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Apr 12Is This a Notional Machine for Python?
Apr 1Yaks
Apr 1The Undergraduate Software Project Guide
Mar 26The Senior Professor's Handbook
Mar 24Grand Unified Editor Theory
Mar 24Analog is More Satisfying
Mar 23Where Does This Come From?
Mar 20Goodbye, Jeff
Mar 20Comments Sought on the Plan for Version 3 of 'How to Teach Programming'
Mar 17I Can't (Quite) Teach JavaScript
Mar 16Seven Ways to Think Like a Programmer
Mar 16Chariots
Mar 13A Base Case for Empirical Software Engineering Research
Mar 11Wanted: A Tool for Figure Labeling Exercises
Mar 9Tables
Mar 9Budgets
Mar 3Collaborative Lesson Development
Feb 28Workshop on Organizing for Progressive Community Change
Feb 27I'm Missing
Feb 18Teaching Programming in the Wild
Feb 14'Analyze This!' for CS Education
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Jan 26Assessing Competence
Jan 15Procedural versus Declarative
Jan 15Ten Simple Rules for Being a Good Educational Research Partner
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Jan 9Teaching Statistics in the 21st Century
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Jan 3Teaching Tech Together Toronto: January 2018 Meetup