2013 Archive

Dec 31 Tools, Conversations, and Cultures
Dec 27 Catch and Hold
Dec 25 Oxford, One Year On
Dec 19 Andromeda's Advice
Dec 19 So How Is Instructor Training Going?
Dec 10 There Ought to Be a Badge
Dec 5 Two to the Fifth New Instructors
Nov 29 WiSE Bootcamp at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nov 25 Registration Now Open for Instructor Training Course
Nov 24 Centre for Doctoral Training at Southampton
Nov 17 Thanks from Woods Hole
Nov 16 Workshop at SIGCSE 2014
Nov 16 A Modest Proposal
Nov 16 Citing Us In Your CV
Nov 16 Creating a Forum
Nov 16 Instructor Training in Three Days
Nov 13 Data Science Centers at UCB, UW, and NYU
Nov 13 Women in Tech Workshop at PyData NYC
Nov 12 Report on the PLOS/Mozilla Code Review Pilot
Nov 10 Three Old Men Drinking Tea
Nov 2 Software Carpentry's Scope
Nov 2 Reorganizing
Nov 2 November 2013 Lab Meeting
Oct 23 A Simple Exercise
Oct 17 You Keep Using That Word
Oct 17 The State of Open Science
Oct 14 Curriculum Design
Oct 9 Enrolment Figures (Fall 2013)
Oct 8 Assuming the Problem
Oct 4 Our Biggest Bootcamp Ever at PyCon 2014
Oct 4 October 2013 Lab Meeting
Sep 27 The Future: Today
Sep 26 Code and Data for the Social Sciences
Sep 24 To Tell You the Truth...
Sep 24 How Much Testing Is Enough?
Sep 15 PyCon 2014 Proposal
Sep 5 Still
Sep 2 Introducing Citation Files
Sep 2 Teaching Librarians at Harvard
Aug 31 Does Task Automation Improve Code Reviews?
Aug 31 How It Should Have Ended
Aug 30 Open Access Button Hackathon is Sept 7-8
Aug 30 Jonathan Dursi Joins Compute Canada
Aug 25 Why Open Access?
Aug 23 Instructor Training Statistics
Aug 23 Two Cheers for GitHub
Aug 23 August 2013 Lab Meeting
Aug 19 August 2013 Lab Meeting
Aug 19 Bootcamp Questionnaires
Aug 14 Summary of Host Survey
Aug 13 What We Cover in Instructor Training
Aug 12 Offering a New Order
Jul 28 Chillin'
Jul 28 Rebooting
Jul 26 Report on the Indiana Bootcamp
Jul 20 Miscellaneous Videos
Jul 19 The Fourteenth Anniversary
Jul 19 Welcome Our New Instructors
Jul 18 Data Science Workflows
Jul 17 Biological Computing User Stories
Jul 16 Computational Competence for Biologists
Jul 5 WiSE Bootcamp Roundup
Jul 5 Sloan Foundation Proposal Round 2
Jun 20 Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned
Jun 19 The Twelve Bar Blues of Open Science
Jun 17 Salk Institute Feedback
Jun 13 Problems with Pandoc
Jun 13 Keynoting at SPLASH 2013
Jun 13 Formal Specifications Better Than Function Points for Code Sizing
Jun 13 It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature: How Misclassification Impacts Bug Prediction
Jun 13 The MSR Cookbook: Mining a Decade of Research
Jun 13 UML in Practice
Jun 13 June 2013 Lab Meeting
Jun 9 Heroes
Jun 7 Is There Only Room for One Utopia?
Jun 7 Running Bootcamps
Jun 4 First Impressions of MSR
May 30 The Great Licenceathon
May 26 What Does Victory Look Like?
May 26 What Does Done Look Like?
May 25 Our Infrastructure
May 24 Where We Are (More or Less)
May 24 Planning for the Break
May 24 Browsercast
May 17 Wrapping Up at UC Davis
May 14 A Mention in Science Careers
May 10 Git vs. Subversion and Feedback in General
May 8 If Anything, They Overestimate My Javascript
May 3 Make It Easier to (Re)use Your Data
May 3 More Detailed Feeback from Melbourne
May 2 Translucent Badges
May 2 A Rational Computing Process: How and Why to Fake It
May 1 Merging is the Real Revolution
Apr 30 Pre-Assessment Results
Apr 29 An Update on Cumulative Enrolment
Apr 24 Manchester Once Again
Apr 19 Cameron Neylon Speaking in Toronto on May 1, 2013
Apr 19 Spreadsheets, Retractions, and Bias
Apr 16 A Characteristic Study on Failures of Production Distributed Data-Parallel Programs
Apr 8 Installation Revisited
Apr 8 Evaluation Revisited
Apr 7 Announcing a Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering
Mar 28 That's My Secret, Captain...
Mar 24 Using the IPython Notebook as a Teaching Tool
Mar 24 Comments on Firefox Available for Analysis
Mar 17 Testing Image Processing
Mar 17 Cumulative Enrollment
Mar 15 Snowstorms and Blackouts in Virginia
Mar 12 A New Testing Framework for MATLAB
Mar 8 Halving Fail Rates using Peer Instruction
Mar 5 First Round at Lawrence Berkeley
Mar 1 Washington Went Well
Mar 1 Alternative Teaching Models
Feb 28 A Software Carpentry Boot Camp for Women in Science and Engineering
Feb 27 A Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering
Feb 15 Congratulations to Christian Muise
Feb 15 Wrapping Up in Melbourne
Feb 14 More News from the UK
Feb 12 Partnering with the SSI
Feb 11 UBC Went Well
Feb 11 Correctness Isn't Compelling
Feb 10 Why Don't I Just Go Ahead And Frame That Debate In A Way That Guarantees I'll Win?
Feb 9 The Larch Environment
Feb 8 Macquarie Went Well
Feb 3 The Missing Side of the Triangle
Feb 3 Features and Scope in Open Courseware
Feb 3 A Short Report from Tuebingen
Feb 1 A Bunch of Bootcamps
Jan 30 Releng 2013
Jan 30 A Bootcamp at Mozilla
Jan 30 Half a Hundred
Jan 28 Novelty, Efficiency, and Trust
Jan 23 How to Become an Instructor
Jan 22 Record and Playback in the IPython Notebook
Jan 21 Why Web Literacy?
Jan 11 Teaching Commercially
Jan 9 The Last Policeman
Jan 7 Citation, Please
Jan 4 Five Things
Jan 4 Why We Teach
Jan 4 Advice From a Newbie No More