Google Developer Day Videos on One Page

Google has posted 128 videos from last week's Developer Day to YouTube; they're listed below in a handy-to-use single-table format (to save you the trouble of paging around ;-). Once again, creating this took one minute of Python, followed by five minutes wrestling with inconsistencies in the data: "Googel" rather than "Google", "Developers" (plural) rather than "Developer", "GDD07" instead of what everyone else uses, and of course, character set encoding issues for the Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian posts.
PARIS 2007
Hamburg: Maps API Workshop - Beginner US - Intro to Data APIs
US - Maps API Introduction US - Theorizing from Data
US -Google and the Geoweb US -Making Maps Mashups Discoverable
US - Building Better AJAX US - Mashups with the Mashup Editor
US - Google Desktop Gadgets US - KML Search and Dev. Maps Mashups
US -Distribute Your Content With Gadget US - Google Data APIs
US Enterprise Search APIs US - Fast, Beautiful, Easy
US - Extending Google SketchUp US - Google Custom Search Engine
US - New Features in the Google Maps US - Intro to Data APIs
Paris - Google AdWords API Hamburg: Maps API Workshop (1)
Paris - Google Web Toolkit Paris - Google Apps & Search Appliance
US The Google AJAX APIs US - KML on Earth
US - Better AJAX Apps:Gears, GWT, Dojo US - Testing Distributed Systems
US - Python Design Patterns US YouTube APIs
US - A Computing System for the World's US Opening Keynote Session
Hamburg: Google Universal Gadgets Workshop (2) Hamburg: Wrap-up
Hamburg: Google Universal Gadgets Workshop (1) Hamburg: Google Earth KML Overview
Hamburg: Open Source Development Hamburg: Opening Session
Hamburg: Maps API Workshop (2) Hamburg: GData - Advanced
Paris - Google Maps API Paris - KML pour Google Earth & Maps
Paris - Google Gadgets API Tokyo - Software Engineer in Google
Paris - Google Data API London: Building better AJAX aps with Google Gears
London: Earth, KML and the GeoWeb London: New features in the Maps API
Tokyo - Ryan Boyd (Japanese) Beijing-Linux I18n and L10n Programming
Tokyo - Google Gadgets API Tokyo - Google Desktop Gadgets
Tokyo - Adam Schuck Beijing - Google API Panel Discussion
Beijing - Linux & Open Source Discussion Tokyo - Ryan Boyd
Beijing- Guice,Java Dependency Injection Beijing Highlights
Tokyo - Bruno Bowden Tokyo - Google Maps API Introduction
London: Keynote. C. Dibona & E. Parsons Hamburg: The beat of Life: Conga's and GData APIs
London: Google Web Toolkit London: Building a Mobile Website
London: GData APIs - Part 1 London:Distribu te with UniversalGadget s
London: GData APIs - Part 2 London: Open Source Development
Hamburg: Google Maps API - Advanced Hamburg: Google Maps API - Intermediate
Hamburg: Google Base API Beijing - Python - A Dynamic Prog. Lang.
Beijing - Mozilla : Past, Present & Future London: Google WebToolkit
London: BBC Backstage Beijing - Introdu cing Google Data APIs
Beijing - Introdu cing Google Web Toolkit Brazil - Introducao GWT
[unreadable] Brazil - Earth e KML
Brazil - AdSense Brazil - Google Gadgets
Tokyo - [unreadable] Tokyo - [unreadable]
[unreadable] Google Tokyo - [unreadable]
Tokyo - [unreadable] Google API Tokyo - [unreadable]
Beijing - Google Maps API for China [unreadable] Google
Beijing - Google & Open Source Sydney - KML Overview - Maps and Earth
Sydney - Venuprakash Barathan Sydney - Bo Majewski
Tokyo - Google AJAX API Tokyo - Takuya Oikawa
Brazil - Maps API Brazil- Overview - Berthier
Brazil- Introducao Google AJAX API Paris - Introduction aux API
Madrid: Gmail Madrid: Maps and Videos
Madrid: Maps Flash Madrid: APIS Search
Madrid: KML Madrid: GBS and Maps
Madrid: Google Gears Brazil - Intro - Alexandre Hohagen
Tokyo - Greg Stein - Keynote Brazil - AdWords API
Tokyo - Naoya Ito - Guest Speech Tokyo - Adam Schuck (Japanese)
Tokyo - Chris Atenasio (Japanese) Madrid - Gdata
Tokyo - Mizuki McGrath - Greeting Paris - Discours d'ouverture
Madrid: Workshop Maps Tokyo - James Yum (Japanese)
Tokyo - Sophia Brueckner (Japanese) Tokyo - Bruno Bowden (Japanese)
Tokyo - Greg Stein (Japanese) Sydney - Lars Rasmussen
Sydney - Alan Noble Sydney - Zhen Wang
Sydney - James Macgill Beijing - Plumbing the Web
Beijing - Welcome Speech Sydney - Aaron Boodman