How Many Do You Know?

Via David Crow, a link to TechVibes' Toronto Start-Up Index for December. I know fewer of these companies than I'd expected to; hope to get to meet the rest some time soon.
b5media yes
ProductWiki not yet
AdaptiveBlue yes
FreshBooks yes
ZipLocal not yet
Defensio not yet
Groovle not yet
ConceptShare yes
Sneakerplay yes
AideRSS yes
OfficeZilla yes
Quotiki yes
Awareness yes
BumpTop yes
JobLoft yes
Domainer yes
FileMobile yes
CakeMail not yet
Onaswarm yes
YowTRIP not yet
vLane not yet
Cosimo not yet
mDialog not yet
xkoto not yet
Zerofootprint yes yes
Octopz not yet
Clay Tablet not yet
Semacode yes
ViaVol not yet
Cytoscape yes not yet
SlashID yes
Realosophy not yet
Workspace not yet
Pursudo yes
Ogrant yes
FeelingBullish not yet