Further Thoughts on Filing Bugs

Pursuant1 to last week's post on making tickets simpler to work with in DrProject, I'm now wondering whether the real problem isn't the number of fields, but the fact that the only way to file a ticket is through a web browser. If you're grinding away in Eclipse (or Notepad) and want to add a note to your project, you have to:
  1. Click on "Favorites"
  2. Click on the link to your project
  3. Enter your user ID and password (since your previous session has almost certainly timed out)
  4. Click on "New Ticket"
and then jot down whatever it was you wanted to jot down. Of course, by this point you've lost your original train of thought... Simplifying the interface isn't going to solve this problem (as Alastair Cockburn says in his latest book, "Efficiency is expendable in non bottleneck activities."), though it wouldn't hurt. And no, Andrey, lengthening the session timeout isn't a real cure either ;-). I applied for a grant to do a proper scientific study of impact things like the Mylar plugin for Eclipse (which provides an in-IDE interface to ticketing systems, among other things), and the Visual Studio plugin for FogBugz, would have, but IBM turned me down. If anyone is looking for a medium-sized project that'll make 'em rich, famous, and popular2, please give me a shout... [1] I've always wanted to use that word in a blog post... [2] I lied about the 'rich' bit, but small-f famous and small-p popular are not entirely impossible...