Phantom Fiber is Hiring

Phantom Fiber has a couple of openings in Toronto: Development We're looking for good Java developers to write software that translates between our customers back-end protocols, and the mobile-device optimized protocols that our client apps use. We have a lot of interesting work coming down the pipe, and so initiative, independent work, and communication are very important, as is being able to come-up-to-speed on new technologies quickly, and debug problems no-one may ever have seen before. QA We're also looking for a QA person. Actually more of a Testing person, since much of what we do has few or no specifications. The job would involve learning about and testing the various applications Phantom Fiber produces on the many different platforms we support. Since we're a small company, there is room to grow into development, deployment, build maintenance, requirements gathering, actual quality assurance, or tech support roles, if that was desired.