How to Teach Programming (and Other Things)

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The Rules

It’s impossible to put everything that matters about teaching and learning on a single page, but these points are always worth remembering.

  1. Be kind: all else is details.

  2. You are not your learners.

  3. Most people would rather fail than change.

  4. Never teach alone.

  5. No lesson survives first contact with learners.

  6. Nobody will be more excited about the lesson than you are.

  7. Every lesson is too short from the teacher’s point of view and too long from the learner’s.

  8. Never hesitate to sacrifice truth for clarity.

  9. Every mistake is a lesson.

  10. “I learned this a long time ago” is not the same as “this is easy”.

  11. Ninety percent of magic consists of knowing one extra thing.

  12. You can’t help everyone, but you can always help someone.