2014 Archive

Dec 28Projects, Projects, Projects
Dec 23Welcome Aboard
Dec 19Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 2, 2014
Dec 18Standing for Election
Dec 18All I Want for Christmas is a Pull Request...
Dec 15Who Are We?
Dec 13Results of Software Sustainability Institute Survey
Dec 9Templates: We Live, We Learn
Dec 5New Accessibility Guidelines
Dec 3Summarizing the News
Dec 3Our First Election
Dec 3Plans for 2015: Lessons
Dec 3Plans for 2015: Mentorship and Assessment
Dec 3Plans for 2015: Workshop Organization
Dec 3Plans for 2015: Instructor Training
Dec 3Software Carpentry Foundation: Workshops
Dec 3Software Carpentry Foundation: Organizational Membership
Dec 3Software Carpentry Foundation: Governance
Dec 2What About MOOCs?
Dec 1Goalposts for the Digital Humanities
Nov 27How to Manage Confidential Data
Nov 25Translating Software Carpentry into Korean
Nov 24Congratulations to Data Carpentry
Nov 22Instructor Training Stats
Nov 19The New Instructor Post-Assessment Questionnaire
Nov 18Interim Board Meeting: Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18IP Communism
Nov 18Close Enough for Scientific Work
Nov 11Why It Matters
Nov 10Sarah Mei on Software Engineering Research
Nov 7Amdahl's Law and Software Carpentry
Nov 6Instructor Training at TGAC
Nov 6You Should Read Juha Sorva's Thesis
Nov 5Politics for Current Physicsts
Nov 4Interim Board Meeting: Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4A 'Joel Test' for Grassroots Programming Groups
Nov 3Software Carpentry Foundation: FAQ
Oct 30Why We Don't Teach Testing (Even Though We'd Like To)
Oct 29Pandoc and Building Pages
Oct 28Why Software Matters
Oct 27Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Application
Oct 27Lost in Space
Oct 27British Library Courses
Oct 23A New Lesson Template, Version 2
Oct 22Massuni Kickstarter Has Launched
Oct 20Beautiful Lessons
Oct 16Welcome More New Instructors
Oct 15A Research Software Petition
Oct 14Interim Board Meeting: Oct 14, 2014
Oct 14Of Templates and Metadata
Oct 14A New Template for Lessons
Oct 8Announcing the Creation of the Software Carpentry Foundation
Oct 4A Reproducible Science Hackathon
Oct 4Congratulations to the Moore Investigators
Oct 4Browsercast
Oct 4A New Template for Workshop Websites
Oct 3Welcome Our New Instructors
Oct 2A Better Software Engineering Course
Sep 30Interim Board Meeting: Sep 30, 2014
Sep 29Splitting the Repository
Sep 28UCOSP as a Model
Sep 26September 2014 Lab Meeting Report
Sep 18A Proposal for Topic Maintainers
Sep 16Interim Board Meeting: Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16Mentioned in the Paris Review
Sep 15Stray Thoughts
Sep 12September 2014 Lab Meeting
Sep 12Videos from Stanford
Sep 11What Sciences Are There?
Sep 10Please Help Trans Tech
Sep 6An Update on Upcoming Bootcamps
Sep 4Building Better Teachers
Aug 30Fall 2014 Bootcamps (So Far)
Aug 18Conversations About Teaching
Aug 14A MOOC on Practical Numerical Methods with Python
Aug 13News from Australia
Aug 11Inessential Weirdness in Software Carpentry
Aug 4Sustainability
Jul 29Summer Sprint Summary
Jul 21Summer Sprint FAQ
Jul 21Using a Package Manager for Lessons and Papers
Jul 21SciPy 2014 Talks and Lessons
Jul 5Scientific Groupware Revisited
Jun 27Summary of June 2014 Lab Meeting
Jun 27Our IUSE Proposal Was Rejected
Jun 20Help Us Build an Admin Tool for Bootcamps
Jun 15An Update on Our Sprint Plans
Jun 15A Double Handful of Bootcamps
Jun 9Planning Our Summer Sprint
Jun 5Introducing Scientists to Testing and Code Review
Jun 5Instructor Training in Norwich, October 2014
Jun 5Collected Links
May 26Announcing Two More WiSE Bootcamps
May 24Summary of May 2014 Lab Meeting
May 20Behind the Scenes
May 20A Lot of Bootcamps in the Works
May 13Agenda for This Month's Lab Meeting
May 8Knocking on the Future's Door
May 5A Multi-Site Sprint in July
May 5Playing the Kazoo
May 2How to Improve Instructor Training
May 1Wise as Athena...
Apr 27PyCon 2014 Videos
Apr 25April 2014 Lab Meeting
Apr 24Hand Made
Apr 23Mr. Biczo Was Right
Apr 23Import Lesson
Apr 22GSoC Projects for 2014
Apr 18Changing the Channel
Apr 16Do Not Be Worried
Apr 15This Is Why I Don't Write Any More
Apr 15Summarizing Our Instructors' Skills
Apr 6Bridging the Writing Gap
Apr 5Does Continuous Publication Require Continuous Attention?
Mar 30Announcing NBDiff
Mar 27One of Our Inspirations
Mar 27Changing Our Core Curriculum
Mar 27Building a Minimal Online Presence
Mar 23Not on the Shelves
Mar 19Empirical Software Engineering Papers
Mar 18Our Original Logo
Mar 14A Letter from John von Neumann
Mar 14Is Learning at Scale Just Another Name for Ubiquitous Surveillance in the Classroom?
Mar 14You and Jimi Hendrix
Mar 14Everything Old is New Again
Mar 7Anatole France, Updated
Mar 4A Workshop for Librarians at PyCon
Mar 4Learn How to Teach People to Program
Mar 3Summary of Feb 2014 Lab Meeting
Mar 1Software Carpentry on the CBC
Feb 25The Open Scoop Challenge
Feb 23Lab Meeting (Feb 2014)
Feb 21From Training to Engagement
Feb 19Lessons Learned Has Been Published
Feb 13Our Biggest Event Ever
Feb 9An Online Peer Instruction Tool
Feb 9Wrapping Up Round 7 (and a Reminder About Instructor Training)
Jan 30Workshops at the Data Science Centers
Jan 29An Empirical Investigation into Programming Language Syntax
Jan 28Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering: April 14-15 at LBL
Jan 28Workshops at PyCon in Montreal This April
Jan 28Teaching Online (Sort Of) in 2014
Jan 24The Other One Per Cent
Jan 19Why Not a MOOC?
Jan 15From 0 to 1 to 10
Jan 15Publishing on the Web
Jan 14Code Review, Round 2
Jan 7'Best Practices' Has Been Published
Jan 7We Need More of These
Jan 7Mental Models and Vicious Circles