Job Posting: Flash, Flex, RIA, 3D Modeling, and a Chance to Win Big

(Posted on behalf of a close friend who has a very promising business plan. If you're interested, please contact me for more details.) I require a developer or development team with the following expertise:
Proven expertise working on Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), using Flex, AJAX, or comparable tools.
My site incorporates dynamic interface elements (i.e. graphics animated via user controls) that will be driven by a very large rules-based data array (12000+ variables, defined and provided by the customer) which must be regenerate in real time (in order to facilitate the interface functionality). Indications thus far are that RIA tools are best suited to this task.
Proven expertise in developing realtime web-based 3D models.
My interface incorporates 3D models which will be generated by using the rules-based data array to feed parametric vector controls in the model. The 3D model is not generated in realtime per se, but must be regenerated very rapidly on either the client- or server-side. There are two distinct elements in this function: model building and model viewing. At this time, it is believed that the model building will be best accomplished via an existing or custom-built 3D modelling engine (perhaps borrowed from the gaming world). The model viewing could be addressed either through Flash Viewer (thus avoiding the requirement for custom viewer downloads), or a custom viewer.
Expertise in linking the above functions into a fairly standard eCommerce and backend Database order processing system.
This falls into the realm of 'standard programming', with the exception that each 'order' must track 12,000+ datapoints rather than the more typical ten or twenty.
While there are obvious advantages, the three main requirements above do not necessarily have to be drawn from the same source. However a complete development team, with coordinated approaches to all three areas, must be defined before work commences.