More Books in the Review Queue

As I mentioned earlier, I've put the review queue online. The latest additions are:
  • Brian: Berkeley DB XML (Apress)
  • Cockburn: Agile Software Development (Addison-Wesley)
  • Cohoon & Aspray (ed): Women and Information Technology (MIT Press)
  • Johnson: RSS and Atom in Action (Manning)
  • Langville & Meyer: Google's PageRank and Beyond (Princeton University Press)
  • Ramm, Dangoor, & Sayfan: Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears (Prentice-Hall)
  • Rappin & Dunn: wxPython in Action (Manning)
  • Tutsch: Performance Analysis of Network Architectures (Springer)
  • Wysopal, Nelson, Zovi, & Dustin: The Art of Software Security Testing (Addison-Wesley)