Link Soup

There are days when I believe my blog should consist of a simple redirect to Mike Gunderloy's Larkware:
  • Buildix is a development platform on a disk: version control, bug tracking, continuous integration, and more, all on top of a single-disk Knoppix. This is the second thing I've seen built on top of Knoppix; the first was Quantian, which is a scientific development platform on a single disk.
  • This proposal for using multi-part filenames like TimeSheet.txt.sgml.xml.snapper to identify content. Amazing the lengths people will jump through to avoid metadata... And it makes me wonder whether Monad---sorry, PowerShell---is going to be the open window through which metadata sneaks into the house...
  • Bill Gates is making it harder and harder for open source fanatics to sneer at him. Microsoft's latest is Develop Without Borders: write an Office 2007 application, and win money for the charity of your choice.