2008 Research In Action Showcase

The Department of Computer Science held its second annual "Research in Action" showcase this afternoon; the lineup was pretty impressive:

  • Automated Protein Crystallography (Prof. Igor Jurisica, UHN Research Associate Christian A. Cumbaa)
  • Searching the Sky (Prof. Sam Roweis, Graduate Student Dustin Lang)
  • ShapeShop (Prof. Karan Singh, Prof. Ravin Balakrishnan, Graduate Student Ryan Schmidt)
  • Snowflock: Virtual Machine Framework for Parallel and Data-Intensive Computing (Prof. Eyal de Lara, Prof. Michael Brudno, Graduate Students H. Andrés Lagar Cavilla and Joe Whitney)
  • Rethinking Access Control with Social Networks (Prof. Yashar Ganjali, Prof. Stefan Saroiu, Graduate Student Amin Tootoonchian)
  • A Content Delivery System for Bluetooth (Prof. Stefan Saroiu, Graduate Student Tim Smith)
  • Technology to Support Cognition and Combat Memory Impairments (Prof. Ron Baecker, FIS Graduate Student Karen Louise Smith, Political Science Undergraduate Masashi C. Nishihata)
  • All Optical Networks: Networking With Tiny Buffers (Prof. Yashar Ganjali, Graduate Students Monia Ghobadi and Geoff Salmon)
  • Computational Analysis of Ice Hockey Gameplay (Prof. Ryan Lilien, Undergraduate Alumnus Mansoor Siddiqui)
  • Interactive Preference Elicitation (Prof. Craig Boutilier, Graduate Student Darius Braziunas)
  • Novel Interfaces for Molecular Visualization (Prof. Ryan Lilien, Graduate Student Christian Muise)
  • Personalized Search With Provably Good Properties (Prof. Allan Borodin, Post Doctoral Fellow Hyun Chul Lee)
  • Pursuing the Netflix Prize: Large-Scale Collaborative Filtering (Prof. Geoff Hinton, Graduate Students Andriy Mnih and Ruslan Salakhutdinov)
  • Speech Summarization (Prof. Gerald Penn, Graduate Students Xiaodan Zhu, Cosmin Munteanu and Siavash Kazemian)
  • Building Software With Traceability (Prof. Dave Wortman, Graduate Student Arbi Ghazarian)
  • Model Management With TReMer+ (Prof. Marsha Chechik, Prof. Steve Easterbrook, Graduate Students Mehrdad Sabetzadeh and Shiva Nejati)
  • The Vocal Village Number Pad Client (Prof. Mark Chignell, MIE Graduate Students Annie Xu and Flora Wan)
  • Understanding Language Through Interactive Visualization (Prof. Gerald Penn, Graduate Student Christopher Collins)
  • Interactive Performance Control: A New Puppetry of Real and Virtual Robots (Prof. Eugene Fiume, Graduate Student Joe Laszlo)
  • Online Music Recommendation and the Problem of Missing Ratings (Prof. Sam Roweis, Prof. Rich Zemel, Graduate Student Benjamin Marlin)