In Need of an Annotation Tool

One of the profs in the Computer Science department at U of T wants to create a web-based forum in which researchers can discuss key papers in their area. The system he has in mind would let people post papers as PDF or PostScript, then allow users to add comments to specific sections (possibly as fine-grained as a single line). It also has to allow comments on comments, linking of comments (within one paper, or between papers), and so on. Sounds something like ConceptShare, something like our own Online Marking Tool, something like TrailFire and its many cousins — anyone know of anything? Doesn’t have to be open source…

And while we’re on the subject, check out Jeremy Chan’s comment on my previous post — his company, Jonah Group, needs a tool for managing interactions with employees and contractors that combines features of Monster/Workopolis, LinkedIn, Microsoft Project, and PGP.

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