2019 Archive

Aug 22 Finally Real
Aug 20 Riding at Night
Aug 14 It Feels Good to be Useful
Aug 14 Research This!
Aug 10 Exoplanets
Aug 8 Documentation Types
Aug 6 RIP Toni Morrison
Aug 5 Computational Science Education (1996 edition)
Aug 4 No Support for Hate
Aug 3 Teaching Online
Jul 27 Doing Good and Getting Paid
Jul 22 Third Walls and Eighth Bolts
Jul 15 Is This a Notional Machine for R?
Jul 7 A Veteran of a Thousand Language Wars
Jul 7 Deskilling Learning
Jul 5 Patterns in Git
Jul 5 A Modest Proposal
Jun 27 Who I've Cited
Jun 24 Chapter Summaries
Jun 23 An Index
Jun 20 Typography
Jun 19 Feature Complete
Jun 16 Chunks versus Functions
Jun 15 Ten Quick Tips for Delivering a Programming Lesson
Jun 14 Software Isn't Sustainable
Jun 13 Martha's Rules
Jun 7 What I Would Organize If I Still Organized Things
Jun 6 What I Would Build If I Still Wrote Software
Jun 6 ICER Acceptance
Jun 6 What I Would Write If I Was Smarter Than I Am
Jun 5 Things I Would Do If I Still Did Research
May 30 Software Engineering Revisited
May 28 Checking-Driven Development
May 26 Active Teaching
May 26 LaTeX, Biber, and Pandoc
May 24 Words and Hours
May 24 Checking-Driven Development
May 23 Bottle of Light
May 20 Simon Charlie Made This
May 19 And Then Another
May 13 Buzzfeed on DataCamp
May 11 Positive and Negative Openness
May 4 In the Classroom
May 3 Shorter Lines
May 2 Sexing Data Science Chickens
Apr 29 R in the Browser
Apr 27 From Textbooks to Notebooks and Back
Apr 24 Ten Quick Tips for Reviewing Lessons
Apr 22 DataCamp Clarifications
Apr 22 Already Mostly There
Apr 21 Contrarians
Apr 20 Leading Questions for Creating a Learning Commons
Apr 17 Learning Curves
Apr 16 What Docs When
Apr 15 An Exchange with DataCamp
Apr 14 The People You Have
Apr 12 Python Flash Cards
Apr 12 Ten Quick Tips for Creating an Effective Lesson
Apr 10 What Docs and When
Apr 6 Bootcamps
Apr 5 The Worst Behavior
Apr 4 Not a Hammer
Apr 3 All the Roadrunning
Mar 31 What I Didn't Tweet in March
Mar 31 Concept Maps
Mar 30 Online Teaching Setup
Mar 30 Curriculum Roadmap
Mar 27 You Should Talk to HR
Mar 24 Occupations
Mar 21 Twelve Weeks, Twelve Tools
Mar 20 Educational Paramedics
Mar 15 Christchurch and Shopify
Mar 14 Keep Me In Your Heart for a While
Mar 12 Reviewing Lessons
Mar 10 The Tool I Want
Mar 7 Learning to Program
Feb 28 Things I Didn't Tweet This Month
Feb 25 Making It Work in Practice
Feb 20 Durations
Feb 20 Is Code-Along Formative Assessment?
Feb 16 Late Binding
Feb 11 Examples Wanted for Code Review
Feb 5 Libraries Tell It Like It Is
Feb 4 Classifying Data
Jan 31 Things I Didn't Tweet This Month
Jan 30 Why I Teach (Revisited)
Jan 28 Computing Skills Books for Researchers
Jan 26 The Elements of Programming Writing Style
Jan 24 The Principle of Least Precision
Jan 10 Leadership Training for Open Science
Jan 6 Not on the Shelves (2019 Edition)