Paging Dr. House…

This week's episode of House (the only new show this season I bother watching) chronicled the good doctor's attempt to go a week without using painkillers for his leg. I sympathize---thanks to some drywall dust and a burned-out power supply, I was unable to access my personal mail for almost sixty hours. It's all good now, though; it's aaaaallll gooooood.....

So, here are a few links that have accumulated in the meantime:

  • Bruce Schneier on Unicode security holes.
  • Schneier again on a new tool called GhostBuster that uses a zero-information strategy to find viruses, trojans, etc.
  • A mother and son blog about computer games, which ties back to Allan Fisher's excellent talk on gender in computer science education.
  • Another rant (this by James Governor) about how SOAP is the "new CORBA", i.e., is so bloated and clumsy that developers are using just about anything else instead.
  • This clever hack allows you to create new infix operators in Python. I'd beat any student who ever did it in production code, but it's a very clever idea.
  • Also for Python fans, here's an article about agile documentation, which is a fancy phrase for "let the tests explain what the code does". I may have to reconsider my dislike of this...
  • For Windows users, a nice file system management tool called WinDirStat.
  •'s Global Education and Learning Community, which has lots of interesting links. (Can I offshore my web surfing?)
  • A magazine called Better Software. I've only read one issue (found it by accident), but I was very impressed.
  • And the Vatican is finally offering a course on Satanism. 'Bout time they updated their brand's image...