A Devil’s Dozen

"If you only have time to read one book---make time to read two." Here's a devil's dozen to keep you occupied at the cottage this summer...
Project Management
Berkun's The Art of Project Management and Stellman and Greene's Applied Software Project Management.
Doar's Practical Development Environments, Feathers' Working Effectively with Legacy Code, and Fogel's Producing Open Source Software.
Future Big Ideas
Oakley's Monad and Zeller's Why Programs Fail.
General Non-Fiction
Armstrong's The Battle for God, Beinart's The Good Fight, Hochschild's Bury the Chains, Weiner's Time, Love, Memory, Whitfield's Life Along the Silk Road, and Zamoyski's cynical, yet entertaining, Holy Madness.
Bishop's The Etched City, Furst's The Polish Officer, McDonald's The Broken Land, Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, and Willis's Bellwether.