SciPy'07 Dates Announced

According to, The SciPy 2007 Conference will be on August 16-17 this year; tutorials and sprints will run on the 14th, 15th, and 18th. I won’t be able to attend (new baby), but I’d like to organize a half-day or one-day session to update and extend the Software Carpentry notes. Lots of modules need writing, both on Python-specific stuff and on general software engineering skills for scientists and engineers. I’d particularly like to see:

  • A lecture or two on NumPy (used to have one, it fell behind Travis Oliphant's coding, and it's probably now the biggest gap in the lectures)
  • A whole lecture on the subprocess module, job control, and remote execution
  • A second lecture on security
  • Some screencasts on Python IDEs (Wing 101, IDLE, Eclipse, and Komodo)
  • A lecture on connecting to C and Fortran
  • A lecture on design patterns
  • A lecture on professional ethics and responsibilities
  • And stuff on requirements, traceability, data lineage, and, oh, what else do you want?

If you’re interested, please let me know…

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