Distinguished Lecture Series, Fall 2005

If you're at the University of Toronto (or even if you're not), you might be interested in the lineup for the Fall 2005 Distinguished Lecture Series:

Sep 6Moshe Vardi, Rice (Logic)
Sep 13Herb Grosch
Sep 20Pamela Zave, At&T (Software Engeneering)
Sep 30Avi Wigderson, IAS (Theory)
Oct 11Russell Stuart, Berkeley (AI)
Oct 25D. Srivastava, At&T (Databases)
Nov 1Mik Lamming, HP (ubiquitous computing)
Nov 8Tony Derose, Pixar (Graphics)
Nov 29Michael Kearns, Upenn (Machine Learning/ Theory)
Dec 6Stefan Savage, UCSD (Systems)

The first talk is right around the corner: Moshe Vardi from Rice will be talking on Tuesday Sep 6, the first day of the academic year. His talk is titled "And Logic Begat Computer Science: When Giants Roamed the Earth". A detailed message is to be sent by Web-Notice. This talk is in SF1101 at 15:10; unless otherwise stated, others will be in BA1180 starting at 11:10.