Code Sprint Day 1

It's now 10:29 EST, and the room is fuller:
  • Dave Wolever, Jeff Balogh, Dave Cooper, Luke Petrolekas, Blake Winton, and Adam Goucher are working on DrProject
  • Martin Williams, Florian Shkurti, and Tony Yiu are working on OLM
  • Yi Qing Sim is proofreading
  • Pardis Beikzadeh is working on UTest
  • David Chang is working on Flex (no sign of Ian "it's too eaaaarrrllly" Chan yet)
  • Alan "Flaps" Rosenthal is doing tech support
  • I'm fetching milk for coffee, and making sure the donuts get eaten
11:00: helps if all the tests are running before you start to merge. 11:50: DC has merged his RPC interface into trunk; all the tests that were passing before are still passing. 12:10: still no sign of Ian, but I just checked code into DrProject for the first time in more than a year. 14:15: Ian has showed up, Pardis has her VMs, Martin has a new Ubuntu, Blake has a password, Ian has showed up, and tickets are being closed. Opened, too, thanks to Adam and his new crew, but we will not speak of that yet... 16:30: winding down --- the major tickets for OLM have been closed, a double handful for DrProject are gone as well (but Yi Qing, Luke, and Adam have found more), and we have a reservation for Chinese food at 6:00. It's been fun; looking forward to tomorrow. Quote of the day: wireless is the new peanuts. Pictures thanks to Andrew Louis and David Wolever --- thanks, guys. 2176590415_40b40c7840.jpg 2177380478_ab98a5c8c6.jpg 2177380716_5963160658.jpg 2177381212_1abca21d9e.jpg Victory! 2177382746_5f0cd756e0.jpg 2177383114_6a8aa35a02.jpg 2176592323_db61526b83.jpg