns Wanted
Sep 9 A Few Books I've Enjoyed Recently
Sep 6 How Quickly Do Workshops Fill Up?
Sep 4 Not Really Disjoint
Sep 4 Free As In Pretty Much Whatever You Want
Sep 4 Final Results of Demographic Survey
Sep 2 Lifted by the Audience
Sep 1 Shaping the Next Generation (or, the exam defines the course defines the discipline)
Aug 29 Please Help the Hunter Family
Aug 29 Linking Forward From a Bibliography?
Aug 29 A Problem With Badges
Aug 27 An Interview with Titus Brown
Aug 24 PyCon 2013 Talks I Would Like To See
Aug 22 Ten Questions for Researchers
Aug 21 An Updated List of Upcoming Workshops
Aug 21 Two Solitudes (talk)
Aug 20 What We Talk About When We Talk About Software Carpentry
Aug 17 Who Are You?
Aug 16 Slide-Drive is Live
Aug 16 Alpha Test of Driver's License Exam
Aug 15 Is This Really Necessary?
Aug 14 Cover Stories
Aug 14 Interview about Software Carpentry (and Education)
Aug 14 Applying Pedagogical Principles in This Course
Aug 14 A Question and Answer Matrix for Software Carpentry
Aug 1 We're Going to Be Busy
Jul 30 Record and Playback
Jul 28 Software Carpentry Needs You!
Jul 22 IPython Notebook + Towtruck + Etherpad + Slide Drive = Win
Jul 21 How Robust Is Your Programming Language?
Jul 18 Eyes, Brains, and Fingers
Jul 18 A Story for Kids About Email
Jul 17 Wrapping Up in Halifax
Jul 10 Wrapping Up in Boston
Jul 5 Independent Assessment of the Past Six Months
Jun 29 That Seems Simple to Me
Jun 27 Where We Are (June 2012 edition)
Jun 27 Fortran Format Statements and Regular Expressions
Jun 27 A Supercomputing Driver's License
Jun 26 Two Posts on Scientific Workflows
Jun 26 Pessimism and Doom
Jun 26 Handling Variant Configuration Files
Jun 25 If You Want to Teach, Isn't It Only Fair to Learn a Few Things First?
Jun 18 A Busy Week (And Schwag!)
Jun 18 Combining Functional and Imperative Programming for Multicore Software: An Empirical Study Evaluating Scala and Java
Jun 15 This Week's Tutorials
Jun 15 Pretty Well Sums It Up
Jun 15 Tiny Transactions on Computer Science
Jun 14 The Past Is Here Too
Jun 14 All Entries for the Executable Paper Grand Challenge
Jun 12 "My daughter cannot speak without this app."
Jun 12 Who Else Do You Know?
Jun 11 PPIG 2012 Workshop
Jun 10 Where the Time Goes
Jun 10 First Workshop on Maintainable Software Practices in e-Science
Jun 8 We Get Mail
Jun 8 But the Greatest of These Is...
Jun 7 Responsibility, Timidity, and the Bird's Eye View
Jun 7 Ten Simple Rules
Jun 4 What Skills Are Required to Implement Open Access?
Jun 4 Software Carpentry: The E-Book Version?
May 29 How to Run a Bootcamp
May 27 What to Read If You're Teaching Software Carpentry
May 24 Everything You Need to Know About Standardized Testing
May 24 No CT Without PL
May 24 Feedback from the University of British Columbia
May 23 Responsible Conduct
May 23 Alone and Misunderstood
May 22 She Can Ride Her Bike!
May 22 Citing Versions
May 20 What's Wrong With All This?
May 19 Space at Upcoming Events
May 18 The Most Important Scientific Result Published in the Last Year
May 18 Feedback from Alberta
May 18 Willingness to Share Research Data Is Related to the Strength of the Evidence and the Quality of Reporting of Statistical Results
May 17 Do Faster Releases Improve Software Quality?
May 15 Fooling the Internet
May 14 Why We Built It
May 12 Feedback from Michigan State
May 11 Teach Teachers What They Use, Teach Kids Where They Are
May 11 Run My Code
May 10 Fish and Bugs
May 9 Tips for Teachers
May 8 Architecture of Open Source Applications: Volume 2
May 8 The Architecture of Open Source Applications: Volume 2
May 6 Cohesive and Isolated Development with Branches
May 3 A Review of 'Code Simplicity'
Apr 28 Stop Me If You've Heard This One
Apr 25 Slide Drive
Apr 18 Behind the Scenes (or, the Ethics of Cultivating Discontent)
Apr 17 In Search of Prior Arguments
Apr 17 Halfway Home
Apr 17 GitHub for Education
Apr 16 Utah State University Wrap-Up
Apr 14 We're Neutral (but Not Really)
Apr 11 Lives Lived
Apr 10 Straw Man for Web Programming
Apr 9 ...Which Is Wrong
Apr 9 A Future Student
Apr 6 Greener Grass
Apr 6 Titus Brown Finds a Theme
Apr 6 On Crossing Australia (or, Further Thoughts on What to Teach Researchers about the Web)
Apr 3 Seventy Years After
Apr 3 Maybe That's Why
Apr 3 Congratulations to Max and Marcus
Apr 3 A Four-Day Curriculum
Apr 1 What to Teach Researchers About the Web
Apr 1 Sending Email Back in Time
Mar 30 Wrapping Up in Oakland
Mar 30 What We Teach in Two Days
Mar 30 Maintaining Momentum
Mar 28 Wrapping Up MBARI Workshop
Mar 23 Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran 2003
Mar 22 Two Questions After the Audrey Test
Mar 18 Informed Choice and the Audrey Test
Mar 18 The Dark Matter of Computational Science
Mar 16 Wrapping Up the STScI Course
Mar 16 Thank You, Enthought
Mar 16 What I Learned From My P2PU Course
Mar 15 The Audrey Test
Mar 15 First Homework for Indiana Students (and a few from Ontario)
Mar 14 Where Next for the Next-Gen Course (and Software Carpentry)?
