PowerShell for Linux?

I’ve been excited by Windows PowerShell (formerly Monad) ever since I first heard about it, as it promises to bring the world’s first great component architecture — the Unix shell — into the 21st Century. There’s no doubt Microsoft is going to push it: its official home page and team blog are being updated regularly, and fan sites are already springing up.

I have no doubt that someone will start a Mono-style project to create a workalike for Linux. In this case, though, I think the open source community can go one better. To the joy of punctuation fetishists everywhere, PowerShell uses a Perl-like syntax. If I ran the world, I’d have adopted JavaScript’s wholesale. Most programmers (at least, most of the programmers who are likely to care about things like PowerShell) are learning it anyway in order to keep up with the web, and could well be the dark horse in the scripting language sweepstakes anyway. Sure, it’s a long shot, but so’s everything in this business — and this one would be a fun longshot.