O’Reilly "Women of Tech" Series

Tatiana Apandi at O'Reilly has organized a series of "Women in Tech" articles, the first of which is now up on the web. The blurb says:
The timely new series reveals the challenges, rewards, and, sometimes, frustrations of being a woman in an industry still dominated by men. "Each day, we'll present a different woman's story that I believe will open readers' eyes to her unique perspective," explains Apandi. "We have contributions from conference organizers, authors, programmers, developers, and more--women who have pioneered prosperous careers in technology."
Contributors will include:
  • Anna Martelli, Ravenscroft, Pythonista
  • Audrey Eschright, independent programmer/designer/publisher
  • CJ Rayhill, SVP of Product Management and Technology for Safari Books
  • Online
  • Dawn Foster, Director of Developer Relations at Jive Software
  • Dru Lavigne, Chair of the BSD Certification Group Inc
  • Gabrielle Roth, member of the Portland Perl Mongers
  • Jeni Tennison, independent consultant and author
  • Jill Dyche, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting
  • Juliet Kemp, Systems Administrator for the Astrophysics group at
  • Imperial College
  • Julia Lerman, Board member of the Vermont Software Developer Alliance,
  • runs the Vermont.NET User Group
  • Kaliya Hamlin, unconference Shesgeeky.org organizer
  • Kirsten Jones, webmaster for The Perl Foundation
  • Lauren Wood, Chaired for the W3C DOM Working Group
  • Leslie Hawthorn, works for Open Source Programs Office at Google
  • Selena Deckelmann, leads PDXPUG, a PostgreSQL Users Group
  • Shelley Powers, software developer/architect, photographer, and author
RSS is available at http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/feed/78?format=rss2 --- it promises to be a very interesting read.