Mar 14 How We're Doing
Mar 14 Ask the CompuScienceGeek?
Mar 10 An Observation
Mar 9 What's the Model, Kenneth?
Mar 9 Our Indiana U Workshop Went Well
Mar 7 I Resemble That Remark
Mar 5 Programs as Experimental Apparatus
Mar 5 Help Us Write Assessment Questions
Mar 5 Happy People
Mar 4 Performance Curves, Curriculum Design, and Trust
Mar 3 A Week of Retroactive Accountability
Mar 1 Why I Think "YouTube for Textbooks" is a Bad Idea
Mar 1 ULP (or, This is tricky and perhaps profound)
Mar 1 Toronto Bootcamp February 2012: How We Did
Mar 1 Inscight from Trieste
Feb 29 Why "Do Not Track" Matters
Feb 29 Inbound and Outbound for a Day
Feb 29 Worth Reading, Worth Watching
Feb 28 Reproducibility Redux
Feb 27 Frustration (continued)
Feb 27 Badges (Finalized)
Feb 24 Fourth (or Sixth) Online Tutorial
Feb 22 Converting PowerPoint to SVG: Help Needed
Feb 22 What Deep Thoughts Look Like
Feb 22 Watch Me: Trial Run
Feb 22 Granules of Research
Feb 21 Why Not* Use Python
Feb 21 Badges (Mark 1)
Feb 21 Assessment Redux
Feb 19 A Flash (well, MP4) from the Past
Feb 16 Watch Me: Help Wanted
Feb 16 How They See Us, Part N
Feb 16 Teachers Matter - Do Programmers?
Feb 15 I Have Seen the Future...
Feb 15 Slide Drive
Feb 15 Watch Me: Volunteers Wanted
Feb 15 And Speaking of New...
Feb 14 Stack Underflow?
Feb 14 New Kinds of Content
Feb 13 How Many Legs Does Science Have?
Feb 13 Formatting Revisited
Feb 13 He Would Have Appreciated the Irony
Feb 12 Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
Feb 10 Audrey Watters on Software Carpentry
Feb 9 Comparing Software Carpentry to CS Principles
Feb 7 Why We Don't Teach Parallel Computing in Software Carpentry
Feb 3 We're Going to Be Busy
Feb 3 First Online Tutorial
Feb 3 Software Carpentry in Ninety-Five Seconds
Feb 2 Where To Host Q+A and Discussion?
Feb 2 Bullshit, Appropriation, and Technology in Education
Feb 1 On Algorithmic Thinking
Feb 1 Old Soup in New Bowls
Feb 1 Re-doing the Three-Minute Pitch
Jan 31 Reorganizing This Web Site
Jan 31 I Hope Someone Has Already Built This
Jan 29 Girls in a Tech World
Jan 29 A Browser-Based Programming Tool That's Better Than Many Desktop Tools
Jan 29 Terminology
Jan 29 Learners and Their Needs
Jan 27 Work As Though You Lived in the Early Days of a Better Nation
Jan 26 Well, That Was Weird
Jan 26 Thinking Through a 21st Century Replacement for PowerPoint
Jan 26 Never Mind the Content, What About the Format?
Jan 25 The Big Picture
Jan 24 21st Century Textbooks
Jan 24 Test-Driven Public Speaking
Jan 24 Take Out Agile, and Add...What?
Jan 24 Badging
Jan 23 A Better Solution to the Final Problem
Jan 23 Welcome to Gravenhurst
Jan 23 Revising the Curriculum
Jan 21 We Have Nothing To Give Them
Jan 20 The First Bootcamp of 2012
Jan 20 By Any Means Necessary
Jan 17 Our First Challenges
Jan 17 A Survey of the Practice of Computational Science
Jan 15 Why Is This Hard?
Jan 14 So, Greg, What Are You Up To These Days?
Jan 12 Ode to Joy on a Punching Bag
Jan 12 Sloan Foundation Grant for Software Carpentry
Jan 11 Sloan Foundation Grant to Software Carpentry and Mozilla
Jan 7 I Have a Cunning Plan (or, Making Money by Doing Good)
Jan 4 Settings Our Sights a Little Bit Lower