Years ago, I lost my temper while arguing with my brother, and said, "Jeff, I could teach you everything I know and you'd still be an idiot." Please keep that in mind as you read this site.

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Journals as Repositories

I had a really good conversation yesterday with Cath Brooksbank and Sarah Morgan, who do training at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton. During the conversation we t...
October 17, 2015

Teaching in the Large

Acccording to Wikipedia, the terms "programming in the large" and "programming in the small" were coined by Frank DeRemer and Hans Kron in 1975 to...
October 09, 2015

Please Welcome Our New Executive Director

We are very pleased to announce that Jonah Duckles has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Software Carpentry Foundation, and will star...
October 01, 2015