2017 Archive

Dec 30 The Year in Review
Dec 30 Wanted: A Workable Lesson Competition
Dec 27 Wanted: Books on How to Teach Computing
Dec 27 Explanation-Oriented Programming
Dec 27 Data Visualization as Industrial Design
Dec 24 Petzold's Rules Revisited
Dec 23 All the Other Santas
Dec 23 Holiday Reads
Dec 21 Ten Simple Rules for Talking People Into Things
Dec 17 Teaching for Learning
Dec 17 Invitation: Exercise Types Extended
Dec 17 Consider the Bicycle
Dec 15 What Does Peripheral Participation in Data Look Like?
Dec 6 The New Standard Model
Dec 6 Second Edition of 'How to Teach Programming (and Other Things)'
Dec 6 Remembrance
Dec 1 How to Design an Effective Lesson
Nov 28 My Favorite Tool - Asking for Help
Nov 27 Teaching Guide Updated
Nov 26 Developer Testing in the IDE
Nov 26 Abbreviated vs. Full-Word Identifier Names
Nov 24 Common Misconceptions
Nov 22 Diff and Merge for ProseMirror
Nov 20 Data Science for Software Development
Nov 17 Freakonomics, But For Good
Nov 11 Not on the Shelves: 20th Anniversary Edition
Nov 11 Remembrance Day
Nov 5 Teaching Tech Together Meetup on Nov 14
Nov 5 Carpentry For Everyone
Nov 4 Books for Programmers
Nov 2 Once Upon a Time
Nov 1 I'm Probably Wrong Again
Oct 21 Making Maintainable Lessons
Oct 21 Change Strategies
Oct 16 Exercises for Teaching Programming
Oct 8 Discovery: Three and Out
Sep 30 The Big Picture Revisited
Sep 30 Git, Graphs, and Software Engineering
Sep 24 I'm Tired of Killing Aliens
Sep 21 Dad With His Birdhouses
Sep 18 Disappearing Data
Sep 13 Long Thoughts
Sep 8 Bridge and Evolution
Aug 1 MSR Books
Jul 21 Too Soon and From Unexpected Directions
Jul 20 Hunter S. Thompson, Football, and the GOP
Jul 1 Heaven Must Be Empty
Jun 22 Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
Jun 19 Ten Simple Rules for Being a Good Research Partner
Jun 12 Say Their Names
May 31 How to Teach Programming (And Other Things)
May 22 Numerical JavaScript
May 8 Empirical Software Engineering Using R
Apr 30 Still Waiting
Feb 25 Ordering Jekyll Collections
Feb 18 Resignation
Feb 6 A Moral Equivalent of the Turing Test
Feb 1 Community Organization Training in Toronto
Jan 25 Stand with Government Scientists
Jan 8 Pennies for Understanding
Jan 6 Them That's Got
Jan 3 Rubric for Open Instructor Training
Jan 1 Blogging