More Mac (and now Norton) Grief

Greg (on IM): "I'm going to write a post about my Mac."Friend: "Why? What went wrong this time?" Yup --- after a whopping six (6) trouble-free weeks, my Intel MacBook has died or kernel panicked five eight times since 5:00 pm Friday. Shall I:
  • Call customer service, twiddle my thumbs for fifteen minutes while they walk through their decision tree ("Have you run the diagnostics? Re-seated the power supply? And the memory?"), and then be told that I should take it into an approved Apple dealer?
  • Take an hour and a half out of my day to deliver it to a "Genius" at the Apple store in the Eaton Centre, then borrow a machine from someone else for two days while they re-install all the patches I've installed and run memory diagnostics that will almost certainly give my machine the same all-clear as they did last time?
  • Put the scragging thing in the trash (tempting...)?
  • Flog it on eBay for half of what I paid for it eight months ago and use the proceeds to buy a real computer?
My biggest gripe in all of this is --- OK, my real biggest gripe is the time it's sucking out of my life. My second-biggest gripe is how careful every Apple employee I've spoken to since things first went sour last June has been to avoid using the words "hardware problem". If a manufacturer won't admit their stuff is broken, what is their warranty actually worth? *sigh* I'm going to go eat some chocolate... Sunday update: took it into the Eaton Centre; Jesse installed another patch, and promised that if this didn't fix it, they'd replace the machine. Fingers crossed... Monday update: picked up our new PC yesterday (to replace the one fried in last Tuesday's power surge). Plugged it into Rogers---no problem. Firefox, Thunderbird, and all the rest of the usual suspects---no problem either (although the new GUI for BabasChess is butt ugly). Then I tried to install Norton Internet Security 2007, and kablooie. At boot, I got dialogs warning me that multiple copies of the configuration wizard were running; when I clicked on the error message, I discovered that I couldn't connect to the Internet (yup, it had installed a firewall). A little more rooting around, and I realized that I couldn't change the firewall settings through the Norton GUI until I'd finished downloading updates, but since the firewall wasn't letting me do that... *sigh* As the man said, "Zis is cursed... Zat is cursed..." I wound up going into the registry to yank out the autostart entry, and I think I'm now back in a usable state. Of course, that means I don't have a virus scanner running...