Book Review: How Tomcat Works

Budi Kurniawan and Paul Deck: How Tomcat Works., 2004, 097521280X, 450 pages.
Kurniawan and Deck's How Tomcat Works is a narrower book than some, but seems to be driven by the universal need to make sense of things. The book delivers exactly what its title promises: a detailed, step-by-step explanatio of how the world's most popular Java servlet container works. The authors start with a naive web server that does nothing except serve static HTML pages until it's told to stop. From that humble beginning, they build up to a full-blown servlet container one feature at a time. Each time they add code, they explain what it's doing, and (more importantly) _why_ it's needed. Their English is occasionally strained, and there were paragraphs I had to read several times to understand, but this book is nevertheless an invaluable resource for every servlet programmer who wants to know more about her world.