Declare Victory and Move On

Thanks to Noah Lockwood, I have a workaround for the PNG printing problem in the Software Carpentry notes: get rid of the transparency, and use a colored background instead. If it's light enough, it'll print as white from both IE and Firefox (on Windows, at least --- haven't tried Linux or Mac). Noah tells me that printing transparent PNGs has been a known problem with Firefox for at least two years, and that the only fix for IE 6 involves Javascript. Me, I'm happy to close this ticket off and move on...

...except for the places where the source images were actually white, rather than transparent. The way we colorized the backgrounds was to create a new beige layer, and slide it to the bottom of the image; those arrowheads and boxes that are solidly colored, instead of transparent, now look a little odd on the web, though they print cleanly. Flood-filling or replacing all 0xFFFFFF pixels with 0xFFFFD2 won't solve the problem: the images are anti-aliased, so a straight replace-pixel-by-color leaves white jaggies. Converting to GIF has the same effect, for the same reason. But it's close enough for now: I'm going to tackle the regexp markers next, and then try rewriting the second development lecture.