Wednesday Morning Procrastination

I should be writing, so I'm reading instead:
  • ProgrammableWeb now lists 1001 web service mashups. 46% involve mapping, mostly with Google Maps, which means that when Google goes into Chapter 11 and the sheriffs shut its servers down, almost 500 online applications will suddenly stop working. OK, it's unlikely to happen tomorrow, but as I told my software architecture class yesterday, a good architect takes possible failure modes into account when designing a system. If VA had tanked in 2001, and SourceForge had gone offline, it would have set open source back a year; what's the likely economic impact of GMail disappearing?
  • Two good rambles from Steve Yegge on Ruby, Java, and stuff (I'm just as glad that Groovy is dead, and that Rhino is shipping with Java 1.6), and good agile vs. bad agile (where "good" means "how we do it at Google" and "bad" means "other people's unsubstantiated infomericalism" ;-)). Large grain of salt, but still worth reading.
On the home front, the server that the kind folks at the Jonah Group donated to us now has a home page, which has links to some of the CSC49X projects students are doing this term. We're using DrProject to manage everything, and so far it's going pretty well. The 1.1 release should be up on the web Real Soon Now.