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Dec 242016 in Review
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Dec 14Next Steps
Dec 8Instructor Training for Library Carpentry
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Dec 5Normal
Nov 19Open Instructor Training
Nov 13Stuff That Actually Matters
Nov 9They Would Both Have Had Things to Say
Nov 2Empirical Software Engineering Using R
Nov 1A Reproducibility Reading List
Oct 30Rules for Teaching
Oct 30Close Cousins
Oct 29The Rest Is Yet To Come
Oct 23Programming as Theory Building
Oct 22Library Carpentry is One Year Old
Oct 20Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage
Oct 19Given Infinite Minions
Oct 17Machine Learning with Python
Oct 11In Memoriam: Hans Petter Langtangen
Oct 10Beth Duckles on the Practice of Measuring
Oct 5Test-Driven Development
Oct 5Request for Review: ESIP's Software Guidelines
Oct 4And Now There Are Three
Oct 4Congratulations to Our New Instructor Trainers
Oct 4Python as a Second Language
Oct 2Revisiting the Anatomy and Physiology of the Grid
Oct 2FIDEX: Filtering Spreadsheet Data using Examples
Oct 1Apex: Automatic Programming Assignment Error Explanation
Sep 30Purposes, Concepts, Misfits, and a Redesign of Git
Sep 30Two Studies of Online Communities
Sep 29Epistocracy as Privilege
Sep 27The Markov Test
Sep 27Terrified Sheep
Sep 23Teaching Programming to the Blind
Sep 21What I Wish I'd Read
Sep 21Paradise Unplugged
Sep 18Show Me Your Model
Sep 16Five From ICER'16
Sep 12Collaborative Choral Software Exegesis
Sep 10Slides for Two Talks Online
Sep 10The Discussion Book
Sep 9ACM Permits Authors to Post Open Access Copies of Their Own Work
Sep 9You Keep Using That Word...
Sep 9A Multi-Site Joint Replication of a Design Patterns Experiment Using Moderator Variables to Generalize Across Contexts
Sep 8The Role of Ethnographic Studies in Empirical Software Engineering
Sep 5Small Teaching
Sep 5We Still Can't Have Nice Things Together
Aug 26What I Didn't Learn in a CS Degree
Aug 26Markers
Aug 19Ten Ways to Turn Off Learners
Aug 14Holtzmann
Aug 14Do Code Smells Hamper Novice Programming?
Aug 8Smooch
Aug 4Not Much of a Conversation
Aug 4Etsy for Teaching
Aug 3Perspectives on Data Science for Software Engineering
Aug 2Data Carpentry's New Deputy Director of Assessment
Aug 2How Well Do Developers Understand Open Source Licenses?
Aug 2Seymour Papert 1928-2016
Aug 2Heuristic Evaluation for Novice Programming Systems
Jul 30Library Carpentry in Toronto
Jul 26More on Instructor Training
Jul 25Reopening Instructor Training
Jul 19Publishing Our Lessons, Version 2016.06
Jul 19Lesson Incubation
Jul 17Commonization
Jul 12500 Lines
Jul 5Instructor Training Completion Times
Jun 21In That Dawn
Jun 15An Interview with Andreas Stefik
Jun 13Polymorphism in Python
Jun 12Frequency Distribution of Error Message
Jun 12Parallelism in Open Source Projects
Jun 10The Superbug in Education
Jun 9Novice Programming Mistakes
Jun 9Too Many Knobs
Jun 9A Software Engineering Homunculus
Jun 9Perceived Relevance
Jun 9Hidden Truths in Dead Software Paths
Jun 9Goto in C
Jun 8When, How, and Why Developers (Do Not) Test in Their IDEs
Jun 7Pull-Based Development
Jun 7Code Ownership Revisited
Jun 5BigDebug
Jun 4Knitting
May 31Further Analysis of Instructor Training Data
May 20First Analysis of Instructor Training Data
May 19Get Better But Not Change
May 18Looking for a Model
May 10Accident or Malice
Apr 29Why Teachers Don't Collaborate on Lesson Development
Apr 29Summarizing Our Lesson Discussion Sessions
Apr 26Maintaining Java ORM Code
Apr 26Java Exception Handling
Apr 26Game Postmortems
Apr 26Finding Security Bugs
Apr 26Extremely Angry
Apr 24Questions, Answers, and Lessons
Apr 10Designing a New Novice Python Lesson
Apr 9For Some Value of 'Just'
Apr 8Trying to Find a Form
Apr 1Zen and the Art of Assignment Operators
Mar 31Throttling
Mar 21Registers
Mar 19Continuous Installation Checking
Mar 17New Maintainers
Mar 13In My Better World
Mar 5Complexity vs. Subtlety
Feb 25A Modest Proposal
Feb 24Books Away
Feb 19More of a Difference Than You Realize
Feb 17Building Software, Building Community: Lessons from the rOpenSci Project
Feb 16Checking the Balance
Feb 16Our New Instructor Pipeline
Feb 16A Counterpoint to Collaborative Lesson Design
Feb 15Designing Lessons Collaboratively
Feb 8Correlations
Feb 7Come a Long Way, Got a Long Way to Go
Feb 2Two Pages of Evidence
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Jan 29Elsewhere on the Web
Jan 28A New Version of 'Lessons Learned'
Jan 21Our Introduction to Git Has Been Published
Jan 1518 Months of Progress
Jan 13A New Book from Mark Guzdial
Jan 9Good Communities (Kinds Of)
Jan 9What the Data Says About Novice Programming Mistakes
Jan 9Change Strategies in STEM Education
Jan 3Lessons as Lab Protocols
Jan 3A Data Programming CS1 Course at the University of Washington