Identity, Privacy, and Security Lectures at U of T

IPSI Public Lecture Series Fall 2007 The Identity, Privacy, and Security Initiative ( at the University of Toronto is launching public seminar series this fall. Location: Galbraith Building, Room 120 (35 St. George) Times: Mondays, noon-1PM. Oct 1: Kostas Plataniotis (Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UofT) Biometrics & Authentication Technologies Oct 15: Svetlana Yanushkevich (Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary) Biometric-based assistance for situational awareness and risk management support Oct 22: Alex Stoianov (Biometrics Specialist, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario) Biometric Encryption: The Privacy-Enhancing Biometric of Choice Oct 29: Peter Hope-Tindall (Privacy Lead Service, Ontario) Privacy, Security and Customer Service Nov 5: Dean Barry (Senior Policy Advisor/International Affairs Directorate Public Safety Canada) Policy and New Security Technologies: Roles, Responsibilities, Influences and Outcomes Nov 12: Andrew Clement (Faculty of Information Studies, UofT) Security Theatre, No-fly lists and Identity Integrity These lectures are open to the public.