Environmental Technology Research Funding

Quoting a press release: Precarn, the Ontario Centre for Environmental Technologies (OCETA), and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) wish to remind you of their collaborative Proof of Principle Research (PoP) Program. The program supports projects led by Ontario-based small and medium-sized companies that deliver environmental solutions to customers in Canada and around the world. Each project will involve collaborations between the company leading the development of the technology, an end user, and a university or college. To satisfy the objectives of the program, projects will incorporate intelligent systems in environmental technologies. To qualify for the funding, applicants will develop a research project that demonstrates the "proof-of-principle" of their technology, a key step in the progress of the technology toward full commercialization. Under this important initiative --- which is administered by OCETA --- Precarn will provide up to $300,000 over three years, which will be matched by OCETA and OCE, together. Contributions by participating companies will augment the total investment to approximately $1 million. Individual companies will be able to participate by providing about one third of the total for a project valued up to $100,000. For more information please contact: Steve Guerin General Manager ETV Canada PoP Research Program Co-ordinator c/o OCETA 2070 Hadwen Road, Unit 201A Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2C9 Phone: 905-822-4133 x228 Fax: 905-822-3558 E-mail: sguerin@oceta.on.ca Websites: www.etvcanada.ca and www.oceta.on.ca