PDF Generation Revisited

I gather from some of the comments and email that my earlier post about batch generation of PDFs from web pages wasn't clear, so here's my second try. The Software Carpentry course that I'm writing for the Python Software Foundation has about 35 web pages. I'd like to add something to my Makefile so that I can say make pdf and have each page turned into a PDF. (Currently, I do this by hand about once a week; it ain't the ten minutes of tedium that bothers me, but what my students would think if they found out I'm doing a repetitive task by hand.)

So, option #1 is an HTML to PDF converter. There are several out there, but none of the open source ones I've been able to find will respect my stylesheets. Yes, I could investigate XSL-FO, but (a) I have 185 other issues to deal with, and (b) I'm morally opposed to duplicating style information.

Option #2: write a script to make Firefox do what I've been doing by hand, i.e., load, print, change printer to PDFCreator, "print", click "OK" for the document title, specify where to save it, "OK", repeat. A couple of people have said, "Oh, you can do that on Windows with the win32 module and COM," but haven't responded to my follow-up question, "Great---do you have some sample code I can tweak?" (Also, my build currently runs on both Windows and Linux, and I'd like to keep it that way if I can...)