Link Soup Redux

  • Michael Stonebraker (grandfather of PostgreSQL) on database management for big science.
  • Ben Laurie writes about Caja ("Capability Javascript"), a restricted subset of Javascript that supports safe execution. Interesting...
  • Jon Udell is messing with PowerShell again. I really wish I had time to get into this, and still think a Javascript-based open source workalike would be very popular, very quickly.
  • Someone faked a paper purporting to refute anthropogenic climate change just to show how quickly sceptics would start citing it. As the author says, "Its purpose was to expose the credulity and scientific illiteracy of many of the people who call themselves climate sceptics. While dismissive of the work of the great majority of climate scientists, they will believe almost anything if it lends support to their position. Their approach to climate science is the opposite of scepticism." Almost as much fun as the Sokal paper from 1996... ;-)