Years ago, I lost my temper while arguing with my brother, and said, "Jeff, I could teach you everything I know and you'd still be an idiot." Please keep that in mind as you read this site.

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We've run instructor training both online and in person for several years, so it's time to look at how they compare. The raw data shows: the event...
February 08, 2016

Come a Long Way, Got a Long Way to Go

Simon Oxenham recently reported on a new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality that examined how well teacher training courses and textbooks co...
February 07, 2016

Two Pages of Evidence

Andreas Stefik and his colleagues have written a two-page summary of what we actually know about usability and programming language design. There aren’t near...
February 02, 2016

Active Workshops

A few days ago, we were asked what was the greatest number of simultaneous workshops we’d ever run. I didn’t know, but it was an easy enough question to answ...
February 02, 2016

Elsewhere on the Web

Our instructors teach a lot more than just Software Carpentry. For example, Christie Bahlai has started teaching a course on “Open Science and Reproducible R...
January 29, 2016