Wrapping Up 49X for the Term

Another term, another great bunch of 49X projects:
  • David Wright and Richard Zhao made a lot of progress rewriting a brain scan visualizer for the Rotman Research Institute. The project was co-supervised by Imran Somji, an ex-49er himself.
  • Muhammad Ali and Adam Foster built a very nice dashboard display for DrProject. It hasn't been integrated into the main code yet, but that ought to happen in May.
  • Melissa Luu, Lisa Ly, and Apple Viriyakattiyaporn improved the user interface for a family tree visualizer for the REED. Their customers plan to deploy it this summer.
  • Rick Valenzano and Debbie Winter explored the relationships between game theory and evolution.
  • Lillian Angel, Jane Shen, and Martin Williams made a lot of improvements to the Online Marking Tool;Martin is going to continue working on it full-time this summer.
  • David Chen and Winson Chung fixed a lot of bugs in the CPython version of Mark Guzdial's multimedia Python library, while Mikhail Temkine cleaned up some in VPython.
  • Maria Khomenko and Andrey Petrov implemented new kinds of file locking in SQLite.
It was a very productive term; my only regret is that I was too busy to get t-shirts printed or arrange the usual end-of-term dinner. Maybe now that marks are in... Best wishes, and best of luck, to everyone who took part --- I look forward to hearing all about your future adventures.