2015 Archive

Dec 28 Plans for 2016
Dec 28 Maybe I Actually Am An Engineer
Dec 26 New Words Needed
Dec 20 Pushing Ahead in Puget Sound
Dec 18 Instructor Training Checkout Procedure
Dec 18 Three Flavors of Instructor Training
Dec 15 Educational Engineering
Dec 11 Teaching in Cambridge
Dec 10 Teaching For Loops
Dec 6 My Literature Problems
Dec 6 Just Keep Swimming
Dec 6 How the Year Went
Nov 30 Does the Stage Create the Actor?
Nov 29 Exaptation and the Future of Software Engineering
Nov 23 How I Handle Email
Nov 20 Advances
Nov 20 The Morea Framework
Nov 16 Catch and Release
Nov 15 CourseSource: A(nother) New Hope
Nov 15 Miscellaneous Projects
Nov 9 Daddy, Why Don't You Ever Laugh?
Oct 27 Visualizing Repository Activity
Oct 23 Our Stairs
Oct 23 Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage
Oct 17 Journals as Repositories
Oct 9 Teaching in the Large
Oct 1 Please Welcome Our New Executive Director
Sep 30 Citation Format
Sep 28 Thinking About Teaching
Sep 26 Plus Ça Change
Sep 22 Goodbye, Dad
Sep 16 Software Engineering Practices in Science
Sep 14 Rebooting Instructor Training
Sep 13 How Teaching Knowledge Is Transferred
Sep 6 Unwritten and Undone
Sep 5 Our Lessons Have Now Been Published
Sep 1 Better Teaching Practices
Aug 31 Three Graphs I Would Like to See
Aug 21 Feedback on Math with Python for Undergraduates
Aug 16 Prepping for the Python Lesson
Aug 14 Checking What We Teach
Aug 13 Data Carpentry Receives Grant from the Moore Foundation
Aug 12 Publishing, Metadata, and Being Ahead of the Curve
Jul 24 A Hostage Situation
Jul 23 WiSE Workshop at UC Davis Aug 17-18
Jul 23 A Pair of Workshops
Jul 20 Welcome Maneesha and Katarzyna
Jul 20 Changes to Workshop Administration Fees
Jul 20 Git as GOTO
Jul 18 Top 10 Myths about Teaching CS
Jul 6 Hiring a New Executive Director for Software Carpentry
Jul 6 Our Next Big Step
Jul 1 Pushing Back
Jun 29 What is a Research Software Engineer?
Jun 26 Training Lessons
Jun 24 Using Jekyll for Lessons
Jun 23 Another Good Workshop in Brazil
Jun 21 Splitting the Shell Window
Jun 21 Recycling Training Course Material
Jun 21 Research-Based Course Design
Jun 19 Their Names Were
Jun 18 Adding a Lesson on Make
Jun 18 Why I Am Not Excited About Julia
Jun 18 Software Development Practices in Academia
Jun 17 Get More Done in Less Time
Jun 15 Updating the Project List
Jun 14 Where the Time Goes (Version 2)
Jun 14 Routinely Unique
Jun 14 Reverse Engineering CSS
Jun 13 Eroded Away
Jun 12 Warming Up for Version 5.4
Jun 12 Learning in Both Directions
Jun 11 Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Jun 10 Ursula Le Guin on Capitalism
Jun 9 People You Don't Want On Your Team
Jun 7 An Update on Publishing Our Lessons
Jun 7 Updating the Lesson Template
Jun 3 Teaching Biocomputing at UT
May 25 A Few Articles on Education
May 24 ICSE 2015
May 24 ICSE 2015
May 22 Coding for Librarians
May 21 Experiences with Geoscientists
May 19 Online Instructor Training Revisited
May 16 New Members of the Team
May 2 Selling Hope
May 2 Achintya Rao's PhD Starter Kit
Apr 25 Ada Initiative's Ally Skills Workshop
Apr 25 Van Lindberg's Keynote: Say Thanks
Apr 22 The Paradox of Learning Objects
Apr 21 Learning in Both Directions
Apr 17 Library Carpentry
Apr 17 Close Enough Redux
Apr 17 Publishing Our Lessons
Apr 15 Quality Is Free - Getting There Isn't
Apr 13 The Future Then and Now
Apr 13 Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
Apr 11 A Project Inception Deck for Research Coding
Apr 3 April 2015 Lab Meeting
Mar 20 April 2015 Lab Meeting
Mar 17 And Now We Are Three
Mar 15 Teaching Tips
Mar 12 Goodbye, Terry
Mar 11 What's In Your Bag?
Mar 3 The Most Viewed PLOS Biology Paper of 2014
Mar 2 Adding a Contributor Covenant
Mar 2 Ten More Instructors
Feb 28 Eleven New Instructors
Feb 27 Wrong Is Useful: Lessons as Packages
Feb 27 Improving Instruction
Feb 12 Online Scientific Collaboration: The Sequel
Feb 12 NeSI Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate
Feb 11 2015 Post-workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 3
Feb 9 Plot This
Feb 8 Scientific Coding vs. Software Engineering
Feb 3 Welcome Our Newest Instructors
Feb 3 Open Access and Computer Science
Feb 3 University of Washington Becomes Software Carpentry Partner
Feb 2 iPlant Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate
Feb 2 Lab for Data Intensive Biology at UC Davis Joins Software Carpentry as an Affiliate
Feb 2 Nouns and Verbs
Feb 2 Our First Workshop in South Korea
Feb 2 Workshops in March at Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Jan 31 Announcing 2015 Steering Committee
Jan 30 Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 16, 2014
Jan 26 Cast Your Vote
Jan 24 The Other Ninety Percent
Jan 24 Welcome Our First New Instructors of 2015
Jan 22 University College London Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate
Jan 22 Improving the Balance
Jan 17 Orwell, Dickens, and How We'll Know We're Done
Jan 14 Language Wars and Others
Jan 14 Practical Computing for Biologists (and Other Scientists)
Jan 13 Introducing Software Carpentry
Jan 13 Thanks to RStudio
Jan 12 Instructor Training at UC Davis
Jan 5 2015 Election Nominations
Jan 5 Cathedrals, Bazaars, and In Between
Jan 4 The Future and Funding of Science
Jan 2 Books You May Enjoy
Jan 1 Things I Won't Do This Year