oUTreach 2008

On Saturday, Sept. 8th, the University of Toronto is organizing a tri-campus-wide event welcoming all students, staff and faculty to participate in a day of community service. This day-long opportunity for community-building underscores the importance the University attaches to community service, allowing participants the exposure to wide varieties of service opportunities available throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Last year, 1,000 participants connected with the community through various projects such as shoreline cleanup, working at seniors' residences, painting walls for youth graffiti projects, and Habitat for Humanity. If you are interested in joining oUTreach as a team leader or participant, online registration is now open. Team leaders will work with community partners to create purposeful learning opportunities throughout the day of service. You can participate as an individual or part of a team. Here's your chance to contribute to the vitality and diversity of Toronto! For more information, go to our website at http://www.outreach.utoronto.ca.