Planet CS?

I subscribe to several general-interest science blogs: Nature's "The Great Beyond", Seed magazine's "ScienceBlogs", and a few that are more specialized. What I don't have in my blog roll is a blog that covers what's new and interesting in Computer Science. There are lots for computer-related technology, programming, and what-not, but the closest I can find to a regular overview of what's new in CS is "Lambda the Ultimate", which focuses almost exclusively on programming language research. Dear Lazy Web, am I missing something? Is someone already blogging about what's new and cool in our field, or even in particular subfields like software engineering or computer vision? Or is there a "Planet CS" somewhere that aggregates researchers' blogs in the way that Planet Python aggregates news from members of the Python community? If there isn't, it'd be a great way for a grad student with time on her hands to become rich, famous, and popular (well, two out of three, anyway).